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  1. I get the slight concern.... but a low end rb2 lol?
  2. And then immediately rips off a 30 yarder lol
  3. Stopped at like the 2 yard line on a 20 yard run and also had a 20 yard td called back on what looked like a hold that didn’t impact the play . i like what I saw a lot honestly / the box score numbers don’t tell the story that’s for sure
  4. Guy I’ve been watching since the trade deadline is bulking tomorrow .... Trevor Richards. Has a chance to provide some solid ROS value if the rays keep him in this role and he adapts well to it
  5. It looks that way... says infield hit now for Daniel Murphy on score mobile vs the error earlier
  6. His value will never be higher. He’ll be dealt
  7. My point is is that you can’t blame the tigers front office for holding on to Greene until near the end for the highest return..... they didn’t do that a few years back for JD and settled for a trash return in June.
  8. Would you rather the tigers have traded Greene weeks ago for 30 cents on the dollar like they did with JD?
  9. I wouldn’t say that Boyd is unavailable now.... the price is just very high
  10. I really have a hard time wrapping my head around why there are so many non-believers in regards to Boyd. Surprise breakout players pop up every single season.... why is Boyd so easily written off as not one of these players? Why is he not a Whit Merrifield / Kirby Yates “where the hell did this guy come from” type of breakout player? Everything he has done this year is supported by elite underlying metrics / hes not due for major regression due to be lucky to date . We all can agree that he’s not worth a Torres level young star in return / the level of return that Avila is reportedly asking for...... but the bottom line is Matt Boyd has been extremely good this year and has a very high fair market value.
  11. Let’s hope... because these are the last two trade chips Avila has left. I think Boyd is certainly going to be dealt barring injury.... especially after Avila fumbled dealing fulmer these past few years so terribly. Man the future for tigers baseball is depressing.
  12. You’re correct on JD , however the haul at the time for JV was very good considering his contract (and they had to eat a good portion of it to move him) . Franklin Perez was a consensus top 50 prospect... Daz Cameron and Jake Rodgers were in the Astros top 10 as well too I believe at the time.
  13. Luis Cessa was the only reliever not used yesterday , so he’s extremely likely to cover innings today behind tarpley in london