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  1. I think Donaldson at that price is a steal if he can somehow stay healthy. That being said, Paxton is still a much better haul, even as a fly ball pitcher playing in Yankee Stadium. Don't do it.
  2. 2019 Positional Depth

    I think there are a lot of high end shortstops this year, but after the high end guys it drops off really hard; I am making sure that I get a SS in the first 4 rounds. 1B is obviously the biggest s--- show. Goldy/Freeman/Rizzo/Carp/Votto is really the elite tier here, and all of them have a fair amount of question marks going forward. If one of them falls into my lap I would gladly scoop them up, but otherwise I personally am aiming for the lower tier of value and hoping they will pay out. 2B seems really thin. After Altuve and Baez there are a lot of "maybes" who could be in that high end discussion, but also could easily fall into more obscurity. I am not excited to draft any of them unless I can nab Altuve or Baez in the mid-late 2nd/early 3rd by happenstance. 3B looks solid to me. There are a lot of players with multi-position eligibility who might be better fitted into another spot in your lineup, but otherwise there is a decent amount of talent. OF is basically what it has always been. A lot of players, and decently deep. After a certain point, they all seem pretty similar and are interchangeable names, so don't reach to find your last starter in a standard 3 OF league. Catcher is pretty weird. There are probably 10 or 11 guys I would feel alright about having, but I wouldn't reach for any of them unless it just made sense to grab them in a snake. In a 12 teamer, I wouldn't want to be the last guy to get a catcher, but I also wouldn't want to be the first.
  3. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    I like the idea of everyone having the fairest schedule, but I hate the idea of starting the playoffs before the BYEs are all over with. Injuries and other situations aside, it just seems like the playoffs should fundamentally be "my best lineup vs the other person's best lineup" and BYEs really interfere with that. I believe you could do something like that if you use CBS, but definitely not ESPN or Yahoo. The smaller platforms often have some different customization as well.
  4. I want to see who will end up being SPRPs on most platforms next year. Any information would help; thank you!
  5. Paul Goldschmidt 2019 Outlook

    His home numbers faltered basically in line with the humidor, so one could wonder if this is going to be an upgrade for a home park for him. He will be in a stronger lineup for sure compared to what the Dbacks will look like in 2019, and it should be a stronger lineup than the 2018 Dbacks as well. He won't play as many games at Coors, but there are a couple of good hitters parks in the NL Central and he won't be actively playing against too many ace starters. His place in the hitting order should be virtually identical. I think his age is the biggest question mark, but otherwise he will still be projected just slightly higher for next season, and it shouldn't affect his ADP unless the Cardinals pick up another big bat.
  6. Jones, Michel, Samuels, Miller, Ware, Ekeler
  7. ESPN standard QB scoring. Ryan v BAL Watson v CLE Baltimore’s defense is real tough, and Watson has been looking good out there. Who would you prefer to start?
  8. Edwards and Carson unless Edwards looks hurt.
  9. Should I add Ware. WHIR!!

    I would drop Sony. At any given time this season, either Ware or Hunt will be better than Sony. Sony won’t crack your starting lineup unless two of your other guys are out.
  10. Spencer Ware

    Yes. He is your flex this week.
  11. Pick three WRs

    Sutton, Pettis, MVS. If for some reason Cobb doesn't play this weekend, Conley should go in over MVS. MVS should be great again once he gets out of the slot though.
  12. 0.5 PPR I was going to give Edwards the nudge unless his injury looked any more serious, but now Ware throws another wrench into my RB2 options. Who do you prefer if Hunt sits? I am in my playoff semifinals this week. Thanks,
  13. WR/TE Lineup Decision. WHIR

    I mostly agree with this, but I would rather start Gordon than Godwin.
  14. PICK 2 RB's WHIR

    Edwards and Adams.
  15. DJ and Chubb in PPR. I would have said Lindsay over Chubb in standard. Regardless all 3 of those are very close. Mixon is the odd one out.