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  1. As a Nova (and Watson) owner, I don't know how much more of this my heart can take. Should those of us in leagues that have Wins be concerned by how awful the Pirates offense has been, especially now that Marte is gone?
  2. But the Ks.... And the wins....
  3. Like I said earlier, the numbers don't support it, he should be falling off, and yet he just keeps on going. I can't understand it, but I'm not going to question it.
  4. Turner field is gone. The Braves have a new field, and it seems to be fairly hitter-friendly.
  5. 3 ABs, 1HR, 2K. That right there is a Trevor Story line.
  6. Should we be worried by how often he gets replaced by Bourjos late in the game? I mean he's always gonna start, but he's losing PAs at the end of games.
  7. Well, Healy's batting third today. So is Asdrubal. Let's see if he can prove me wrong.
  8. But one of those seasons was his only one with the Mets. We've seen several times how their hitting coaches have managed to fix players.
  9. I was literally just throwing him out as an example of a player that I thought could put up similar stats. I haven't gone into greater detail because this isn't the Asdrubal thread.
  10. So...... Sandoval is playing 2B now? This should be interesting. I haven't seen it mentioned yet, but Pedroia left the game with an injury.
  11. Still though, do you have confidence in the guys around him? Being in front of Davis would certainly be a boost.
  12. That.... is a good point. I guess I had higher expectations for Cabrera batting second in that lineup, but I won't go into that. Is my logic wrong here? Am I wrong to think that a player who hits second in the Mets lineup with a .275 average and 20 HR should perform better in these categories than a player with approximately the same profile batting 5/6 in the A's lineup?
  13. I don't really see any other way it could play out.... Too many good hitters in this lineup.
  14. Nah, the official report is "illness". No idea what's going on there.
  15. The reason I singled out the Hard% is that it's absolutely insane. It's at 57.1%. Not even the best hitters in the MLB can sustain a rate that high. Last year, David Ortiz led the MLB with about 45%. The Z-contact is really bad, but it's in the same ballpark as Chris/Khris Davis. The power looks good so far, but he was never an exceptional power hitter in the minors, so there are some question marks there. With the way he's swinging though, he definitely looks like a sub .250 player right now.