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  1. I think you have to play Jacobs, then I go both Kupp and Diggs for WR2 and Flex. SNF should be a shootout and can see Kupp scoring. PIT's run D scares me a bunch, I'd stay away from Breida. Help?
  2. Any reason you feel the need to hold 2 TE's? I would just roll with Waller, drop Njoku for a handcuff or lotto ticket RB, then revisit it in 2 weeks if both guys are still on the wire. I feel Henry will be out longer than his 4-6 week timetable. Help?
  3. Assuming Tyreek comes back Week 5 I say side 2. Help?
  4. I think I do that value wise, though holding Mack may not be the worst idea given the uncertainty of Ekeler. Help?
  5. I'll take Mack too.. although I'd advice picking up Wilkins since Mack missed practice yesterday. Of course in the event Mack doesn't play, I'd go Sammy over Wilkins. Help?
  6. Standard League 3 WR: We're talking about a straight swap of my Justin Jackson for his James Washington.. Thoughts? I'm also interested in Ballage with Drake in trade talks.. should I try to get both and throw in Justice Hill? I'm looking good at RB and need more punch from my WR group. I'm drinking the James Washington koolaid, love that he has his college QB at the helm and that he's close to taking the WR2 job from Moncrief (if he hasn't already). Think he has some upside that the Landry/Tate/Dede trio don't have. My skill players RB - Cook, A Jones, Mack, Rojo, Justin Jackson, Mattison, Justice Hill WR - Julio Jones, M Williams, Landry, Westbrook, Tate His: RB - Kamara, Kerryon, M Gordon, J Howard, Ballage WR - Woods, Edelman, A Robinson, Sutton, J Washington, C Davis I'll take any advice on my proposed trade and any other possible offers you guys see.
  7. Michael Jordan and Andre Smith both got hurt last week, so this line will be reeling even more this week. Buffalo's pass D is elite and while their run D has lagged behind, they do have some young studs to be reckoned with in the front 7 with Edmunds, Oliver, and Milano. This is a volume-based play. I don't think Mixon will have too much room to run, but I can still see him having a productive day. I say 19/71/1 TD + 2/24 in the air.
  8. Oh please, of course you have to bake Melvin coming back week 8-10 into these rankings. I think he belongs in tier 4 (though probably right after Fournette), and then drops to that tier 6 group when Melvin comes back.
  9. I like Allen too, blowup spot this week. Thanks for mine.
  10. I do Mostert. I like Parker and Moncrief's long term outlook a lot better, Coleman will be back soon rendering Mostert irrelevant. Help?
  11. I would go McLaurin too.. Could see the Skins throwing a lot in a negative game script. Help?
  12. I go Breida, he's got the chance to score multiple TD's vs a weak D front. Help?
  13. 12 Team Standard League need 2: Need upside this week due to Howard's donut and playing a very good opponent. Due to this need for upside, who would you start? Westbrook @ HOU Landry @ NYJ Devante Parker vs NE Mike Williams (Q) @ DET Waiver options are: Ginn, Preston Williams, T Benjamin, Thinking Landry and Parker just because he'll have lots of garbage time to catch some passes (and Albert Wilson being out means he'll never leave the field). Thoughts? Will help in return.
  14. Gerald McCoy also got called for a unnecessary roughness penalty on the play, though I'm not sure if that would have been 15 yards after the INT had Keuchly picked it. While that wasn't a great ball, his arm was definitely hit by the pass rusher that through things off. There are dropped INT's every week, I'm sure most other fantasy QB's don't have them debated at nauseam like Jameis does.