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  1. Cameron Brate 2018 Season Outlook

    Why burn a 1st on OJ Howard then?
  2. Josh Gordon 2018 Season Outlook

    Im holding on tight hoping he can pass drug tests through the off season
  3. Saquon Barkley 2018 Season Outlook

    RB can make a huge impact for sure. But Zona had a good coach and Palmer at QB. Dallas has the best line in football. Cleveland consistently year after year makes decisions that leave people scratching their heads. Forgetting to call in a trade to the league office...what?
  4. Saquon Barkley 2018 Season Outlook

    Because generally RBs are wasted if the rest of the core pieces in offense arent in place. Cleveland has been atrocious for so long they're going to blow a high pick on a mega talent RB who could thrive elsewhere but probably will be neutralized for years in CLE, especially if they cripple him with these inept offense minds they're already talking about bringing in
  5. Saquon Barkley 2018 Season Outlook

    Cleveland would be selfish to draft him. You start interviewing Macadoo for OC, have Mularkey as a consideration, and want to bring on a mega talent RB in when you can't even hit on a QB for decades?
  6. Coaching Carousel 2018 Edition

    The Luck injury has been so odd that I've always been somewhat skeptical on the extent of it. Why come back and play for a crap team with no chance only to get complete destroyed back there in the prime of your career. Now they have a top pick to work with, a new HC coming in, and another year of rest for Luck's shoulder. I'm certainly hoping for a great comeback story but I'm not sure anyone besides Luck really knows the truth behind the shoulder I'm wondering who projects to have a better career from this point onward....Fultz or Luck. The case of the mysterious shoulders
  7. Coaching Carousel 2018 Edition

    That's old. Things seem to have shifted in the past couple of hours. Sounds like McDaniels will end up in Indy. Fingers crossed that Luck comes back healthy
  8. Cincinnati Bengals 2017 Outlook

    kerplunk goes the values of mixon, AJ, and ross
  9. Cincinnati Bengals 2017 Outlook

    Marvin Lewis contract extension Cincinatti Browns
  10. 1st & 2nd Round Fantasy Predictions.

    You're asleep at the wheel. Gurleys raw talent is better than Le'Veon's and he's in a potent up and coming offense. Bell's workload the past couple seasons has to be concerning too
  11. O.J. Howard 2017 Season Outlook

    To IR he goes. Not a bad rookie season considering the lack of opportunity he got along side Brate What are people's thoughts for OJ next 2018 season?
  12. 11/26/17 Titans vs Colts Game Day Thread

    Demarco break something and never come back Mularkey go f--- yourself
  13. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    super cringe good god lol
  14. 11/19/2017 Bengals @ Broncos Game Day Thread

    Mixon has really shown no flashes this year huh
  15. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Dude it is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. I always assumed paying towards the pot for any extra moves was still in place until i found out half way through this season. This league has zero trades this year. And theres a hard move limit...are you kidding me Needless to say this will be the last time I play in this league