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  1. With that logic, really the player who is being displaced is Jedd Gyorko as opposed to Jose Martinez, as there isn't really a scenario where Martinez would have been the everyday 1b over putting Carp there and having Gyorko on 3b. Splitting hairs, but Gyorko is closer to a 3 WAR player with everyday playing time, making the arguement of upgrade value negligible between Goldy and Realmuto.
  2. Aaron Nola 2019 Outlook

    I agree that there are a lot of things to be happy about for Nola from this offseason, but I would be a little hesitant to say that the increased defense will be reason for a "step forward" compared to last year, as he got astonishingly lucky from a defensive standpoint last year. It would be fantastic if the defense could perform as well as last year for him, which is what we should be optimistic for with the better defensive players in the lineup.
  3. Universal DH thread

    As the teams stand right now, who do you think would get the biggest value boost on each team with the DH implemented? Atlanta- perhaps a combination of Donaldson/Riley if it could mean calling up the prospect and Donaldson seeing time at DH for his health Washington- Eaton/Taylor for perhaps the same reason if Eaton can stay healthy and get some DH at bats. Maybe Kieboom if he pushes his way into the majors and can get some playing time in spite of the crowded IF. Philadelphia- Quinn and/or Kingery seeing as either of them would be big defensive upgrades and could see more playing time Mets- Mcneil and/or Alonso Miami- yeah, nothing to see here. Milwaukee- maybe Thames gets the at bats? Chicago- could mean a clearer path to Schwarbs or Happ figuring out how to hit well consistently. or Bote getting some time St Louis- Jose Martinez no question Pittsburgh- unsure Cincinnati- Winker, Kemp, Senzel LA- Pederson/Verdugo Colorado- Hampson/McMahon I would think. maybe Dahl if it helps him stay healthy Arizona- unsure San Francisco- unsure San Diego- Franmil/Renfroe/Cordero/Margot
  4. Universal DH thread

    Dipoto is rubbing his palms together maniacally at the idea that the entire NL will start bidding to trade for Encarnacion. And let's not forget about Jose Martinez who might actually have a job now.
  5. I don't mean for this to become some sort of off-topic semantics debate, but again, there was never a statement made nor any real evidence to assume that they wanted to change the way that Ohtani was handled going forward. Yes, they said initially that there were time restraints that were factored into making him two separate players, but it was purely speculation that they would go back on their initial decision retroactively if they had another season to do so. If they had this entire period of time to mess with the coding to figure out how to make him just one player similar to other platforms before he entered the database at all, it may have gone differently. But he is already there now, and is on fantasy teams. It was 100% speculation that they might try to merge the two players into one, and that thinking had no real backing at all. Fantasy owners in leagues with keepers should treat him accordingly: assume that nothing is going to change, and the two Ohtanis have separate keeper values as they do in this moment. That being said, it would be wise to speak with the league to determine what would happen if the platform decided to change the ruling, and to potentially have a backup plan for your own team if you lost a version of Ohtani on your keeper roster. I would think that now that Yahoo is live for 2019 and it has been made obvious that nothing will change for this season, it makes it even less likely that anything will be different in the future. The only thing that may account for a change in Ohtani's valuation on the platform would be a more widespread paradigm shift in baseball in which there were more cases of two-way players being relevant in the league. If there were another few teams utilizing a similar type of player, it may force Yahoo's hand to reassess their decision and potentially break Ohtani in some keeper leagues.
  6. Honestly I don't understand all of the disappointment regarding Yahoo's treatment of Ohtani in the sense that there was NEVER any indication that they would change how they handled him for fantasy. Yes, it isn't as valuable for fantasy owners, and it seems silly to split him into two separate players, but that was how he was implemented last year, and they never made any comments implying that they were working to change it. Ohtani is working as intended, and it would potentially be even more controversial if they changed the functionality now that he has already been added into their database as two players. If you dislike that aspect more than you like the platform as a whole, then it is within your freedom to switch to a different platform and determine Ohtani keeper rulings yourself.
  7. Mike Soroka 2019 Outlook

