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  1. I agree with Brock, in points leagues it doesn't matter much since you are getting free innings and strikeouts outside of the weekly starts limit. In a roto league I would be much more judicious in using these guys but in points leagues they are free points, especially the ones who are SP eligible.
  2. Any news on how long he is expected to pitch? If he can get to 5 IP he is in a great spot to get a win.
  3. It's being reported that Milone will be the bulker and Dunn the starter.
  4. Engram is the best case. Gronk a few years previously. Hunter Henry had a solid year in 2016, but was held back splitting time with HOF TE Antonio Gates. So it's rare but not impossible for a rookie TE to be productive.
  5. Maybe Milone. He will appear in conjunction with Justin Dunn ROS but whether Milone bulks or open will be unclear until before the game. I would add Milone and just check Twitter and posted MLB lineups for the final word on who is starting.
  6. That isn't the RW column. Supposedly John Daigle is working on it but we have been hearing that since the morning. It is still mid-day but at some point the column runs too late to be used. This is really bad, especially since RW touted the column being available "Tuesday morning" on the podcast.
  7. Supposedly Daigle is working on it, per John Norris on Twitter. Then again, Norris said it would be posted soon several hours ago. I'm chalking this up to Daigle doing it for the first time and not factoring in how long it would take. Hopefully this isn't a trend. Every other waiver column goes up in time for Tuesday's lunch. Silva did not do the waiver column. It was Raymond Summerlin, who also left this summer.
  8. It still isn't up but on Twitter John Norris said Daigle is in the process of writing it.