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  1. I got Buttrey, Will have better numbers and as far as saves, I still like him no matter what some say
  2. Went for 12 in my $100 budget league I like Lowe but not in love with him. I think since your only 1B is Moreland I would go 90 or a hundred dollars
  3. Need a 1B Mitch Moreland Eric Thames Rowdy Tellez
  4. I own him and think he has thumb damage, I just took Puig for him Also trying to buy him in one league so there's that
  5. 5x5 roto redraft league Give Bryant and Clint Frazier Get Austin Meadows and Travis Shaw?
  6. With Minter's history I would grab Sobotka but that dude has been getting ripped! Touki time for a week then it is Soroka time!
  7. Bryant in my CI I would get Aguilar for my CI and Kenley for my third closer
  8. Nice thanks! Well I am deploying a strategy of using 1-2 MR each week even though we just have 9 P spots and do not count holds. I want to get my ERA/WHIP to mad levels along with my 4 good starters so by years end I can stream more. Last year I did not and by years end my ERA and WHIP would no allow me this. So I am thinking of keeping Neris for at least this but on the other hand he could be prone to some HUGE blow ups so maybe I should look at other options
  9. Yeah I agree but some of the money being spent on him is almost like the owners are anticipating 500 AB's ROS to go along with 25/15 Must own but temper I think
  10. So when Bruce is back soon, what happens then? I have add/drop decisions to make and it's maddening trying to calculate Vogelbach's PT when Bruce is back
  11. Late to the party but why are owners speculating on Lovelady? Also what the heck is the deal in Philly? I wasted 15% on Neris and now he is a 7th inning guy again?
  12. You think the Met's calls on lineups is bad now, wait until Frazier and Lowrie enter the picture soon. Tough to think McNeil will not be sitting 2-3 times a week
  13. Long term meaning like what, July?
  14. I would reach on Puig, 6th round, take Eloy in the 7th, then take Robles in the 8th, easy as that! Should get you 65 HR and about 55 SB's total in your OF with them