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  1. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    Just flipped Aaron Jones for him, reading this makes me think that was a huge mistake. His remaining schedule looks really enticing and I don’t think the Bears being good is a bad thing for him. Only game I watched a lot of were last week and week 1. He looked great against Green Bay and last week it seemed they scored from a ways out every time. Is Cohen seeing the field in the Red Zone? While it is a different coaching staff, I remember owners freaking out through 6 weeks last year, then he started putting up big game after big game. I
  2. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    As a Bills fan, the Minny game was an anomaly by all accounts. Multiple takeaways inside of the Vikings' 30 to get up 3 scores in the first quarter, and the Vikings came out asleep. Despite that, they are still 25th against the run (in .5 PPR). The secondary is really the strong suit (White, Hyde, Poyer, talented rookie Taron Johnson). I think the Titans could shred them on the ground for 160 and 2 TD's, how that gets diviid between Henry, Lewis, and Mariota is anyone's guess. Even the Henry haters came into the year saying he'd have 1-3 blowup games, to which the truthers will come out of the shadows to gloat, but that they are too few and far between for him to have game-to-game relevance. He's been terrible so far, but the big game is sure to happen sometime, and this week shapes up to be it.
  3. Edleman or John Brown .5 PPR WHIR

    I’d do Edelman as well. His pal Tom will almost surely try to get him a TD to spite the league for suspending him. help?
  4. You sure you can get the bears off waivers? Think someone may lay a claim for them. It seems as if Gronk will play tonight. You know your league better than I, if all the pieces fall in that’s great. help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/725314-startsit-whir/
  5. Way too much. You trust this week 7 report? My money is on week 10. Maybe sanders and AP? Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/725314-startsit-whir/?tab=comments#comment-8129820
  6. Injuries and Byes are stupid... HELP! 100% whir

    I think I’d go with Ridley over Davis. Davis will be shadowed by Tre White in what should be a low scoring time possession game (I predict 23-10 TEN), where Pit Atl should have 55 points (Pit 30 Atl 27). Go with the higher scoring game help?
  7. OBJ for Mixon?

    I think Mixon is primed to be a top 10 RB. Can we say the same about Odell for WR given what we’ve seen from the giants offense? I’d ask him to add a WR3 type to sweeten the deal, then I say pull the trigger. Help?
  8. Start Collins or Ridley? WHIR

    Ridley. Normally don’t advise starting 2 receivers but this game should have 60 total points. I think there’s 240 yards and 2 TDS spread between the 2.
  9. Lineup advice...WHIR!

    Close between Ridley and Lindsay, but I think you have to roll with Ridley. Like others said, ride his hot streak in a game that is gonna have 60 on the board by then end. Thanks for helping with mine.
  10. Tough to know with that info. If you have someone that is droppable, I'd say pick up Engram. He should be back sooner than Olsen and doesn't have the same injury-prone tag as him. Help?
  11. Flex - Davis? Golladay? - WHIR

    I think I go Golladay. Titans should win but Davis will be locked up with Tre White which may lead the ball to the other pieces of the offense. Help?
  12. Start/Sit WHIR

    1. Standard Choose 2 (1 RB): Henry (@BUF), Dede (@KC), T. Taylor (@BUF), Drake (@CIN), Grant (NE) .5 PPR Choose 1: Allison (@DET, if he plays), Dede (@KC), Crabtree (@CLE) .5 PPR Choose 3 (2 RBs): Hyde (BAL), Henry (@BUF), Cooper (@LA), K. Johnson (GB), A Jones (@DET)
  13. Ryan Grant 2018 Outlook

    How do people feel about him tonight? Looks to be the number 1 WR ahead of a bunch of nobody's in a game in which they'll likely be down and throwing a lot. Would feel better about him in PPR (I have him in standard), but seems like he may get close to 10 targets.
  14. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Agreed, this is the week Henry falls into the end zone. Maybe he breaks a big run too. Them controlling ToP and likely being ahead could get him back to that 18+ carry workload, and the Bills' front 7 may just be bad enough to capitalize. I see 19 for 85 and a TD.
  15. julio for zeke?? WHIR

    Even though youre a little thin at WR, I think you have to take that trade. Zeke is a league winner, Julio, while great and a top 5 WR, just isn't in the same class. Help?