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  1. Y. Gurriel for Pham

    Got offered Gurriel for Pham...Take it or leave it?...for team in sig
  2. Drop Tucker for Pham

    For team in my's an 8 teamer with 7 keepers
  3. Guy in my league has Dozier on the block...are Porcello and Taylor enough?...his pitching is pretty weak...FA add would be A. Reyes
  4. LeMahieu for Berrios

    Would you trade Berrios for LeMahieu? It's for the team in my sig
  5. Rizzo for Berrios, C. Taylor

    I took the trade but it got vetoed already
  6. Had this offered to me...for team in sig...I would keep Rizzo as one of my seven or no deal?
  7. Just made this deal

    Gave Gregorius, Haniger Got Freeman...FA will be Inciarte
  8. I'd try Segura and Madbum 1st then if that doesn't work try JRam with Madbum...GL Acuna is gonna cost you
  9. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    So far my 2 trades combined Gave S. Marte, Judge, Lucchesi, Murphy Got Trout, Schoop, Nola
  10. Made this trade for the team in my sig...figured I was loaded with 2B available players.
  11. 2 possible trades

    For team in sig Deal 1 Give Gregorius Get JD Martinez Deal 2 Give Gregorius Get Encarnacion
  12. Get Calhoun Give Dickerson Pull the trigger?
  13. Fantasy Team Names 2018

    My teams name is Hits from DeJong...I thought that was pretty good
  14. For team in sig...Pull the trigger?...Standard cats...Thoughts?...I am reluctant cause I'm not sure how Murphy will be when he comes back and that's a pretty reliable bat
  15. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    Got Trout, Schoop Gave Judge, S. Marte I am pretty's a keeper league