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  1. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    My opponent had Gurley and picked up his handcuff Kelly once Brown went down, yet I beat him to the punch and picked up CJ. While I wasn't brave enough to start CJ (started Ingram instead for safety purposes), my opponent was forced to start Kelly once Gurley was ruled out. Kelly scored 5.90 for him. CJ would've gotten him (or me) 23.20. A 17.3 point differential. I won my matchup by +10.72 points. A successful block on my part and darn proud of it!
  2. C.J. Anderson 2018 Outlook

    Same CJ vs Ingram dilemma. I have to decide now because i start work. Flip flopping since Gurley was ruled out. Going w the safety in Ingram.
  3. Eric Ebron 2018 Outlook

    I, on the other hand, own all of Ebron, Hilton and Luck. While Hilton hit his floor, Luck and Ebron were well beneath it. I'd be more upset about this, but I still won my playoff matchup, albeit by the skin of my teeth. So I'm glad and hoping that they all bottomed out this week and bounce back next week. Have to ride or die with Ebron!
  4. DAL @ IND Game Thread

    My Luck + Ebron stack isn't going to get it done for me today. Have TY also but I won't complain about him.
  5. Damien Williams 2018 Outlook

    It's just about go time! Lol at so many of us that have this Williams vs Ingram dilemma. Let's do this, my brothers and sisters. Ride or die together on the Williams train. However, I may end up seeing you all later in the Vent and Rant thread with a bucket of bleach prepared.
  6. Damien Williams 2018 Outlook

    What a highly stressful and anxiety-filled pre-game Thursday! I've lost count of how many times I've refreshed/checked in on this thread as to whether or not to start this guy (between him and Ingram, yes I'm in that boat too). Between this and Jackson/Gordon on the Chargers, I don't know how much more of this I can take! Granted, if I lose this week, then my season is done and I'll be put out of this misery.
  7. Christian McCaffrey 2018 Outlook

    I have this dilemma in my league (1 point PPR), in which we keep one player. I have both Elliott and McCaffrey. This is going to be a tough one right up until I have to decide. I'm actually leaning towards McC, but we'll see what happens ... maybe something will change my mind or reinforce my current stance.
  8. Kenyan Drake 2018 Outlook

    Bye weeks + injuries + RB wasteland on waivers = fire him up Scoured all week for another/better option but am going to go with the Drake tonight. God hates us all.
  9. Tampa Bay Rays 2018 Outlook

    Let's update that depth chart!
  10. Tampa Bay Rays 2018 Outlook

    Really liking the looks of their starting pitching depth chart after the Eovaldi trade!
  11. Josh Donaldson 2018 Outlook

    With his upcoming FA value nearly being entirely tanked, wondering if Donaldson and his agent are hoping, perhaps in part, that he isn't traded (as unlikely as it may be) so that he would at least have a QO to fall back on (Jays would, in all likelihood, still offer up a QO to him).
  12. Avisail Garcia 2018 Outlook

    And takes his first BB of the season to boot!
  13. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    Lovely Sunday afternoon so far. Thank goodness for Springer of rain.
  14. June Closer Thread 2018

    Not happening. Yankees have realistic WS aspirations, Betances can become unreliable at the snap of a finger (remember last year's playoffs, among other instances?), Kahnle is in the minors and may not become effective at all if/when he is recalled and Green doesn't have closing experience and is excelling in the role he is currently in. Robertson would be next in line if something happens to Chapman and that's how it's going to be the rest of the way. That would be the reason for a stash, not because of him being moved.
  15. May Closer Thread 2018

    Jays up 6-3 over the Phillies. - Oh in the 7th - Clippard warming up for the 8th *Loup may come in to face Odubel and maybe to turn Santana around Loup not warming up; inning is all Clippard's. - Tepera likely to get the save opp if this lead holds