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  1. $100+ buy in, weekly or biweekly waivers, or limited moves per season. Roto only. Let me know if that’s you.
  2. If you can change at least the nights for waivers, I can join. If I'm going to join another big-money league with twice-weekly waivers, I need them to sync up with the nights in my other big-money league for waivers. Would love if the FAAB matched that one, but I can compromise on that.
  3. Any chance we could do $1,000 FAAB and run it on Tuesday night and Saturday night?
  4. Would be very interested if the league did waivers fewer times each week...
  5. Prefer a 5x5 league, but fine with other settings that make sense to me. Prefer CBS, but fine with other sites. Must be a weekly lineup lock league. Please hit me up if you run a league you think I might be interested in.