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  1. 1. Trout 2. Acuna 3. Yelich 4. Bellinger 5. Betts 6. Lindor 7. Soto 8. Arenado 9. Freeman 10. Cole 11. Bregman 12. Rendon 13. Devers 14. Turner 15. Bogaerts 16. JD 17. DeGrom 18. Verlander 19. Scherzer 20. Tatis Jr. 21. Judge 22. Ketel 23. JoRam 24. Story 25. Merrifield 26. Harper 27. Baez 28. Bryant 29. Stanton 30. Alvarez Can't see why everyone is somewhat ignoring Judge and Merrifield.
  2. 16-teamer H2H. Keep 15Custom cats 10x10 (R, H, 1B, HR, RBI, SB, BB, AVG, OPS, XBH)(W, L, BB, K, CG, ERA, WHIP, K/BB,QS, NSVH)I Give: Giolito, Altuve I Get: Trea Turner, Luis Robert, Max Fried, 2020 1st round pick 2020 rotation will be Bieber-Fried-McCullers-McKay-Darvish + 1 from Caleb or Boyd. Bats will be Trea - Machado - Devers - Eloy - Senzel - Robert - Tatis Jr - Merrifield - Aquino Currently in 3rd. Will enter playoffs next week. Should I do this?
  3. I realized that it might sound a bit contradictory, but the logic was quite simple. This is a D'angelo Russell 2019-2020 Fantasy Thread, and I thought that the skillset and offensive tendency of Curry would have a huge positive impact on D'lo due to his unique, unmatched balance of on-ball + off-ball influence on the court. Which was why I've added that I consider Harden and Giannis as a better offensive player overall, because I didn't want anyone to misunderstand my statement as claimimg Curry to be the 'best' offensive player in the league. In terms of real-life, I think Harden and Giannis is better. But in terms of fantasy, Curry is the one who could actually boost, or at least not hinder, the value of his backcourt partner. Oh, and I am aware of the fact that there are many elite 3 point shooters that can provide great spacing, but as already stated, none of them are nearly good enough compared to Curry, which means that their presence would probably not effect their teammate's fantasy value (as much as Curry). In other words, my comments about Curry was mostly focused on the influence that it would have on the fantasy value of D'Lo. Nothing more, nothing less. I know that even this comment can be debatable, but I've seen so many posts and comments claiming that the fantasy value of D'Lo would plummet due to the existence of Curry (fortunately, not on this post), which in my opinion is absolutely false.
  4. Gonna avoid this kid this year. Still, I'm going to be all over him in 20-21. I seriously believe this kid has the potential to become a Top 50 player in his prime when everything is said and done. But not just now...
  5. Nice sleeper to aim at the 8-10th round. Has Top 80 potential IMO.
  6. Stat volume might go down a bit, but expecting a solid Top 50-60 season.
  7. Expecting a 1819 LouWill or 1718 Will Barton-type season this year. Maybe a Lite version, but I think he would be productive enough to roster at a 14-teamer or more.
  8. Not on the level of Curry, obviously. Not saying that they are a lesser offensive contributor compared to Curry, since it's just a difference in style. Personally, I think Kemba and Leonard should not be on that list. George and Lillard can be debatable. Harden and Durant (when healthy) is at the same, or a higher level compared to Curry. Harden's offense is heavily centered on his on-ball skills and tendencies. I believe that I'm not 'overrating' Curry by any means. I didn't state that he is a better 'two-way' superstar than those players or a better 'on-ball' iso machine compared to those players. What I intended to say was that strictly on offense, Curry is the only player in this league who could pose a massive threat to the opponent's defense and open up space single-handedly using his crazy long range and movements, both on-ball and off-ball, which would be a factor that could impact the value of D'Lo in terms of fantasy. Overall, I believe Harden and Giannis is the current best offensive weapons in the NBA. But I wouldn't like to own the second option who plays aside those two in fantasy. On the other hand, I would love to own a second option who would play next to Curry. Simple as that.
  9. Top 30. I actually think this kid is getting underrated quite a bit. Playing with Curry is actually a blessing for this kid. He's literally the only superstar in this league who is elite on both on-ball and off-ball offense.
  10. 16-teamer H2H. Keep 15 Custom cats 10x10 (R, H, 1B, HR, RBI, SB, BB, AVG, OPS, XBH)(W, L, BB, K, CG, ERA, WHIP, K/BB,QS, NSVH) I give: Michael Conforto, Dustin May I get: Whit Merrifield, Aristides Aquino. Both Merrifield and Aquino will be kept for next season. Not sure about May. Already have a solid rotation for next year, so I could use May for an upgrade. Giolito, Bieber, Darvish, McCullers, McKay, Boyd, Caleb Smith
  11. If it's about numbers, than I couldn't refute. Numbers were solid in his last 2-3 months... but nothing special, that's a fact. I just tend to focus on the skillset (eye test) and role changes when I pick my mid-late round fliers.
  12. I thought the term 'sleeper' was to identify players who has potential to create meaningful difference while they were still viewed as mid-low round assets. If they're obviously good (or great) already and reached Top 50-60 or whatever like that, they would be classified as a Top 50-60 in the first place... And we don't call them 'sleepers.' I thought that this thread was for players who didn't post good enough numbers to warrant a early-mid round pick but still had a chance to breakout due to their skillset and role changes within their respective team. See some players within the 130-150 range. Tim Hardaway Jr, Dario Saric, Jakob Poeltl, Elfrid Payton, Kelly Olynyk, Bobby Portis, Eric Gordon, Cedi Osman, etc... Most of them are one-trick ponies or players that are not considered as a cornerstone for their franchise. The reason why I took Winslow out of that bag was because he certainly has a higher ceiling than others due to his out-of-position ball handling skills and shooting. He also developed well as a 23 yo. player + He is guaranteed a big role in his team. + I don't see 45.4% FG and 38.9% 3PG as a 'trash' ratio. Free throws definitely needs some practice, can't argue with that.
  13. 1. AD 2. Harden 3. Curry 4. Towns 5. Giannis ------------------------------------------------- 6. Jokic 7. Embiid 8. Lillard 9. Beal 10. George ------------------------------------------------- 11. LBJ 12. Irving 13. Gobert 14. Drummond 15. Turner 16. Vucevic 17. Booker ------------------------------------------------- 18. Walker 19. Westbrook 20. Holiday 21. Ayton 22. Aldridge 23. D'Lo 24. Mitchell 25. Capela
  14. From Jan. 1 to Mar. 15 last season. (31 games. Started all of them) 13.8 ppg / 5.6 rpg / 4.9 apg / 1.0 spg / 45.4% FG / 38.9% 3PG / 59.7% FT FT was the only thing you could call a 'liability' in his game last year. Shown good ball handling skills + well-rounded offensive game. This year, Butler is added to the Heat roster but I personally see that as an opportunity for Winslow since Whiteside, JRich is gone. I'm not saying he 'will' enter the Top 60, but to me he sure has a 'chance' to do so. Skills are there, and he will receive a plenty of offensive roles in the Heat roster since he is considered as their main building stone right now.
  15. Come to think of it, I REALLY love where Justise Winslow is at right now. Showed signs of being a legit ball handler for Miami in the 2nd half of last season, and he was darn good at it. I believe that this kid might actually touch the Top 60 mark if he gets his share of usage.