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  1. Offense reeks of strength. Yes I think you need to upgrade the pitching ASAP
  2. Woodruff I'd hold. I'd add Caleb over Pablo, and rank the rest of them DRod, Pablo, Wright, (GAP) Weaver, Fried, Wilson
  3. That's getting great value for Devers, I'd take it for sure.
  4. Kikuchi and Schwarber, but it depends on who you would have to drop in this 2 for 1. Not a huge fan of any of these 3 after the news broke that Kikuchi will be a random opener every so often.
  5. NO. Not even close to enough IMO
  6. I would keep Vlad regardless at that price
  7. I'd be dropping Lopez. You can probably grab him in a week or so and stream him if need be.
  8. Got the Yankees cleanup hitter 138th, 150th, and 159th overall in my big money leagues 🤑🤑🤑
  9. Last year Albies ADP was about 120. This year it's around 50. If his ADP this year was closer to let's say 80 then I think a lot more people would be high on him, but he fell apart in the 2nd half last year. If he his halves were switched around last year I don't think anyone would be down on him and he'd probably be a 3rd round pick but it seemed like he regressed and/or that pitchers figured him out.
  10. Musgrove if any. Godley is god awful please do not pick him up lol
  11. Wendle is the best player of these 4 IMO. Then Hampson, then Franmil, then Teoscar. I'd stand pat
  12. Does he have a better SP than Corbin? I'd rather try and get McCutchen and a Nola/Bauer/Syndergaard type for Verlander. I would stand pat otherwise.
  13. YES. Trade Sonny Gray for Colome right now!
  14. I like McNeil as well. Think that he will put up similar numbers to what DJ was able to in Coors.
  15. You did really well. I would pickup Santana and drop Jon Gray.
  16. I say no. I'd rather Rosario than Haniger. I think @cjw3 thought the sides were reversed and that you would be getting Rosario and DRod.
  17. Thinking about offering C. Hernandez and Desmond for Paddack and Alonso Any chance I can get this done?
  18. marlinmaniac.com reports that the Marlins rotation is as follows... Urena Richards Alcantara Lopez Smith
  19. I’m a big Josh James believer so yes I think Peacock does eventually move to the bullpen. If you’re nervous like I am and you’re looking for somebody long term I think Woodruff is the safer bet.