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  1. I suppose it could be that. But this reminds me of Chris Sale talking about his slider during the All-Star break last year. He said that he has two grips on the ball that causes two different slider movements. One grip causes a slower slider that he uses early in the count. The second slider has a tighter grip and moves quicker. The batter is deceived from the change of speeds between the two different sliders. He uses the quicker slider as his strikeout pitch. That demo blew my mind up. Hopefully, Fulmer is developing something along those lines.
  2. There is going to be a lot of over reaction theatre happening this week both here and in the sports media. But it will mostly be just that, over reaction to one game. I am not going to deny that he a number of throws that were wild. But there were throws that were perfectly placed that were not caught due to the receiver being interfered with, a good defensive play, or the receiver just dropping it. He had one TD overturned, and those PI calls turned into Gilislee TDs. The biggest problem is the injuries. Edelman is obvious. The lesser discussed injury is Malcolm Mitchell. It took them half of 2016, but they established an excellent rapport. Still though, Brady has made it work with just awful receivers before. It's just a matter of how long it takes for him to get on the same page. Everyone needs to relax a little bit. The Manning comparisons are laughable and lazy. Manning was half crippled in that final season and had lost the power in his throws. That was certainly not the case with Brady. I'd be curious of other age 40+ QBs have ever had a completion for as long as his 60 yard (in the air) as he did last night. The only commonality with those two right now is the age.