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  1. For sure, nice 10 pt ppr floor this week I think with a shot at breaking one off!
  2. We can choose to start 1 RB so not concerned about giving a back. Give Bekcham, get Johnson and Edmonds
  3. I just have a bad feeling about Jones I would do him for Carson straight up Great time to go after Mark Ingram as well for Jones, or even Mack
  4. So new leagues created only right? So if I purchase today, how many days until free streaming?
  5. So he will be out at least 3-4 games this week traveling back to DR?
  6. No doubt a bench this week. I mean based on his words, he is out a several days at a minimum Play it by ear after that
  7. 17 overall to high in a 6 pt per TD pass league? 1 QB start
  8. 12 total runs in their last 5 games, on the road but still.... Rocks at home score only 4-5 a lot of times and most of those are not from starters I do not see why weekly roto goers are shying away from Gallen this week. I mean sure he SHOULD give up 3-4 vs Rockies but it would not surprise me if he had 7 k's and only gave up 2-3 and then shut the Giants down