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  1. Peacock then Woodruff then Gray
  2. Nah, stay put and scour the wire... Iglesias isn't a sure bet to rack up THAT many saves anyway the way he'll be used this year
  3. Not a Shaw fan, and I also dislike Devers this year. If Shaw and/or Devers starts out hot I'd look to sell high there
  4. I would stick with the two you have right now but monitor Wright closely and drop Boyd or Green for him if he thrives right out of the gate
  5. Wilson Ramos, then Contreras, then Mejia
  6. Strong offense but your pitching behind Bauer is a little weak
  7. Syndergaard for his elite K/9 upside
  8. Aaron Judge. Missed on him in all 4 leagues and I KNOW it's gonna haunt me.
  9. I wouldn't mind having two players on the same teams, especially if they're from Houston and Boston. I like the team a lot and think you will compete for another ship.
  10. I like it. I would rate it a B+. Solid pitching staff, lots of stars on offense. Lowrie and Boxberger are droppable IMO anyone worth grabbing on your waiver wire?
  11. Puig at 76 isn't a reach. I mean I don't know your league settings but I would take him a round earlier than that even if I was targeting him.
  12. It's close but a no go for me. I'm really high on Murphy this year though and since I have no clue who you have at catcher now or what SP you have I'm not entirely sure whether or not I would make the deal
  13. Nothing wrong with accepting this. I think it's fair and you have a more than adequate replacement for Cano
  14. I'm making this deal all day. Especially if you lack steals, no brainer to me.
  15. Lol, in all seriousness though, I would grab Andrus and drop Paddack.
  16. I'd give it a B+. Pitching is super solid. Not in love with Torres or Ozuna at their ADP this year so hopefully they fell to you. Turner and Judge is a great 1-2 combo though and great value getting Donaldson in the 16th!