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  1. It's ultimately up to you and your team but I would do it...
  2. Maybe giles for sano
  3. Turner fo sure
  4. Maybe? I think maeda is still pretty good but if you can get pineda then I would do it
  5. Idk it's up to you But it also depends if you trust Sanchez or not. He's pitched way more than he should have last year and now has this lingering blister. I've also heard a lot of people expecting some regression from him this year.
  6. If Bruce is a big enough upgrade at OF for your team than I would do it Depends on your team needs
  7. Nah Felix can be a lot better and idk if pence is consistent enough
  8. I would do it because if losing devenski isn't too much of a problem, then Bundy isn't that much of a downgrade (plus Sanchez is already on DL) and then Bruce is gonna still be good
  9. 5*5 h2h points My Ian desmond for His Mark melancon And My Matt Kemp and Ian Kennedy for His pineda and peraza