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  1. if only I had looked back on this before I dropped him the first of June
  2. Go Clevinger, Gallen, Lamet, Gibson, and Wheeler!
  3. Confused as to how Matz has only 1ER according to yahoo and ESPN when the Indians have 2 runs and the Mets have no errors
  4. He’s too hot so I had to make him a thread. Grab him if you still have the chance to!
  5. Anyone know what happened to Lorenzo Cain?
  6. Nick Anderson’s numbers look pretty damn solid to me. Just looks like he’s been really really unlucky this year though. I ran hard to pick him up just now and suggest y’all do the same!
  7. Solid 6 for Zack still, lets see if the bottom half of the Mutts order can produce a couple runs and snag him a W
  8. Wheeler breaks up Nola's no-no whilst raising his average to .314 on the year... man can those Mets pitchers rake
  9. Day games???? Again????? Woooooooooooohoooooooooooooo! Let's go Wheeler!
  10. Reminding myself to stay patient with him... don't wanna let him go too soon, a la George Springer when he struggled when he first got called up in '14 just to see him start mashing once we drop him!
  11. This guy’s straight up raking but I’m wondering when he’s gonna come back down to earth...