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  1. I need a Martini after that one for sure- he did us dirty
  2. Morton was cruising thru 4 and now he can’t get an out in the 5th
  3. I love your name (giant fan here) now change it to whyamiagarrettrichardsowner
  4. You're cray cray, dog... I don’t care what he’s done in a SSS in Colorado. Kyle Freeland is also a hot pitcher. Better offense is irrelevant when you factor in the two different ballparks. Even after their pitiful start at Coors, they still average more runs per game and a far better OPS than ATL does respectively in SunTrust. (213-198, .801-.718 in 41 games played at home) Time and time again I’ve seen people try to justify starting pitchers at Coors who are way more reliable/consistent than ZG and more often than not they get their butts handed to them on a silver platter. Don’t get me wrong, Godley could very well get spanked vs the Braves- but I’m taking the chance of starting him whereas if he pitched today there’s no way he would make it off my bench To summarize, I like you but you’re crazyyy.
  5. I feel like a sucker for picking I’m back up, but the .25 whip over 8 IP last game out plus his K/9 potential was just way too enticing to leave on the wire
  6. ZG’s start has officially been pushed back from Thursday vs Freeland @ COL to Friday vs Anibal @ ATL Side Note- ATL has been a much worse hitting team at home than on the road this year.
  7. Go Folty, Go McCullers And now for my streamers that gotta come up huge today.... Go Weaver, Go Zimm, Go Velasquez, Go Yarbrough
  8. What’s wrong with Garrett Richards this time
  9. Better to be a Bauer owner than a Cody Allen one! Between him and Fry from the White Sox my ratios for the day are a spectacular 72.00 ERA and a 7.00 WHIP. Incredible!!!!!
  10. No Avisail yet ? ...Go Yarbrough tho
  11. Go Hill Go Richards... Go Avisail coming back pleaseeeee
  12. Is it wrong or greedy to want more out of Kershaw than what he did tonight @ SD? Obviously the ratios can’t get better but I was really hoping for some Ks and for him to go deeper in the game than he did. Oh well- on to the next one....
  13. My buddy Tommy Tutone says 86.75309%
  14. Is it realistic to think he could be pushed back til Friday or is that a pipe dream on my part?
  15. Go Wood, Go Keuchy Keuchy Coo (I know it’s not pronounced that way, I just couldn’t resist since I have a three and a half month daughter)
  16. You’re finally in now?! There’s no way he was still available in your league
  17. No increase in velocity from what I can see... big increase in his slider usage this year though. Hopefully his arm can hold up.
  18. Aaron Hicks has a shot... he would need to stop hitting so many HRs and start running a little more than he has the last month when he does get on base though!
  19. The lack of Ks is the only thing that really concerns me... any chance he can be at least an 8 per 9 guy going forward?
  20. I advised to sell high in the buy low/sell high and boy am I glad I didn’t listen to my own advice... I think last year was the break out batting .333 in over 500 ABs- now he’s just showing off
  21. Go Morton, Paxton, Stripling, Harvey, and Gibson
  22. Preparing to cut bait... starting him tomorrow because if you can’t start an SP vs BAL then he clearly shouldn’t be on your roster. Anything worse than a 3.60/1.20 and a K per IP and I’d be too disappointed to keep him.
  23. Might try to sell high on Avisail where I can