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  1. Rhys Hoskins 2017 Outlook

    So this got me thinking... If a player had 600 ABs and only struck out or hit a home run, how many HRs would he need to get in order to be a viable fantasy asset?
  2. Tim Beckham 2017 Season Outlook

    Yes! I am finally free from Trevor Story's monopoly on power hitting shortstops!
  3. Joey Gallo 2017 Outlook

    I never thought I'd be blown away by seeing that a player has batted .286 in his last 15 games.
  4. Matt Adams 2017 Outlook

    Well, Freeman is moving back to first. He's in left field today, but I'm not sure how much the Braves will want to play him out of position and who knows what will happen when Kemp comes back. I think the ride may be over.
  5. Jonathan Lucroy 2017 Outlook

    Yes, it's true that Globe Life Park is a good hitter's park. Ranked 5th this year actually. But you're underestimating just how hitter-friendly Coors is. The gap in park factor between #1 Coors and #5 Globe Life is the same as the gap between #5 Globe Life and #24 Petco Park. So going by park factors, Lucroy going from Arlington to Denver should have the same effect as him going from San Diego to Arlington.
  6. Alex Wood 2017 Outlook

    As an owner of both Wood and Scherzer, why wasn't I told that today was opposite day?
  7. Trevor Story 2017 Outlook

    I never said it was going well, I just said that there aren't any better options to drop him for if you went the route I did.
  8. Trevor Story 2017 Outlook

    Here's the thing: I drafted Story at the beginning of the season so I could get some power from the SS position. The market for power-hitting shortstops is barren. If someone like Gyorko or Owings was available, I'd gladly drop Story for them. But there's just no one available that can fill his role in my lineup, so I'll stick with the upside.
  9. Mookie Betts 2017 Outlook

    Don't disrespect Scooter like that.
  10. Mallex Smith 2017 Outlook

    This man tried to steal home!
  11. Jose Ramirez 2017 Outlook

    Dang, Jose's in the 3 hole and having a ball so far today.
  12. Whit Merrifield 2017 Outlook

    Eh, like I said earlier in the thread, I didn't exactly have high hopes for a leadoff-type hitter in the Royals lineup. I'll ride the prospect train from now on.
  13. Whit Merrifield 2017 Outlook

    Are you kidding me? I picked this guy up as a Segura replacement, and I finally dropped him today after I realized that he wasn't stealing anymore. And now he steals a base literally hours after I dropped him for not stealing. Sigh... At least he gave me a nice going-away present.
  14. Ryan Zimmerman 2017 Outlook

    Surely you don't think you're the only one who thinks this. I'm sure that as soon as people starting realizing that it wasn't just a hot start he got hit with tons of drug tests. I'm not sure you can get away with it anymore.