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  1. Would you take Crawford over Andrus?...I have plenty of SB potential with Villar, Nunez, Margot,'s for the team in my sig
  2. Seems like a good haul for Davis...some nice arms in Hererra and Happ...just hope Happ is ok and not out for an extended amount of time
  3. Would you drop Tomas for Dahl?...its for the team in my sig...I only have one DL spot and currently have A. Sanchez on it...also picked up Bregman with my 7th waiver position, think it was worth it?
  4. Yeah sorry I asked for this to be moved...thought I was in the right place but realized I wasn't after it was to late...sorry
  5. Would you drop Tomas for Dahl?...also I picked up Bregman off waivers using my 7th waiver position this morning think it was a good pick up?...this is all for the team in my sig
  6. Closers as you have ranked and see if he bites on KRod if you offer him up...nice group of closers btw
  7. I like the guys you get better than what you give...I'd do the deal...good luck
  8. Got C. Gonzalez...Gave E. Santana + Ellsbury...the rest of my team is in my sig...How'd I do?...I also have waiver claims in on the following players that were dropped Kinsler, Bregman, B. Hamilton...I'm 7th on the wire but still feel like I have to put waivers in on these guys...I have Sanchez on the DL so I don't have to drop anyone...Also since I feel my team needs some hitting I'm looking at adding Wilson Ramos if I don't land any of my waiver claims and stashing him on the DL when Sanchez comes back...Thoughts?
  9. Thanks guys...I'll stick with this league for the year because I'm not one to just up and quit. I'll chalk this year up to learning and go from there lol...thanks again this forum seems to have a wealth of knowledgeable posters and experienced fantasy GM's I will be coming to you guys for advice all season so just a heads up if I ask what seems to be a bonehead question...Cheers!
  10. So last night an inactive manager was relieved of his duties and replaced by someone else. I'm fine with that, nothing wrong there. The new guy then makes like 10 trades and ends up dropping Kinsler, Bregman, Hamilton (Cin). The guys he traded for aren't anywhere near as good and were FA's a few days before, also a guy wasted 3 moves by dropping and picking up the same guy and he has no moves left and is mad cause he has the #1 waiver and can't grab any of the guys dropped...I'm new to fantasy baseball but this just seems crazy. I got offered C. Gonzalez for E. Santana + Ellsbury from this new guy as well lol...I hit accept already since I figured I might as well since he's having a fire sale...I also have a waiver in on all the guys that were dropped I doubt I land any of them I'm 7th. Anyone else ever have this kind of stuff go down in your league?...Also I apologize if this topic is in the wrong part of the discussion board.
  11. These 2 deals I made sure have my league buzzing lol...I'm just hoping they don't veto them
  12. No redraft...its just a one year H2H league...I think I did alright or at least hope so
  13. Just made 2 trades here are both deals combined into did I do? Give Arrieta, Machado, Zobrist drop Belt Get Kluber, Duffy, D. Murphy, J. Abreu
  14. Thanks...I took the offer for Arrieta...Now I need to look for a pitcher.
  15. Ok...that seems like a good haul for Arrieta...also the guy that wants Villar just sent me another offer for Villar....Estrada for I now have 2 standing offers for Villar from the same guy...would you take the Estrada deal since I'd be losing Arrieta?