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  1. Trade: Albies for Gary Sanchez?

    Sorry, I have Dozier and Gleyber Torres. Here's the lineup C - no catcher, 1B - Goldy, 2B - Albies, 3B - J Turner, SS - T Turner, 2B/SS - Dozier, 1B/3B - Encarnacion, LF - Hoskins, CF - Acuna, RF - Dustin Fowler, OF - Meadows, OF - Tyler O'Neill, UTIL - Gleyber Torres Bench - Healy, Cruz DL - Pollock, Sano Cats are: R, HR, RBI, SB, K, OBP, SLG
  2. Would you rather have Machado or Arenado?

    Thanks for help with mine. Blackmon is the best player in the deal. You will take a hit in OF. I would hold on to Blackmon.
  3. 10 team redraft, 7x7 cat. I give: Albies, Joe Kelly I get: Gary Sanche Should I do this? Holds is a cat but I think I can replace Joe Kelly. WHIR!
  4. Is Kingham Droppable?

    Thanks, cdd10! Anyone else?
  5. Is Kingham Droppable?

    In a 4 keeper league. I could use other players on the waivers.
  6. help a newbie with his team

    It would help if you can post which players you primarily use for each position (except SP of course). That way, you can analyze which bench players you can replace or change. I usually try to keep the batters to a minimum. Your goal should be to fill all those P and RP spots everyday with a RP that will either give you holds or saves and an occasional win. You can also find a RP (eligibility: SP, RP) that you can slot into the SP spot who can provide you more holds/wins (there are very few of these, Seth Lugo, Brad Peacock for instance). And then you can keep enough SPs that you can compete with on a weekly basis. Hope this helps. Perhaps someone else has a different/better opinion...
  7. I picked Trout. It's an ESPN, 11 team, Roto R, HR, RBI, SB, Avg W, K, ERA, WHIP, SV
  8. I picked Trout. It's an ESPN, 11 team, Roto R, HR, RBI, SB, Avg W, K, ERA, WHIP, SV
  9. I got the first pick! So torn between Altuve and Trout. Who would you go with?
  10. Keep 4...Please help! WHIR!

    Thank you!
  11. Keep 4...Please help! WHIR!

  12. I joined a new keeper league - basically inherited one team as one of the owners left the league. I am very new to keeper league of any sorts and I am still trying to understand it fully. League hasn't drafted yet. Please help me pick 4 out of the following 5: Gallo (round 14) W Myers (round 12) Yelich (round 5) Robbie Ray (round 14) Paxton (round 14) It's an ESPN, 11 team, 5x5, roto with these - Batting: AVG, HR, R, RBI, SB Pitching: W, K, ERA, WHIP, SV
  13. Please rank these 1Bs. (Whir)

    Olson, Bird, LoMo, and Hanley.
  14. Holland/Doolittle/Hand ROS

    You already know the answer If it was one out of those, I'd go with Doolittle.