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  1. Strong offense but your pitching behind Bauer is a little weak
  2. Syndergaard for his elite K/9 upside
  3. Aaron Judge. Missed on him in all 4 leagues and I KNOW it's gonna haunt me.
  4. I wouldn't mind having two players on the same teams, especially if they're from Houston and Boston. I like the team a lot and think you will compete for another ship.
  5. I like it. I would rate it a B+. Solid pitching staff, lots of stars on offense. Lowrie and Boxberger are droppable IMO anyone worth grabbing on your waiver wire?
  6. Puig at 76 isn't a reach. I mean I don't know your league settings but I would take him a round earlier than that even if I was targeting him.
  7. It's close but a no go for me. I'm really high on Murphy this year though and since I have no clue who you have at catcher now or what SP you have I'm not entirely sure whether or not I would make the deal
  8. Nothing wrong with accepting this. I think it's fair and you have a more than adequate replacement for Cano
  9. I'm making this deal all day. Especially if you lack steals, no brainer to me.
  10. Lol, in all seriousness though, I would grab Andrus and drop Paddack.
  11. I'd give it a B+. Pitching is super solid. Not in love with Torres or Ozuna at their ADP this year so hopefully they fell to you. Turner and Judge is a great 1-2 combo though and great value getting Donaldson in the 16th!
  12. I’m gonna pass on this you’re just not getting enough value back for Sale IMO. It’s close but a no go for me
  13. Meadows far and away the best player of the 3. Then Laureano then Mullins
  14. Like you said, your SP is a little thin but your offense is killer. Work the wire and you’ll find a few SP early in the season I wouldn’t try to deal anyone just yet
  15. Top team better pitching and deeper offensively
  16. Better impact now, Laureano Better impact later, Alonso Who would I rather roster, Laureano