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  1. I will reiterate my approval of Neris from my earlier post. Got the save yesterday. Been great since his first appearance. Add now before the save vultures start picking him up!
  2. Strange, STLstud55@yahoo.com or if for some reason that doesn’t work again send it to CJSiebert05@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. Bench and extended!! He's not sure how to feel... along with everyone else
  4. Think it might be a little early in the season to say hes selling out for power, based off those stats. Let's give it at least a week or 2 or more before we come to that conclusion.
  5. I'll take over for team 2 please, NL East is fire. email: stlstud55@yahoo.com I'll start immediately
  6. He started today... time to cut him😉
  7. J Gray every time. Looked lights out last start
  8. If you can’t DL scooter I would pick up McNeil for him. Will probably be out for a 2-3 months if not longer. McNeil needs to be owner either way he will soon have 2b,3b,&of eligibility and he has a great shot at hitting .300 with decent sb/hr. Grab him before it’s too late! You can always pick scooter back up onto your DL once other guys get back, assuming no one else does. Winker has elite on base skills and looking at your league format he needs to be owned. Stay patient with him for awhile longer.
  9. Looks like he’s done for the night. Finishes with 5ip 4h 2er (1 from wild pitch) and a 8/1 k/bb. He had 19 whiffs on 87 pitches! That’s a 21.8 swstr% guys. Elite! SSS, of course, with one game but he was dominant in that regard last year, fangraphs showing just a 11.6% but remember it being better at one point. Can’t seem to find splits for swstr%.
  10. MLB.tv broadcast actually said he’s called the Flying Squirrel!
  11. Going to be interesting to see how the cardinals defense will align in the bottom of 11. Carp ejected and no more bench players. Munoz will probly go to 3B and wieters or yadi to the OF! Or maybe yadi at 3B? Going to be interesting. Carp CANNOT get ejected there. Didn’t see it live but cmon man!
  12. If he stays healthy he should have a good year. I can see something like a 15/15 season if he stays healthy with maybe 140ish r+rbis and a .280-.300 BA as his ceiling this year especially if he can move up a spot or two in the batting order. He’s been on the verge of putting it all together before but seems to always get hurt as soon as he gets going. 2017 Was his best year and really one of the only years he’s been healthy and he hit .285 with .788 OPS. Not too shabby. I think 15hr is his absolute ceiling I just can’t see anymore than that. The most he’s ever had in a season was 12 back in 2014 over just 113 games so there’s some sneaky pop there. That same year he swiped 20 bags so he definitely has the speed and potential to eclipse that number. Shildt is more willing to the cards than Matheny was, and with him being at the bottom of the lineup should help increase that total. He’s a pretty “safe” bet, and I use that term lightly, to bat in the .280 range due to his contact% and low swstr%. His career contact% is 82.6% as opposed to his career swstr% of just 7.1% which each have been well above average each season. His spot in the lineup is as safe as anyone’s due to his Elite defense and no one really behind him fighting for ABs. The options for the cards are Drew Robinson, Yaior Munoz, and Gyorko when he returns. Only Gyorko would be of concern here but even then as long as Wong isn’t absolutely abysmal his defense will keep him in there. I think he’s a decent pickup if you can afford the room. Could be a nice avg/speed guy this year but don’t expect him to hit 2 bombs every game or even come close to that.
  13. Very surprised to see anyone yet to mention this guy: Hector Neris He was absolutely DOMINANT in the second half of last year. Don’t believe me? Look at these numbers from the second half and where they rank among relievers with @ least 15 ip: 2.04 ERA (30th) 0.05 FIP (1st) 1.17 xFIP (1st) 1.14 SIERA (1st) 17.83 K/9 (2nd) 43.5 K-BB% (1st) 20.1 SwStr% (1st) 57.4 Contact% (2nd) Now I completely understand this is a fairly small sample size at just 17.2 IP, but no one could come close to touching this guy in the second half. I owned him down the stretch and he racked up quality innings and tons of Ks with some saves as well. For those in holds leagues I would pick up ASAP, he’s only owned in 2% of yahoo leagues but I foresee that changing quickly if he picks up where he left off! He could even see some save chances if D-Rob falters early on. Go grab him!
  14. Looking deeper here... In 26.2 ip as a reliever last year: 27.9% k-bb% (13th best among all relievers with at least 20ip) 2.03/2.26/2.34/2.16 ERA/FIP/xFIP/SIERA (21st,10th,5th,7th) however these cane with some less than impressive numbers: 11.9 swstr% & 74.9 contact% SSS on not those ERA and estimators are pretty legit, couple these with his k-bb% and it seems Woodruff could be a pretty legit pitcher, or at least reliever... He had an even smaller sample size as a a starter accumulating 15.2 ip through 4 starts: An absurd 12.5% bb% and just a 5.6 k-bb%!!! ERA and all other estimators were over 5! Not sure what (if anything) he does differently as a reliever and a starter but it seems as if his bad starting numbers could be chalked up to one bad start... and you guessed it, at Coors! Not sure where to find stats on first, second, etc. times through a lineup but would love to dig deeper to see if that’s at all an issue. Either way, his numbers as a reliever, SSS or not, are intriguing enough to take a flier on him as a starter. If he can even come close to those numbers he will be a steal! (source: Fangrpahs.com)