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  1. He hit an Homer off scrub Gio Gonzalez but was getting demolish by a real MLB pitchers like Tanaka. Thats why I don't get ST stats seriously
  2. Got him last year liked his stats and I just saw an article about him on fangraph "Swarmer snugly fits the mold of “high-minors pitcher with a robust strikeout-to-walk ratio (K/BB),” recording more than five times as many strikeouts as walks (25.2% K, 4.5% BB, 5.58 K/BB) since the start of the 2017 season (230 innings). In 2018 alone (against higher-quality opponents, to boot), those marks, respectively, improved to 26.2%, 4.1%, and 6.43."
  3. Rightly so because nobody wants to stay long term as a Jays with their fake turf so service time matters
  4. That bum needs to stop ******** SHOOTING GODDAMIT Killing my FG%!##!@@$@
  5. Junior Santos SP Mets Lazaro Estrada SP Jays Jonah Davis OF Pittsburgh Luis Toribio INF SF Nathan Eaton 2B KC Rochest Cruz 2B Cubs Bryce Bush 3B White Sox
  6. FTR Dominic Smith is having a better spring training than Alonso. #meaningless #rational #temperexpectations
  7. Kingery and Happ had a great 2018 spring training too. Look what they did in MLB season ... Spring training stats doesn't mean alot. Pitchers are just finding their groove and not going balls out ... Nick Ahmed Spring Training career stats are 286 AB with a .315 AVG. Never translated to the real season
  8. And some look at spring training stats like it means success. Look at Ian Happ last year.
  9. Spring training doesn't mean anything. Look at Kingery , Happ ect ... Hence Nick Ahmed as a Spring training Career batting average of .318 lol