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  1. @stevespooner73 Are y'all doing H2H categories and snake draft? LeagueSafe for entry fees?
  2. @alec2822 I appreciate the offer, but I should have specified that I want a snake draft. Your league does look interesting though. I will let you know if we change our mind. @PinstripedPlayers can you send me the link to your league? Can you specify the 2 available teams? And do you guys utilize LeagueSafe for the money?
  3. I have 2 people looking for a money league($10-20) for H2H Categories on ESPN. Hoping to draft this week after 7pm EST one night. My email is wallacejs3@gmail.com
  4. Still looking for members? Depending on the settings, myself and my buddy may be interested.
  5. Any interest in moving to a 12-team league? Myself and a buddy would like to join.
  6. I have a few guys looking for a money league on ESPN. Preferably a keeper league, but does not have to be.