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  1. Who would you use for the rest of the year...Melancon, J. Johnson or Reed?
  2. Got offered Castro + deGrom for D. Murphy

    Who would you drop?...I'm leaning towards J. Wilson
  3. Got offered this for the team in my sig...thoughts?
  4. So W. Ramos sounds like he is close to coming back and Tulo is sitting in FA as well...Would you replace any of the guys from the team in my sig with either of them?...any advice is appreciated
  5. Taillon and Matz

    Will Taillon play again this year?...I read he was playing catch already...he is a FA just wondering if he might be worth the DL stash...also Matz is a FA and sounds like he might return in the near he worth a pick up?
  6. I like either offer but like the Paxton/Seager one a little bit more
  7. Missed him by 1 spot...the guy with the 6th waiver got him I have one in on Bradley Jr but again I'm sure he gets picked up before my 6th waiver
  8. So he is available and now so is Jackie Bradley Jr....who would you take of the 2 since no way I can get both?...Odorizzi is going to be my drop
  9. So Rendon was dropped yesterday before his monster game...would you throw in a waiver claim on him?'s for the team in my sig...only thing is I'm not sure who I would waiver is 7 out of 10
  10. For the team in my sig...the guy has 6 guys on the DL and just lost Eaton for the year Give Thames, Abreu, Crawford Get Miggy, Donaldson
  11. Give Villar, Schwarber, Duffy Get Reynolds, Polanco, Carrasco Hit reject here right...for team in sig
  12. Got offered Kemp + JBJ for Thames

    Jackie Bradley Jr.
  13. Got offered Kemp + JBJ for that a good enough haul for Thames or should I try and get something else?
  14. Give Schwarber, Duffy, Crawford Get Carrasco, Polonco Do this right?...I'd bring A. Sanchez off the DL