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  1. I think I would do it. Both hitters could be league winners, Gary in for a bounceback year in a great lineup at a bare position, and Trea if he can get into the .300 range. Sale/Murphy/Hill all have had their fair share of injuries. A lot depends on your roster/league size because picking up 2 open slots early in the season is a great luxury if you're in a shallower league, helping you get in on a possible early season breakout without having to drop someone prematurely that you drafted. I'd say do it. Help?
  2. I agree, deal 2 has the better offer.
  3. Just fixed, did not save when I tried earlier I guess.
  4. I'd go Holland an Aaron Sanchez. Holland just got the closer job and could easily see a bounce back year out of him. http://forums.rotoworld.com/forum/23-bench-coach-help-forum/
  5. Just got offered Miggy for my Schwarber and Cesar Hernandez. Schwarber is in my OF rotation but Hernandez is a firm backup for me with Merrifield and Villar ahead of him. Would you do the trade? Offensive categories are standard 5 + OPS, can start 3 UTILs. Team 1 in Sig
  6. Wow, zing! I actually did watch the game big fella, if the Texans had any semblance of a run game yesterday, they would have been victorious. Deshaun was ripping them all game, and Foreman had a right-place-right-time TD, where Deshaun extended the play and threw across the field to him. I was big on him coming into last year, and we’ll see about next year depending on who they bring in. Yesterday certainly was not impressive, no matter how you slice it.
  7. And by that you mean 7 rushes for -1 yard? I don't disagree that he could have value next year with Miller and Blue both possibly gone (Definitely Blue), but I think there's no doubt that they'll bring in someone else to compete with him for the job, be it the draft or FA.
  8. I'd go Howard. Decent option, avoid the Rams headache.
  9. Projected to lose by 15 with Gurley out and CJ in. Scared of that situation though. Who would be the best option for a blowup game. Standard League. Nelson vs DEN CJ/Kelly @ARI Patrick @OAK Conley @SEA
  10. Agh... Him or Anderson?? No report yet but the reports before the game said CJ.
  11. Would you guys go Dak over Watson with this news? I know it's AC but we're T-minus 7 minutes so who cares about the rules.
  12. I think I'd go Vinatieri in a dome. Giants give up the most points to kickers IIRC, wish he was available in mine.
  13. Deshaun or Dak in 6 pt passing TD? Hopkins’ ankle scares me but still thinking Watson Drake or Howard (standard)? Need upside, but siding Howard Can’t believe I’ve resorted to this but it’s the championship and I’m the underdog. Pick a kicker: Butker, Elliot, Bailey, Joseph, Crosby Currently have Butker but the rain/Mahomes making them never settle for FG worries me.