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  1. Well his BABIP is .256. The 2 years before it was .319 and .333. That explains his mediocre average.
  2. Was this actually reported anywhere? You’d think they want him pitching full games before playoffs start to get him in groove
  3. How legit of a runner is he? In 251 AB's he has 8 SB's. Is he a 20-25 SB guy if he plays full time? That plus his homers plus playing with Mike Trout may is a great combo.
  4. Another homer. Gonna get over 20 with less than 300 AB’s
  5. How so? Look at Ohtani's batted ball numbers compared to Pederson. Ohtani's are in the elite category, he just needs to lower strikeouts. It's also his first year in majors and he was trying to pitch the first half of season too and has never really been able to focus on hitting. Last month (47 AB's) he's batting .347, 1.127 OPS. 6 homers. His swing is beautiful.
  6. Maybe he should just give up pitching.... 4-4 with 2 homers and a stolen base tonight. Guy could be an top 5 caliber hitter if he focused on it. He could save his arm till he’s older and pitch till he’s 40 once he’s through with his prime hitting
  7. I doubt it considering it sounds like the Jays will be willing to pay almost his whole salary. At this point they are just seeing who will force them to pay the least
  9. Why are we sure he's not 100%? JD has no incentive to get out there before he's ready and potentially look bad. He probably doesn't care whether he's traded.
  10. If they can get something decent (relatively) for him why not? They might be afraid to make him a QO next year anyway.
  11. What teams might be interested? Anyone need a 3rd basemen? Any chance he gets traded to a team that doesn't need him as a full time starter?
  12. Foreal. Last 30 days he’s had 65 AB’s with 6 homers (1st on team with fewer ABs than everyone) and a .906 OPS (2nd on team). .231 avg isn’t great but let’s compare that to Kemp or Dozier or Peterson or Taylor.
  13. And another. Plus a single and a run earlier. Also they have him leading off?! Thats gotta be a good sign
  14. He needs to be compared to Dozier as well.
  15. Only because of where he is in the lineup now. He would get plenty of R’s and RBI’s hitting where he used to hit. Is there a big difference in Dozier’s and Muncy’s defense? Otherwise there’s really no reason for Dozier to be full time.