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  1. Amari Cooper 2018 Outlook

    2nd Round??? I just got him in the middle of the 4th in my 12 team standard.
  2. Kenyan Drake 2018 Outlook

    Took him with the second pick in the 5th round in a 12-team standard league this weekend which I thought was great value. Even with the Dolphins' befuddling coaching decisions, it's hard to see a scenario that this guy doesn't get 15 touches a game.
  3. LeSean McCoy 2018 Outlook

    Taking him at 3.07 in my 12-team standard league and not looking back. Even with a chance of not playing (I say 80% that he does), he's gonna get 300 touches (although Ivory will take some at the goal line), which is so much more than the backs around him will get (Miller, Ajayi). If he slips to you in the middle of the 3rd, don't look back
  4. 2018 Bargain Buys

  5. Kelvin Benjamin 2018 Outlook

    It's crazy to me that he's falling to the 10th round in drafts around guys like Kupp, Hurns, Crowder. Dude is gonna get 100+ targets and be the biggest red zone threat on an NFL offense. I'm taking him at 9.02 if given the chance in my standard league.
  6. I think Mixon is the steal of the draft this year personally so I would say him. But, you are right in the range of the Keenan/Davante/Green/Thomas WR tier if there are any surprises above you, and if any of them fall I'd pounce then grab an RB coming back in the 3rd (McKinnon, McCaff, McCoy, Guice). Personally I like my mocks best when I take 3 straight RBs so I dont have to worry about striking gold in the increasingly volatile middle rounds. Help?
  7. #2 pick - is it between Gurley/Bell?

    I like Zeke more than Bell in Standard, think there's a solid chance he leads the league in rushing TDs. If you don't get rewarded for receptions, I have Gurley-Zeke-Bell Help?
  8. Keep 1.. Ajayi vs Juju.. WHIR

    Keep Ajayi. Like others said, keeps your options open on draft night for BPA Help?
  9. Trade Hyde for this? (WHIR)

    With Chubb in the fold absolutely do that trade. Help?
  10. Which Keeper option? WHIR

    Definitely Hunt and Thomas, plenty of WR depth you don't need to have 2 off the bat no matter how elite.. Not to mention you keep your first rounder. Help?
  11. I have the 2nd pick in a 12 team Standard league and am looking to trade down in the 3rd. I have an offer on the table of swapping with the person with the 7th pick in the 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 10th rounds. Basically I move down 5 picks in the 3rd to move up 15 total. This sounds like a good deal right? Do I accept? 3.02 looks like a tier drop off right after Gronk/Evans/Howard/Mixon group. I really like Guice and feel he will still be there at 3.07, but I feel like having whichever guy falls of Guice/McKinnon/McCoy/McCaffrey/Hilton is worth the price of moving up FIFTEEN spots. Thoughts?
  12. Derrius Guice 2018 Outlook

    Guice or Henry? I mostly standard, but just in general what do people think? Both seem similar in that they have a definite 3rd down back.. but Lewis being more well-rounded makes me side more with Guice (though Henry doesn't have anyone like Kelley/Perine to possibly steal early down work. No matter how unlikely, these guys have each had some success the past 2 years). Lines are both very good too.
  13. August Closer Thread 2018

    Can't believe I held on to Barraclough through this.. bases loaded no outs again, make it stop
  14. First two rounds

    Yeah but if all of the 2nd tier WR's are gone (Evans, Allen, Adams, AJ) by my 3.02 pick and I'm deciding a guy that I KNOW will get bulk carries/goal line touches for his team (Guice, McCoy, Howard) or a TY Hilton/Baldwin type, couldn't it be smart to take the RB? Allen Robinson/Fitz at the end of the 4th are more likely imo to return their value and be close to the Hilton/Baldwin class than Royce Freeman/Sony Michel are to the sure RB's. That was very wordy but in short, take the sure thing RB's when you know there's plenty of value in mid rounds for WR. Then still throw darts at the high-upside RB's from the 7th on. Again, Standard league. TDs are king
  15. First two rounds

    Has anyone had success going RB/RB/RB in the top 3 picks? I feel like if you draft in the top 3 it could be a prime strategy this year. In my Standard league I'm almost sure to go Gurley-Mixon, but I feel like pairing a 3rd RB for my flex right away (Howard, Guice, Shady, Mckinnon) would be smart so i dont even have to rely hitting a home run with a RB in a less defined role after the 5th round or so. Then you take 3 straight WR's in rounds 4-6 where there is still tons of value in a deep class. Is this a terrible idea? In standard I feel it could be golden.