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  1. Any room in the Adam Frazier fan club? I'm full mast after today.
  2. Thanks, Terry.
  3. Same, went steals hunting with Maybin.
  4. I think the real concern here is that we're a quarter of the way through the season and he's only attempted to steal 3 times. Let's face it: in most leagues you can drop him and he'll still be there if he starts stealing.
  5. I would rank them in that order. I think it's possible we see a Chris Davis type season out of Bout. Maybin will be meh, but he'll get steals as long as he's healthy. Not really a fan of the other two.
  6. Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well, it's just hard to drop a Cubs pitcher in a wins league. I was actually considering dropping Shark even though I am very much aware of how good he's been because he has the MLB's worst run support.
  7. Drop any of the following for Severino? Or do I pass? Samardzija, Wood, Lackey, ERod Pitching cats are W, K, ERA, WHIP Yeah... I know. I've been lucky with SP this year.
  8. Bour should definitely be picked up IMO. If you want to drop a catcher go with McCann (PT concerns). I would be OK with dropping Suarez as well because I think he and Bour are similar players, but Bour will out-perform him.
  9. I certainly wouldn't be afraid to part with any of those guys to get Nunez. If Nunez will benefit your team, giving up an SP of that caliber (that can probably be replaced without too much difficulty) is a small price to pay.
  10. I'd say put a moratorium on transactions for the team on account of his inactivity/non-competitiveness. Voice your concerns and then allow him to explain himself to the league. Afterward, let the other owners decide what should happen with him (possibilities are: nothing if he has a good reason, closer scrutiny of his transactions, or straight up kicking him out now if you're sure he's going to leave anyway.)
  11. But... 2016: 3.81 FIP, 3.80 xFIP, 3.83 SIERA 2017: 4.94 FIP, 3.82 xFIP, 3.72 SIERA All of which take fielding into account. I'm pretty sure this year's FIP is so high because it doesn't take FB luck into account and Lackey has a 21.1% HR/FB.
  12. He really hasn't been hit harder than last year though. Soft%/Med%/Hard% 2016: 16.2 / 49.4 / 34.4 2017: 15.1 / 50.3 / 34.6
  13. Well if he's still the same pitcher he was last year, we shouldn't drop, right?
  14. What's wrong here? Exit velocity numbers are in line with last year, GB/FB is up, LD% is down. FB is down a tick, but was never high to begin with. Only real red flag I see is that OContact is way up. I'm just not sure why he's been so bad.
  15. Remember when we were ****ting on Colorado for the Tulowitzki trade?