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  1. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    I was behind by 8 Fpts tonight with only Davante Adams in play at the bottom of the 4th. With 1:55 left on the clock, Adams got his second TD of the day for exactly 8.1 fpts in 0.5 PPR. This has been the best MNF for me ever.
  2. Um, yes. You have enough relative depth at both rb and wr for positions to not be a huge factor. Hopkins is more valuable than DJ. Gronk is more valuable than Rudolph. Ekeler and Crabtree are close enough, and neither is really a deal maker or breaker.
  3. Perhaps I should have looked at the targets before making my assumptions. Production-wise, Shepard has been much better since Engram got hurt, but he hasn't necessarily seen considerably more targets in that span. 7 and 5 targets respectively in the first two games with a healthy Engram, then 7 and 10 in the two games he played entirely without Engram. As far as target share, it looks like he actually saw a slightly higher % of total pass attempts with Engram in than otherwise. His only TDs were without Engram, however, so that sort of usage may be the real thing to watch.
  4. Thank you for your insight. I think I agree with you, but I am worried about Shepard given his lack of production before Engram was injured, and now Latimer could play as well who could very partially take away from targets. I think all three of my options are largely uncertainties. Of course, I also have Cooper, Drake, and Collins, but they aren't any more reliable. One of these players will have a 20+ point week and will definitely be on my bench.
  5. Which side? Whir

    I like Woods/White, but this is a fair trade that I think is relatively even.
  6. 0.5 PPR I snagged both of them because RB is such slim pickings and I wanted to see which one ends up emerging as the top dog of the committee (assuming the Eagles don't make a trade happen). Initially the consensus was that Smallwood would see more work on Thursday because of Clement's injury, but perhaps Clement is actually reasonably healthy for the game now. Would you still want Smallwood at flex over Clement if you were me? My other option would be Shepard, but I think I might want to bench him if Engram is back to see how that affects his targets. Thanks,
  7. RB waivers WHIR

    In that case, I would burn a #5 waiver on Mack probably in this deep of a league, but not Richard. I think I would rather hold out for a higher ceiling guy to get an opportunity who could actually make a bit of a difference over Richard.
  8. RB waivers WHIR

    I am not sure what the question is- I agree with your waiver priorities. Mack over Richards, and if there isn't anyone else available then there isn't a lot that you can do barring a trade.
  9. Just assume that trades aren't an option, because they largely are not. Thank you
  10. 10 owner, 0.5 PPR Burton is my backup TE behind Rudolph. I have checked the trade market, and no one is high on him. Engram is coming back soon, so Shepard will see less production in the near future, but for this week he should still be startable. Would you rather drop Shepard preemptively to Engram's return, or drop Burton and wait and see what happens with Engram's return? Thanks, WHIR with links
  11. I think that is more than enough value for Landry if you have a drop, and I would feel good about dropping Westbrook. Make it happen.
  12. Boyd vs Landry

    Yes, I would value Landry more than Boyd, especially going forward with Baker throwing.
  13. 0.5 PPR, 10 owner Who should be my priority add between the two? Allison is the second receiver in GB behind Adams (and I have Adams so it could function as a handcuff considering he has had a couple of injuries already this season), whereas Coutee looks great after his first two games as potentially the second receiver behind Hopkins in HOU. Rodgers and Watson are both going to be throwing a lot, so having the #2 could prove to be fruitful. I like the idea of having Adams' handcuff who is independently useful as well, but then if Rodgers can't stay healthy all season then it means both of them take a huge hit in value. Also, Allison has a few health concerns of his own. Coutee is much less proven, but so far has looked delightful in terms of targets and production, and being a touted rookie means that he could be seen as an asset to blossom in that offense. I don't know, what do you think?
  14. David Johnson Sony Michel

    Yeah, no. DJ's value has tanked a bit since the beginning of the season, but he is still the superior RB here. Michel isn't going to be getting this sort of production every week, and DJ has been just as good without even having a standout game yet, which for sure is incoming given his status in the offense. If anything, Rosen was utilizing him more than Bradford in his first game, and Wilks has been quoted about playing DJ more as well, so one can expect more production going forward than he had for the first 3 weeks. Stick with Johnson.
  15. 0.5 PPR, 10 owner Assuming Adams plays, my WR1&2 are Allen and Adams, but I am going with either Cooper or Shepard as my FLEX play. Shepard has seen as many targets with more production than even OBJ since Engram went down, so I am hesitant to sit him @ the Panthers. That being said, Amari is great sometimes, and I feel like this could be one of those times against the Chargers passing defense. Although I suppose he isn't allowed to have two big games in a row... Do you prefer one over the other? Thanks, WHIR with links 100%.