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  1. Realmuto Murphy Tuve Donaldson Story Peralta Desmond McCutchen Voit Robles Kikè Hernandez Cesar Hernandez Kepler cant afford to drop a pitcher yet
  2. I don’t think that’s a bad deal. I’d do it to get Turner
  3. I have the number 2 waiver priority in my 12-man 5x5 standard league and somebody just dropped Amed Rosario. Was thinking of scooping him up for Kepler. Thoughts? WHIR as always
  4. Go Marquez, Go Morton, Go EO, Go Kikuchi
  5. Thanks for posting these @mannymachado
  6. Yessssssssss it’s finally here. Go Max, Go DeGrom, Go Castillo. oh and GO YANKEES!
  7. AL MVP - Whit Merrifield NL MVP - Juan Soto AL ROY - Vladimir Guerrero Jr NL ROY - Chris Paddack AL Cy Young - Mike Clevinger NL Cy Young - German Marquez AL East Champs - Yankees AL Central Champs - Twins AL West Champs - Astros AL Wild Cards - Red Sox and Indians NL East Champs - Phillies NL Central Champs - Cubs NL West Champs - Rockies NL Wild Cards - Braves and Mets WS - Yankees over Phillies in 6 WS MVP - Luke Voit 😎
  8. Pass for me. Especially because of the cost
  9. Yea don’t waste the waiver spot wait til he goes unclaimed
  10. Might as well add to the madness... 1.A. Benintendi (L) LF 2. Mookie Betts (R) RF 3. Rafael Devers (L) 3B 4. J.D. Martinez (R) DH 5. X. Bogaerts (R) SS 6. Mitch Moreland (L) 1B 7. Eduardo Nunez (R) 2B 8. J. Bradley (L) CF 9. C. Vazquez (R) C
  11. Just got traded to the A’s and just like that he becomes 12-team relevant. Counting stats likely to spike in a much better offense. Anyone rushing to the wire to take a shot on him?
  12. Nothing wrong with him just prefer the others
  13. Wow a lot of great choices to choose from. Can’t go wrong with any of them besides Gurriel IMO but I would lean towards McNeil as well
  14. I’d rather Paddack over Q and I’d pick up Desmond when I IL’d Hicks
  15. I completely disagree. Muncy has struggled this spring as well. I think it’s between him and Devers to who rides the pine but I’d lean towards benching Muncy
  16. Definitely McHugh is right... I'm going to go with Caleb Smith slightly over Woodruff for number 2
  17. Zagunis should share some time with him when there’s a lefty on the hill
  18. I like Moncada. Should be in a full time role as opposed to Schwarber possibly getting platooned some of the time.
  19. Phillies lineup is the only one that’s official on baseballpress.com