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  1. Brian Dozier 2018 Outlook

    How many have cut him? I am thinking with the last few weeks left in the season...
  2. Keep Andujar, Torres, or Soto? Pick 2

    Keep Torres and Soto! It's easy.
  3. Myers?

    I had made a similar post recently regarding Myers. I dropped him yesterday...
  4. Looking for opinion on a league rule

    Sorry, I'm curious - what's GS?
  5. I would definitely pickup Turner! He's going to be great down the stretch. Thanks for help with mine.
  6. Wil Myers Droppable?

    Thanks. It's a 11 team keeper with 5 bench spots. I guess I will hang on to him for a while.
  7. Wil Myers Droppable?

    Is Wil Myers Droppable? Dude hasn't done much recently.
  8. August Closer Thread 2018

    Any idea when Morrow is coming back?
  9. Shady Trady

    If it's a free league, drop all your players right now and send him a message that you don't care about that league. Let them have the players you currently have.
  10. Shady Trady

    As Jonathan said, I stopped reading after I read somebody traded Mike Trout. Then I skimmed through the post and saw more names like Judge, Goldy, Benintendi, Acuna, Soto, Paxton, etc getting traded. Who trades away players like that? It appears to me that he probably owns a bunch of teams under different names. Shady all the way.
  11. Trade Ray for Albies?

    I would make the deal and slot Albies instead of Muncy
  12. I think you have overused the word "moron" imo. Just take it easy. Every league is different and the league rule is already in place. What you don't understand is that there are other owners who are in top 5 that are willing to make the move. Anyway, I appreciate your point of view.
  13. I'm with you but 2/3rd of the season is over. He will have my first round pick for an entire year next year. I'm not saying it's fair, however, someone else will do it and they very well might beat my offer.
  14. Bregman - WHIR

    Hell yeah you should! Offer him Bogaerts alone or in combination with Muncy or something.
  15. That was exactly my concern so I opposed the future picks trade. However, the league is voting to be as a practice. I think it's totally unfair. However, I was told that if I don't do it, someone else might. And the feedback I received was the this kind of stuff happens in real baseball. So here I am trying to decide what's best. This trade will not get vetoed. If 2 parties agree, the Commish doesn't veto any trade. I am giving up my first round pick which is huge!