    Really depends if he wins a rotation spot or not. If he is a starter (over Toussaint, potential Keuchel signing, ect.) then he will be a top 40-50 option going into the season for me with upside to be more impactful.
  8. Nelson or Darvish

    Definitely Darvish. Before last year (which I am disregarding on a basis of the data sample due to very apparent injuries), he has never had higher than a high 3s FIP with 10ish+ K/9, and he has high 100s/low 200s innings upside. Obviously the recurring injury concern is there, but no more than Nelson, and beyond injury risks there have yet to be any real performance risks if you consider him an SP5 with SP2 upside.
  9. Keep Soto, Acuna, or Vladimir? WHIR

    I think of the group, it would be most likely to get Soto back #4 overall, and I think you would want to do that. I love Arenado, but in a keeper league I would prefer Vlad and Acuna. As it is I would be slightly scared in a redraft league that Arenado could get traded at the deadline if the Rockies aren't in a good place. Even considering he would go to a contender, it would have to be a downgrade no matter where he goes except for maybe the Yankees (in the off chance that they want to pay for another infielder at the deadline). If you can land Soto with your #4 pick, I think there is a damn good chance that between Vlad, Acuna, and Soto, they establish a bit more clarity which is the stronger long-term pick this season, and you will have at least one top 5 2020+ player.
  10. Collin McHugh 2019 Outlook

    I wouldn’t expect him to maintain the velocity as a starter, but he doesn’t necessarily have to. He was a solid middle of the rotation starter before he was put into the pen, and he has been developing that slider into a weapon ever since he started working with it with Peacock a couple of years ago, making him more formidable. I agree that I wouldn’t invest higher than SP5 value in a standard league, but considering he is the 97th pitcher off of the board since the beginning of January, no one will need to reach for him if they want him. He is a solid sleeper pick.
  11. Trade Acuna

    So Acuna for 2 and potentially Verlander for 3 for Trout for 3? Obviously that’s much closer to fair. That might be an actual judgement call, but I think I would still stay put.
  12. Trade Acuna

    Not a chance. I am not certain that Bregman, Harper, or Goldy will be better than Acuna this year (or the following year). Certainly Acuna(2 yr) AND Verlander/Story/Davis/Votto/Seager(3 yr) are more valuable than Bregman/Harper/Goldschmidt(3 yer) alone.
  13. Ronald Acuna 2019 Outlook

    Obviously I agree, but regardless of how flawed he is, I think he is one of Atlanta's best hitters (better than Inciarte, Markakis, Dansby, McCann/Flowers), so I can't imagine him falling to the bottom half of the lineup unless he has a miserably cold spell at some point of the season. He isn't a 3 or 4 spot hitter. It just makes sense to slot him in the top 2. The difference between him and Acuna is that whether they are hitting their floor or their ceiling, Acuna has a skillset that gives him more flexibility to be successful in different spots of the lineup, whereas Albies doesn't have that capability. EDIT: Would not actually be shocked if Inciarte hits better then Albies for an extended stretch of the season, and the lineup looks like like Inciarte - Acuna - Freeman - Donaldson - Markakis - Albies - Flowers - Swanson - Pitcher or something to that affect. I don't trust Albies' bat to be always lighting the world on fire. He definitely is seen as a youthful and productive investment for the future, and he will likely be at least reasonably productive for years to come, but he still has to grow into his body and refine his eye at the plate. The point I am making is moreso that as it stands, Albies will only drop out of the top 2 if he sinks into that hole himself. It is his to lose.
  14. Dahl or Aguilar?

    This is a bit of a polarizing decision, as I think that Dahl is the more talented of the two, but he has had such a small sample size in the majors to prove it, whereas Aguilar had a stellar breakout season with underlying metrics to support it. I view Aguilar as a potential flash in the pan hitter who is irrelevant by this time next year, and yet he has a larger sample of success than Dahl, so maybe my opinion is misguided.