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  1. Bumgarner, Hill or Gio?

    perhaps but gios stats were like that at the beginning of the year too and look where he is now. hill has better stuff but is very much prone to get hurt and because of that lad might rest him more to prepare for the playoffs. I think they are closer than it may seem
  2. yeah go with avila but just watch for hot streaks in the other catchers because other than perez or posey, most catchers aren't great offensively help with mine? thanks
  3. Deal Schoop? Or is he a keeper? Whir

    I agree schoop has been really good especially this season and I regret dropping him Rosario is definitely not proven yet so go with schoop help with mine? thanks
  4. Which SP to start ? WHIR

    hill only because lad has one of the best offenses ad sd has the worst help with mine? thanks
  5. Freeman for Conforto

    do it before he rescinds the offer help with mine?
  6. id say wacha and pomeranz wacha has been pretty solid all season and pomeranz has a good offense behind him gausman only because hes prone to huge blowup starts, which you want to avoid this time of season help with mine?
  7. 10 team H2H points So my trade deadline is today and i got offered: My Eduardo Nunez for His Tim Beckham and Brad peacock I'll have to drop neris Peacock for me would be a decent upgrade over neris and hopefully Beckham stays even close to this hot What do you guys think? Thanks
  8. Trade review - whir

    Seems pretty even to me but since you need saves then do it. Thanks for mine
  9. Crazy Trade? WHIR!

    Yea id do it. Especially since Sps aren't deep this year and pineda is iffy at best.
  10. SP Help Please WHIR

  11. Thames or Morales ROS, WHIR

    Maybe? Morales has really been underachieving. He's a consistent 300 hitter with risp but he's been so bad first half. Thames had a blazing start but has slowed down significantly. Brewers offense is still rly good and jays offense has potential but is iffy at best. Thanks
  12. Buy low on Arrieta?

    Maybe a good idea for two for one but u wouldn't think of arrieta as ace material. Definitely not what he was when he won cy young so don't give up too much. Your pitching is already pretty good so I would focus on offense imo. Thanks

    So I'm in 3rd place rn and it's a competitive race to first. H2h 10 team points. What do you think of my jd Martinez for his Marte and Téhéran? Ok Téhéran is inconsistent but maybe I could take a flier on him and hope he turns it around 2nd half. Matte has looked good in rehab and was 2nd round material at start of season. But idrk how to evaluate him. My OF is ok and pitching is ok too. Just a matter of the better side here. Thanks and leave your links if you want.
  14. 2017 Completed Trades Thread

    5*5 h2h points My Ian desmond for His Mark melancon And My Matt Kemp and Ian Kennedy for His pineda and peraza