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  1. Tyreek Hill for Marlon Mack

    It would be an upgrade at WR for sure compared to Cooks. I would.
  2. Tyreek Hill for Marlon Mack

    Never mind, I see your team.
  3. Tyreek Hill for Marlon Mack

    You have solid RBs. Depends on who you got at WR.
  4. Tyreek Hill for Marlon Mack

    Done. I made this trade!
  5. Trade ideas? WHIR 100%

    I'd say it's worth offering but I'd be surprised if he accepts the trade. Those are two elite WRs.
  6. Marlon Mack for Tyreek Hill

    I have been offered exactly the same deal - give Mack and receive Hill. Looks like his groin is OK and I am thinking of accepting the offer before it expires tonight.
  7. Tyreek Hill for Marlon Mack

    Thanks! I posted in your thread. Fitz.
  8. WW help Fitz or Carr?

    I second Fitz as well. OAK offense has been unimpressive.
  9. Tyreek Hill for Marlon Mack

    Yeah a bit worried about Tyreek's injury. Waiting on the details to come out.
  10. Tyreek Hill for Marlon Mack

  11. Tyreek Hill for Marlon Mack

    Thanks! I just replied to your post.
  12. Let's try this again....

    He clearly needs RB help. I disagree with people who say Julio is not valuable. I'm thinking this year. I'd trade Kerryon and maybe a 2nd RD pick AND hope Aaron Jones gets you 15 points a game.
  13. Tyreek Hill for Marlon Mack

    Thank you! I know! It leaves me thin on RB. I do have Edelman too that I didn't mention and I traded him for Aaron Rodgers (don't ask me why because I don't remember I made that trade ). Now I have 3 QBs - Brady, Rodgers, and Russell.
  14. I get: Tyreek. I give: Mack in a 10 team auction PPR league. QB Brady RB Kamara RB Lindsay WR Davante WR Juju TE Graham Flex Tate Bench: Wilson, Carson, Mack, Hooper, Keke
  15. Keep 5 forever WHIR

    3B- Machado SS- Trea Turner OF- Benintendi OF- Eloy Jimenez OF- Soto