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  1. Wheeler breaks up Nola's no-no whilst raising his average to .314 on the year... man can those Mets pitchers rake
  2. Day games???? Again????? Woooooooooooohoooooooooooooo! Let's go Wheeler!
  3. Reminding myself to stay patient with him... don't wanna let him go too soon, a la George Springer when he struggled when he first got called up in '14 just to see him start mashing once we drop him!
  4. This guy’s straight up raking but I’m wondering when he’s gonna come back down to earth...
  5. Wow, it’s a ghost town in here. ERA, FIP, and K/9 all looking super solid. I was a big doubter of his coming in to the season but I see enough to warrant a pickup here, anybody else?
  6. Reynolds back in the 2-hole producing 💯
  7. Yasiel Puig and Victor Robles this may seem drastic to some being that they're almost at double digit bombs and bags.... but that average though
  8. Votto hurt? He was DHing and he's out early
  9. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
  10. I’m holding tight this guys the main reason why I lead my league in ERA WHIP and wins y’all are some haters if you think he’s fools gold he’s been money for almost 50 IP straight ERA and WHIP under 1 and won almost every time out
  11. Taken out of the game super early... ruh roh
  12. I eat, breathe, and sleep fantasy baseball and it's been that way for the last 5 or so years. I can't ever remember feeling burnt out from it. The ASB helps I guess, but by the end of it I'm itching for FBB to start up again.
  13. 22 game on-base streak has him up to .350/.407/.562 Dickerson coming back today has me feeling like he's going to be seeing the bench more often than lately unfortunately 😩
  14. Go Scherzer, Teheran, Richards, Valdez, Gibson, and Price!
  15. Since it wasn’t a save opp I wouldn’t consider him “officially done”.
  16. Anddddddd 8 ER...... yikes.
  17. Not at all. I'm expecting ace-like numbers out of him tonight.
  18. Today was the last straw. Bye Jake
  19. All unearned. And he is getting traded soon. Off my fantasy team...
  20. There we go Gibson... strikes out the side in the 2nd 👊👊👊
  21. Is the Colorado/SF game postponed or just delayed?
  22. Only on pace for 49 HR and 126 RBI this season..... Drop city 🤣🤣😭
  23. Plawecki the catcher with the 1-2-3 top of the 9th inning pitching for Cleveland