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  1. Bump Draft is Sunday - Free entry into a 50 dollar league
  2. League has not drafted yet..The buying was $50. I cannot make the draft and do not do leagues that i cannot personally draft. Send your email and I will ask the commish to transfer my team to you. Email me at and let me know you want it. It is a 14 team h2h League on yahoo. Thanks
  3. I am interested and will compete everyday!!
  4. I would love an invite to this league. Thank you my email is
  5. I am interest in any openings that you have. Please send invite.
  6. i am very interested. Send me an invite, so I can take a look around. Thanks
  7. I only ask because I see 4 and it says 16. I dont want to pay if it is going to end up getting deleted or pushed back.
  8. just curious how many teams there are currently and how many teams there will be. Thanks
  9. I'll take an invite. Thanks