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  1. maybe after Snell?I haven't read anything
  2. What are your thoughts on Pruitt following Glasnow. He's been very effective as bulk and is due for some innings.
  3. I'm interested althought he commish does appear that he is no longer checking in here?
  4. I'm interested, but you may want to consider one thing. It's a major league and minor league snake drafts with random order. You should do the minor league draft directily opposite order of the major league draft. Example, owners that gets Trout at #1 in MLB draft should be picking #16 in MILB draft. Random or not, an owner can get the #1-4 selection in the major league draft and then #1-4 selection in the minor league draft and have HUGE advantages...Trout/Vlad, Betts/Eloy, etc....Conversely those owners than randomly get placed in the bottom quartile in both drafts are playing from behind. You change this and I'll join. Just a huge point of contention and issues with owners after the random draft order is set....
  5. I'm interested, Dynasty right?
  6. Looking to add one more league ASAP before ST. Prefer dynasty/H2H/auction with major and minor roster. Has to be OVER $100 FEE. I prefer Fantrax but am open minded. Email me at
  7. Let's get this going guys, its a great constitution!
  8. I'll join if it's dynasty...