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  1. 10/9 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Go Yanks!!! Win tonight and we got all the momentum for a Game 5. Im pumped. Football seasons over for me and it barely started so I’m pulling hard for the G-men to get the first pick next year and for the Yankees to pull off a mini-miracle to return to glory
  2. 2018 First Rounders Discussion

    And I tied for first in a 12 team league and I was tied in runs, 3 steals back of the next guy, .001 behind the next guy in avg, one save away from getting an extra half pt, one k away from getting an extra half pt, and less than .01 away from being 1st in whip. Point being, Betts did not lose you your title he helped in other categories and I’m sure had he hit 30 homers and batted .300 and ops’d .900 instead but only got 92 runs 75 RBIs and 17 steals that wouldn’t have been enough to get you the title. His “elite”ness in other areas (runs, rbis, and SB) turned his okay year into a very good one and this is his only his floor. I would be willing to take him as high as 7th next year in a standard 5x5 rotisserie league.
  3. 2018 First Rounders Discussion

    I’ll take Mookie again in the first round please. Definitely wouldn’t have won the ship in Roto without him. Just double-checked, even though I already knew he was the only one- but I can’t find anyone else with 20 homers 100 runs 20 steals and 100 RBIs. I’m pretty sure everyone on this forum is smarter to ignore BABIP- and that zero people here lost a title bc of Mook’s shortcomings this year (BA and HR)
  4. 2017 Celebration Thread - Victory is Mine!

    Yea dropping Nunez from both my squads when I found out he got traded made my season go from cakewalk to extremely challenging haha
  5. 2017 Celebration Thread - Victory is Mine!

    Won the most epic finish in my Roto league. Won by .5 pts I started the day in first and then at 5 pm I was in 4th in danger of not even cashing... 615ish it looked like I would tie for first and then something happened late in the Pirates/Nats game that dropped the guy I was tied with by a half pt. Did a lot of dancing, jumping around, and must’ve refreshed the Live standings about ten times after the game went final just to make sure I was seeing it right. League was so super- competitive and I feel for the dude who finished fourth bc a break here or there and it couldve been him in first and me in fourth. Final Standings 91 90.5 90 88 75.5 66.5 58 57.5 52.5 52.5 38 20 Congrats to all the other winners and thanks to everyone on the forums for all your help and useful info throughout the year. This is the first year I’ve enjoyed fantasy baseball more than fantasy football since I started playing both about 15 years ago.
  6. Head 2 head playoff updates.

    Lost 3-7 in H2H. Had a shot going into today but I needed a lot of help and then my hitters went 0-27! Even Hoskins on my bench went 0 fer so there were certainly no regrets lol... hats off to the guy who beat me
  7. Mookie Betts 2017 Outlook

    Thank you Mookie. Always showed up for me when I need it most- I swear y’all other Mookie owners are ungrateful and must expect him to just carry your team to a ship lol it don’t work that way
  8. Andrew McCutchen 2017 Outlook

    What an awesome boost he gave to my Roto squad today... boss
  9. Head 2 head playoff updates.

    So far Snell and Weaver have my ERA at a 27.00 and my WHIP at a 4.75. 4 IP, 19 Hits + Walks, 12 Earned Runs. It’s got to be some kind of record for worst ratios through 4 IP of a competitive league’s finals
  10. Head 2 head playoff updates.

    Started Weaver, it will take a miracle for me to not lose both ERA and WHIP this week but I'm guaranteed to win Wins and Ks since my finals opponent punts SP. He's up one in HR, -1 I'm up one in SB, +1 he's up one in Saves, -1 I'm up in K's +1 and I'm up 3 hits in one less AB for a better average by .100 pts. +1 He's winning ERA and WHIP. -2 Down 3-4 starting Snell and benching Kiermaier and Hoskins out of my hitters
  11. 9/25 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Bye bye era and whip... my first add of the week was familia and my 5 other adds will be vulture save candidates. Closer monkey has been bookmarked to my favorites I desperately need to win Saves to take the pitching cats.
  12. 9/25 - GAME DAY THREAD

    There is an innings min @XxxOilOverloadxxX but he always surpasses it- the innings min is low on yahoo it's like 11 or 13 innings, something silly like that