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  1. So this is for the team in my sig...I sent this offer as I need a closer badly...Fair/Good/Bad/Way too much? Give: Gallen, Muncy, Lux, 4th rnd (12th rnd cause we keep 8 ) Get: Bichette, Vazquez 7th rnd (15th rnd cause we keep 8 ) My keepers heading into next season are Turner (SS), Bryant (3B/OF), Hiura (2B), Alvarez (OF), Vlad (3B), Soto (OF), Nola (SP), Bieber (SP)...Plan on trading Altuve, Blackmon, Marte for picks in off season...also looking at dropping Hendricks and either Boyd/D. Santana (OF) for Britton/Kahnle/Bummer/S. Lugo...thoughts?? and Thanks
  2. Then who is a reasonable player to target with Altuve?...just curious is all
  3. Play it are in good shape
  4. Would you trade Altuve for Torres?'s for the team in my sig...and if you can't see my sig here is my teams batters...Thanks in advance 12 teamer, keep 8 R, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, AVG, TB Grandal, Abreu, Altuve, T. Turner, K. Bryant, Soto, Blackmon, S. Marte, D. Santana, Y. Alvarez, Guerrero jr., Hiura, Muncy, Tucker, Andujar (DL), Lux (NA)
  5. I picked up F. Mejia in a keeper league...he was dropped...currently my catcher is Grandal...this isn't for the team in my sig...good move considering it's a keeper?
  6. Guy countered with this offer I get Quintana...bring T. Turner off DL I give Yates, Eickhoff
  7. I'm punting SV' Yates + Muncy for either Quintana or Flaherty a decent enough offer?...I'd be bringing T. Turner back from the DL with the open spot
  8. Got offered Verdugo for Winker...for team in sig...if you can't see my sig here is my team and league set up...thoughts?...and should I target another closer?...H. Robles is available 12 team league, Keep 8, H2H Hitting Cats: R, HR, RBI, SB, BB, TB, AVG, K Batters: Grandal, Abreu, Altuve, Beckham, Bryant, S. Marte, Blackmon, Dom. Santana, Winker, C. Taylor, Guerrero jr., Soto, Muncy, T. Turner (DL), Sano (DL), J. Lowrie (DL), Hiura (NA), Y. Alvarez (NA), B. Rodgers (NA) Pitching Cats: W, L, SV, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS Pitchers: Nola, Wheeler, Bieber, Weaver, Boyd, Strahm, Eickhoff, Hendricks, Yates
  9. Sorry drop Dyson and nab Gallen...I haven't had my coffee yet lol
  10. Had this offered to me...12 team league...keep 8...its for the team in my signature...thoughts? Get Blackmon, Nola Give Senzel, Puig, Kershaw
  11. Hitting Cats: H, R, AVG, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, TB Pitching Cats: W, L, SV, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS Available FA's D. Santana OF Familia RP McMahon 1/2/3B I. Happ 3B/OF
  12. 12 team H2H, keep 8 Hitting Cats: R, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, TB, AVG Grandal, C. Santana, Altuve, T. Turner, Bryant, Soto, S. Marte, Puig, Guerrero jr., Senzel, Tucker, Winker, Muncy, M. Gonzalez, Hiura, Bichette Pitching Cats: W, L, K, SV, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS Kershaw, Wheeler, Bieber, Hendricks, C. Martinez, J. Urias, Sheffield, Yates, Strop, Cueto
  13. If he can stay healthy Ryu he's gonna be a really good pitcher...I think he puts in a mostly healthy year