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  1. So I rejected the two for two and he countered with Martinez Rizzo for Yelich Votto . Does this change any of your opinions? I like Rizzo quite a bit more than Votto at this point.. Or is Yelich really untradeable? Thanks!
  2. Read the same thing . I picked up Buttrey
  3. Yea I view them that way too but have seen JD > yelich and Correa = bogaerts around so I just wanted to see if anyone else shared that opinion lol
  4. 6x6 roto league.. I'm being offered JD Martinez, Correa and Heyward for my Yelich and Bogaerts. I know Heyward is kind of a throw in (even if he is playing great so far this season) but what do you guys think of this deal even as a 2 for 2? Any rankings I look at have Yelich and Jd right next to each other and Correa and Bogaerts close as well. Thanks and WHIR
  5. Lol yes sorry I forgot to answer the original question
  6. 6x6 roto league.. I'm being offered Votto and Carpenter for my Matt Chapman and Aguilar. Chapman is on fire to start the season but is this a good enough return? Aguilar sitting often and still has no Homers. Leaning towards accepting but wondering if I'm missing something lol Thanks and WHIR
  7. There's definitely no harm in trying for that top 10 overall talent as a return, but I'm thinking Bellinger is more in the range of the next tier of guys like Harper, Machado, Freeman, Goldy, Baez, Lindor for hitters or Snell, Cole, Verlander range for pitchers. You already have Freeman and Baez lol but you get what I'm saying. I say aim high and if rejected then move down to those guys (if you like them more than Bellinger of course).
  8. I think Devers is a fair offer as long as the Ray owner isn't scared off by Devers slow start
  9. Having same dilemma in my league. Thinking of dropping him for pitching help, but I think he has enough of a track record to hold on a little longer. That's what I'm doing anyways lol.. For what it's worth, I don't see any chance of him coming around in the BB category lol Help with mine?
  10. I have them Flaherty>>>>> Hamels > Musgrove >>> Gray > Gausman ROS