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  1. I would definitely not do that Sale is great Hamilton gonna get like 100 steals Allen is pretty good closer and bum will help you when he comes back Help with mine?
  2. Offer 3 then 1 then 2
  3. Idk you might not be able to get much more for Hosmer. I wouldnt go for any of them but if you had to go for Harvey. He's risky but he might just find his form. Maybe try to trade beltre or Reynolds. Help with mine?
  4. It's a 5x5 points league H2H
  5. Hey I just got an interesting trade offer Lester and Garcia For Hamilton and benintendi Idk I'm kinda high on benintendi and I think Garcia won't continue his hit streak My team is ok on offense and outfield especially since jd Martinez is back and I could use some starting pitching- I have roark pineda Santiago wacha and gio Thx in advance
  6. Yes I agree with above
  7. I say side B because I think Villar and Hendricks will be much better. It's close if cueto heats up but I think b plus maeda could turn a switch too. Help with mine?
  8. What do you guys think of this trade I give Freeman for roark and benintendi I already have solid 1b in Goldie and Hanley and I could use some starting pitching
  9. Pretty fair trade but I like the scherzer side too
  10. Idk but I'd hold Krod for a little but longer cuz he'll get more sv opportunities and he has lots of experience so I think he'll turn it around Unless you desperately need immediate points I'd keep him at least for a little longer
  11. C grandal 1b Freeman 2b pedroia Ss lindor 3b lamb 1b/3b Goldschmidt 2b/ss schoop 5 OF Braun, Harper, peraza, Hamilton, Polanco, Bench hanley (1b) castellanos(3b) morales (DH) DL JD Martinez Starting pitchers (pretty bad) gio pineda wacha gray Relief Diaz Miller Colonel melancon bush Thanks again
  12. Options for drop are Matt bush, hanley, pedroia, peraza, schoop Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
  13. I like Duffy better especially because of pitcher friendly Kauffman stadium. But idk if the other owner will trade him for Morales. Depends what your other pitcher is
  14. I say Liriano Has a strong k/9 against a high strikeout team. Should balance out his bad walk ratio. He's been inconsistent but I think he'll come through. Help with mine?
  15. Eickhoff