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  1. Drafting as soon as a final owner steps in. Pay via LeagueSafe
  2. As soon as we get our next owner we will draft!
  3. We have 12, but waiting for the final owner to check in with ESPN. If anyone wants in, we will swap owners.
  4. We now have 10 owners. We will wait a few more minutes for anyone else, then draft. If no response, we will draft with 10 teams.
  5. 12 Team, Roto, snake draft on ESPN that drafts tonight 3/29/18 as soon as we fill. $25 buy-in. Click on the LeagueSafe link to join and pay. Once you make your payment, you will receive the link to the ESPN league to join. We have 9 owners and need 3 more.
  6. We need three more owners to draft. Nine owners confirmed. We will draft as soon as we fill. LeagueSafe
  7. We have 11 owners, but only 8 confirmed through the ESPN site. We will draft as soon as we fill the ESPN site. Still looking for another owner and will drop anyone that has not confirmed there team.
  8. We have 10 owners. Three still need to pay in League Safe.
  9. Let try to see if we can hold it at 12 owners and move the draft to 8pm. If we don't fill in the next 30 minutes, we can drop it to 10.