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  1. lol you're an absolute scoundrel is what you are
  2. You're a complete joke This guy has already been proven of choking out this same girl when she was pregnant with this same kid
  3. That was really asked and that was his response
  4. "So you're saying someone hurt this child but you just can't prove who did it?" "That's correct" uh oh
  5. He'll get off clean. Since when do they hold press conferences BEFORE charging somebody?
  6. Week 17 I could see them sitting him. You have nothing to worry about this week. He'll be out there and get most of the volume too
  7. So what are your thoughts on this guy for championship week now that Josh Gordon is gone? CSB desperate for a WR2 plug in, is this the guy to grab?
  8. You guys sound like the lamest bunch of people i've heard of honestly lol
  9. I'm going to roll with him this week. Added him purely based off of the trade rumors on the off chance he ends up with a good qb or something. But for this week I think it's his best shot for production in a long time if he really wants out of Miami and wants to advertise his skills
  10. Not like thats a big stretch at all. I think its fairly obvious..Leveon is a volume based guy with some decent skills that translate to fantasy numbers in a good system Barkley is special. Better than Gurley and Zeke already in my opinion
  11. Fantasy football is cruel. Ive almost expected an ACL tear from him this year coming in just because of how much that would royally suck all us owners startign to breathe easy after the scare yesterday. any time now im expecting a breaking news out for year acl headline to pop up lol
  12. Need 11pts from DT in a PPR, and I already feel like I've lost
  13. He's about as predictable as Mahomes, except the opposite result. You just know they wont convert the 1st down or get the go ahead drive. Where as you know mahomes WILL come in and score again. Sucks but Luck is finished