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  1. Yea for sure carrasco is better than roark all day and bush is border level waiver wire player Thanks for mine
  2. 2nd for sure You're getting the 2 best players in that trade and an extra roster spot
  3. I just got offered My jd Martinez for his cueto and Chris Owings I'm in contention and I could use some decent pitching. But cueto hasnt been great this year and Martinez has. Owings isn't too great either. Do you guys think cueto can bounce back? Thx in advance.
  4. Agreed
  5. Seems fair. I would do it but depends obviously whether judge can keep it up
  6. Fulmer porcello or ray are your best bets
  7. I agree but it also depends on where you are in the standings. If you're probs gonna make playoffs then hold on to him. If you're on the fringe then you have to consider a trade. If you can get someone consistently good - like a Cruz springer or cano - it's like getting 100% springer for a 75% trout
  8. Idk about clevinger because theres a high chance he could do bad and even bring down your team If the team that you're versing is gonna be tough then take the risk with verlander If you want steady points then go with rivero
  9. I just got offered my jd Martinez for his Bundy and Bautista. I'm not rly sure what to do obviously Martinez won't be this good but idk how good Bautista will be. I could also use some pitchers and positioning won't be a problem I also got offered Santana and bundy for Martinez but idk if that's any better Thanks in advance and leave your link if you need help
  10. Go with triggs or guerra
  11. I like them both. I think you're right about Segura losing some value not in Arizona and I do like Andrus. I say it's whoever you think but I'd go for Andrus.
  12. I think you should do it. Im not very high on Paxton and trout will bolster your playoff chances. He's one of the best players in baseball Help with mine?
  13. I think number 2 is better but keep in mind Kemp is in his decline
  14. Depends if you want to win now or not Puig and carpenter have most upside right now but in a few years franco and hader will be a lot better Thx for helping with mine already
  15. I just got offered in my 5*5 h2h league My lindor for his cueto and owings I could use some pitching because I only have pineda, roark and nova and others and my offense is pretty good with Harper, Goldschmidt, jd Martinez, lamb, Braun Hamilton.. Thx in advance and any advice would be helpful