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  1. Zach Ertz 2017 Outlook

    I like Anderson
  2. T.Y. Hilton 2017 Season Outlook

    Any concern of the weather in Buffalo? Windy, below freezing, possibly snow.
  3. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    I’d bet against it but definitely possible.
  4. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    Need L. Miller, D. Woodhead, and BAL D/ST to get more than 47 in PPR. Not impossible.
  5. Danny Woodhead 2017 Season Outlook

    Woodhead will win championships. You heard it here first.
  6. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    Lions D and Jordy to get more than -2. Tate to get less than 24.
  7. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

  8. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    1) Succop less than 16 2) TY to outscore DeMarco by 3, PPR 3) TY more than 11, PPR Liking my chances in all three, but wouldn't doubt if I don't win one.
  9. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    Denver D and Succop to get less than 24. Figure it's a coin toss.