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  1. I'm not seeing it guys. Between Bour and Pujols stealing his ABs and the injury- this guy was a DND for me. For all you who drafted him I hope I am wrong.
  2. Everything @DarinB300 said except I would drop/move Olson to the DL instead of dropping Dejong
  3. Trade for him at the end of the year your SS, MI, and UT slots are all money
  4. I could be wrong but I don't think that's enough to get it done
  5. Also like Eaton and Joc
  6. That guy’s team is gross lol... I wouldn’t even offer that much for him just offer Paddack for Eloy and keep Eaton- he very well might bite.
  7. Are you going to stream and try to take Ws and Ks every week? That’s not a bad strategy- some weeks you’ll bust up your ERA and WHIP but others you’ll take 4/5 pitching categories and obviously all you have to do is split the ratios and you’ll be taking 3/5. If you notice you’re not at least splitting ERA and WHIP more than half your matchups I would try to adjust mid season and work the wire to grab some closers
  8. I like it. Offer up and if he declines then maybe consider slightly upping the offer. This offer shouldn’t offend him though and there’s a chance it gets it done
  9. I like the Blackmon Carpenter side but it’s close bc Correa is a lot younger.
  10. Unless it's a points league, I prefer Paddack over Archer this year even with an innings limit
  11. I would say no. Solid offense for a 14-teamer, pitching needs a lot of help though. Work the wire and save that money for breakout SPs and newly appointed closers!
  12. Seager >>> Tatis Jr. - Drop Harvey for Tatis if you can
  13. Segura side wins. I'd pull the trigger.
  14. I would also go with Wright. Your pitching is a little top heavy, I would consider trading for depth you might be able to get 3 solid SP2/SP3 types for one of your SP1's
  15. How many teams? I like Musgrove > Woodruff > Strahm. I would grab Wendle to fill in at your CI spot until Vlad Jr comes up.
  16. Yup. I like Bauer > Baez, Segura > Corbin, Albies+Kimbrel >>> Moose Easy yes.
  17. I think Lamb is droppable and I'd be worried about Gray/Teherean/Newcomb ballooning my ratios if I were you. Besides that it's a solid squad.
  18. LIKE A BOSS. Only pick I disagree with is Mikolas, just not really a big believer that he can repeat that ERA with his complete and utter lack of K's. Super draft though man and boy did a lot of guys fall to you.
  19. Joe Musgrove Caleb Smith Pablo Lopez Then once James gets moved to the rotation, this...
  20. I think you'll be fine. Judge/Voit/Donaldson/Piscotty should net you 120+ bombs pretty easily. If you work the wire for homer/rbi guys you'll be A-OK. Like this squad a lot, very well-rounded.
  21. Marcel Ozuna Eloy Jimenez Wil Myers Yoan Moncada Rafael Devers Franmil Reyes
  22. Offense reeks of strength. Yes I think you need to upgrade the pitching ASAP