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  1. Laureano Chapman Piscotty Davis Pinder Olson Profar Semien Hundley
  2. I wouldn’t be afraid to take him sooner than that. Love Puig this year
  3. 1B is an issue. I would hit the wire for a 1B and a CI bc what you have isn’t gonna cut it. Ohtani Bour and Weaver are borderline droppable. Besides that your team is really strong. Address that need ASAP and you will have a great team
  4. It's close but I'd counter for a bit more back for Trea. It's a decent haul but you might be able to get another piece in addition to those three. I agree with the others to decline this one.
  5. Justus stash looks best to me.
  6. I think you have enough power. You lack a true ace but other than that your staff is deep and your lineup looks good. You should compete
  7. flip a coin? lol i honestly can't decide it's so close
  8. Because they don't believe he can keep up his insane BABIP. I believe he can.
  9. Okay then yea I’d be dropping Herrera and Reyes for the Colorado kids
  10. 8x8 meaning one of the categories is holds correct? I think I’d stay put here, solid roster.