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  1. 100% agreed. Benching the bears at home versus the packers and that banged up oline would be major mistake
  2. Top 5 option / must start . Revenge narrative for the heartbreaking loss in week 1 as well
  3. Hahaha you beat me to that response
  4. Nah it’s 2 regardless. Doesn’t count as an official catch
  5. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    Yeah he’s good to go
  6. Chris Godwin 2018 Outlook

    You just answered your own question
  7. Mike Evans 2018 Outlook

    Haha, very well played . Turf ... not Jameis / turd
  8. Mike Evans 2018 Outlook

    Not sure to be honest , however he didn’t comment about the leg being an issue after the game from what I read .
  9. Mike Evans 2018 Outlook

    Leg got caught up a tad awkwardly in the turd . Got worked on on the sideline and came back in and finished the game
  10. Mike Evans 2018 Outlook

    He finished the game. Wouldn’t be overly concerned
  11. Alshon Jeffery 2018 Outlook

    More like a focal point of the passing game . You’re forgetting target monster ertz
  12. Driskell Boyd bomb I can feel it
  13. Game Day Weather 2018

    Where are you located ?
  14. Sammy Watkins 2018 Outlook

    I would for sure over goodwin. Goodwin has some upside for sure vs the rams tho, just lower target volume. Id go kerryon even in PPR If Theo riddick sits. Expecting a nice week from him especially if Theo is out . last week was no doubt disappointing by Sammy. But the fact is that he shadowed the entire game by an elite corner . I want any piece possible in a 60 over under game vs the bengals poor defense