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  1. 2 minutes ago, Krambone said:

    Saying a guy will hit 20% more HR because he plays at Coors field in Colorado is a lazy take, you do know they use a humidor and it has equalized the ball to sea level. McMahon is the 2B of the Rockies and unless he slumps he’s playing nearly every day. IMO there is only 1OF job that doesn’t have a set starter and that will be between Desmond/Hampton/Tapia. Murphy is almost back and the regulars are playing almost every game ROS. McMahon will bat 6th or 7th most the season.  Blackmon.Murphy,Arenado,Dahl,Story,McMahon,Desmond,catcher,Pitcher. That’s a stacked lineup!


    Why no... no it hasn't.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, taobball said:


    I'm going to find the best Salt gif to put on retainer so I can make sure to pull it up more frequently 👍


    Oh, and GIDP. 

    How do you not take there 1-0 count after four straight balls to Voit and three straight walks?


    that was awful

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  3. 14 minutes ago, midlip said:

    Guy flat out DEALS and gets no love? This is the SP3 I’m most excited about.   Ok ok Marlins... but still 🤩

    His line would’ve been even more impressive had he not got himself into a two-out jam in the 6th. He did manage to strand the bases loaded though, thankfully.