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  1. Only on pace for 49 HR and 126 RBI this season..... Drop city 🤣🤣😭
  2. Plawecki the catcher with the 1-2-3 top of the 9th inning pitching for Cleveland
  3. Moustakas. His BABIP is a .172 so far this year even though he's hitting more LD, his Hard Hit % is up, Soft Hit % is down and he's walking more than last year.
  4. Dahl blasted that one wooooooohoo
  5. Get Kikuchi OUTTA there he clearly doesn’t have it today, the stuff or the luck
  6. 9 runs for ATL tonight and of course my boys Acuna and Donaldson are a combined 0-7 at the dish
  7. Clev looking real filthy 😮
  8. Bauer dealing today, 5 Ks thru 3 perfect
  9. How do you not take there 1-0 count after four straight balls to Voit and three straight walks? that was awful
  10. His line would’ve been even more impressive had he not got himself into a two-out jam in the 6th. He did manage to strand the bases loaded though, thankfully.
  11. Go these 3, Go Pax, Go Thor, Go McHugh, Go DRod
  12. Blackmon doubles in McMahon and Marquez is now in line for the W!
  13. Phew Marquez escaped his bases loaded jam
  14. Follows it up with a 9 pitch strikeout of Anderson lol
  15. I'm starting him in a league where there's no innings limit. If I had him in a league with an innings limit I would bench him. H2H and no inning limit I start him
  16. Id rather 2 SPs and out of those 3 prob woodruff and sanchez
  17. Realmuto Murphy Tuve Donaldson Story Peralta Desmond McCutchen Voit Robles Kikè Hernandez Cesar Hernandez Kepler cant afford to drop a pitcher yet