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  1. Anyone know why Trout is DTD on yahoo?
  2. Tiitle says it all, I need to drop one of these 3 guys. Nimmo was on FIRE before his DL stint and has only played 2 games since returning, so hard to tell if he'll continue his hot streak. Mallex also on FIRE before his DL, and should be back very soon. Pham has been frustrating but has had 3 great games after a short absence. All have high ceilings. Who is likely to crush it ROS?
  3. Official team estimate is 4-6 weeks. "Bauer, who believes he'll return earlier than the team's timetable..." 4 weeks is the second week of most playoffs. If he beats that, it'll be insane. Hold on your DL if you can.
  4. HBP on his finger that looks pretttttty bad
  5. I want to challenge the notion that he has been crap this year. Most of his metrics are much closer to his 2016 season than 2017. The numbers below suggest he's worth a flier, he looks nothing like he did last year. Stats below follow this format: 2016 -> 2017 -> 2018 Hard Contact: 39.3% -> 30.4% -> 41.9% (this is the most significant trend...up TWELVE POINTS from last year) Soft Contact: 19.2% -> 20.9% -> 19.7% (down 1.2 pts from last year) wRC+: 125 -> 80 -> 120 (would tie him for 60th in MLB if he qualified) wOBA: .385 -> .295 -> .347 ISO: .277 -> .163 -> .217 (power metrics ramping up during current hot streak) HR/FB: 24.6% -> 13.8% -> 20% (career is 18.5%) LD%: 17.4% -> 16.1% -> 24.8% (WAY more line drives) K%: 25.5% -> 24.7% -> 23.5% (striking out less) OBP: .316 -> .289 -> .324 (getting on base more)
  6. Care to elaborate? I didn't watch, final line looks awesome considering recent history
  7. Video of the injury, beware. Again, he walked away with no assistance and went down some stairs fine. Not sure how.
  8. Badly hyper extended left knee. He's walking away but it looked like a season ender
  9. The idea is that you bench him for now, not for forever. This guy was a borderline top 10 pitcher toward the end of last season. Pitcherlist and Razzball both had him just outside their top 10 in ROS rankings last August. I'm holding out for that type of potential. If he continues to be awful for another month, I'll drop. This works in H2H. Roto might have to cut bait sooner.
  10. His caught stealing % is a little higher than you'd think, for those in NSB leagues
  11. Not sure what the false report said, but rotowire has him injuring his wrist in a collision at first base, x-rays negative. Yahoo also has him marked as DTD