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  1. No way anyone offered you the original trade. Did you accept it?
  2. I believe if you owned a player on May 19th, those stats will be added retroactively for that day.
  3. Is he up at the beginning of next season or after the Super 2 deadline has passed?
  4. I gave up on him in my keeper league. I can only keep 4 and I have others I can keep.
  5. He is listed as the starter. Not bulking.
  6. Thank you for help with mine. This was a lot of information to process. But I would make the deal if I were you. 1.3 and 1.9 are valuable!
  7. This is interesting: Manager Dave Roberts recently acknowledged that Lux has earned an opportunity to join the team when rosters expand in September, in some capacity. That could mean that Lux joins the team in a "ride-along" scenario; traveling and taking part in team activities but not as a member of the active roster (and not playing in games). Los Angeles took a similar approach with Will Smith -- who is now the team's starting catcher -- at the end of last season. Lux is slashing .356/.427/.627 with 24 home runs across two minor-league stops this year and appears to be a big part of the Dodgers' future plans.
  8. I'd go WR/WR with 3 WR....Davante and Juju. Thanks for help with mine.
  9. Looks like majority consensus is Barkley. Thanks guys!
  10. Thank you for sharing this. Standard deviation and average fantasy points is definitely a good way to analyze the numbers. Given the average points of Gurley were the highest with the SD being very close to Barkley, one could argue that he was the best but given his injury late in the season, there are some doubts. At this point, I am deciding between Barkley and Kamara but leaning towards Barkley by a hair.
  11. I got the #1 overall pick in draft. 10 team PPR standard format. I just want to see what the opinion is regarding who you would take at #1 this year.