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  1. 9/24/17 - Ravens @ Jaguars - London Game Thread

    6 replies lol Even with Demarco active, I still don't see him holding off Henry The talent gap between Henry and Allen is too great considering the circumstances. If Allen was the only guy in the backfield for Bal today then MAYBE
  2. 9/24/17 - Ravens @ Jaguars - London Game Thread

    Forums like Allen? The DHenry thread has been hot all week. Allen is a COP guy who was a week 1 waiver pick up. Henry is former heisman winning bell cow expected to have a coming out party today. Link me to these Buck Allen fan forums you speak of
  3. 9/24/17 - Ravens @ Jaguars - London Game Thread

    Buck Allen in no way shape or form was expected to perform better than D Henry this week cmon man lol
  4. 9/24/17 - Ravens @ Jaguars - London Game Thread

    Lol acting like Buck Allen is a can't miss playmaker
  5. Cleveland Browns Offseason Thread 2017

    Lol I messaged him on snap too just to see if you could legit message him. I have the blank arrow so he read my message, but didnt respond. I don't buy this "he asked me not to screenshot" crap lmao
  6. Cleveland Browns Offseason Thread 2017

    well yea at this point we do nothing but wait
  7. Cleveland Browns Offseason Thread 2017

    What else is there really to say lol
  8. Cleveland Browns Offseason Thread 2017

    His cryptic snap of 99days and going, plus "dont believe everything you read" didnt sound promising at all to me since we've only read things about him potentially coming back lol Desperately hoping for a cool comeback story but I don't think yesterdays events sounded good
  9. Gerald Everett 2017 Season Outlook

    Short week, injured...probably activated him just in case of emergency. Not worried about it I like that this offense is trending up though. Very promising
  10. Cleveland Browns Offseason Thread 2017

    I was so optimistic until that snapchat he sent out. This doesn't look like it's going to happen lol The only leads that we had really pointed to "90 day rehab" and sept 21st. His snap doesn't align with either of those
  11. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    Murray's probably busy scrambling trying to figure out how to get D Henry on his fantasy team before he blows up
  12. Got offered Henry for Parker 16man league..so RBs are tough to fill...but like Parker's potential What do you guys think
  13. Andrew Luck 2017 Outlook

    Do we think he'll ever be able to reach his 2014 level again? Maybe he's on the path to becoming one Sports history's "what-ifs"
  14. Joe Mixon 2017 Outlook

    One missed tackle on him could change his whole narrative, especially if he looks good on a big run
  15. Joe Mixon 2017 Outlook

    Its been 2 weeks. 2. Cincy is bad, but not that bad. Mixon was drafted by owners knowing how Lewis works and that you can't expect big production from him till the 2nd half of the season. Unless he was auto drafted by your team I have no idea why Mixon owners are jumping ship when someone who is so talented, has current value that is so low Redrafts I can understand if you're panicking. But for the dynasty people out there, stop being crazy