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  1. Get Calhoun Give Dickerson Pull the trigger?
  2. Fantasy Team Names 2018

    My teams name is Hits from DeJong...I thought that was pretty good
  3. For team in sig...Pull the trigger?...Standard cats...Thoughts?...I am reluctant cause I'm not sure how Murphy will be when he comes back and that's a pretty reliable bat
  4. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    Got Trout, Schoop Gave Judge, S. Marte I am pretty's a keeper league
  5. Who would you add to the team in my sig?...thinking Dahl...I can add without dropping
  6. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    Thanks for the advice all...I probably won't go the closer/reliever only role since the league is small and we already drafted...just wanted to get a sense of if anyone had done this...Thanks again and appreciate the feed back
  7. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    Thanks and I apologize if this is in the wrong forum...since this is a strategy question I thought this was the place to post it
  8. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    My league has no min. innings pitched limit...would you trade away starting pitching for closers and just run closers instead?...curious to hear if anyone else has this or has done this strategy before
  9. Trade for G Cole?

    I like the Iglesias offer...go with that and GL
  10. Trout offer

    LOL I would give away all my team for free weed...
  11. Trout offer

    I accepted and picked up Eaton...just hope this passes the veto test
  12. Lol I accepted but this got it should have...Same manager sent me a different offer...Get Trout, Schoop...Give Judge, Marte...Thoughts?
  13. Trout offer

    Give Judge, Marte Get Trout, Schoop Standard cats
  14. Got offered Freeman, Dozier, Bryant for Turner and Marte...make this deal?...Standard cats
  15. 1:2 Trade(Abreu - Jansen+Quintana) WHIR

    You have some good bats to handle the loss of Abreu...I would pull the trigger but I am fairly new to fantasy baseball...only my 2nd year doing this so take any advice I have with a massive grain of salt