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  1. Come on, nobody? vs CHI: 23pts 6asts vs TOR: 28pts 14asts 7rbs vs CLE: 36pts 8asts 7rbs well, I guess everybody is just 'expecting' these kinds of numbers from this kid. nothing to be surprised now, eh?
  2. keep 15 every year, 2 DL slots, no minor leaguer slots. custom 8x8 cat (AVG, OPS, BB, K, HR, SB, H, R / W, BB, K, ERA, WHIP, QS, NSVH, K/BB) C: Jorge Alfaro 1B: Josh Bell 2B: Jose Altuve 3B: Rafael Devers SS: Manny Machado LF: Michael Conforto CF: AJ Pollock RF: Nomar Mazara UTIL: Kyle Schwarber UTIL: Jonathan Villar BENCH: Eloy Jimenez, Nick Senzel, Amed Rosario SP: Kluber - Darvish - Greinke - Newcomb - Nelson - Maeda RP: Burnes - Buttrey - Ottavino - Cishek - Joe Jimenez - Alvarado Focused on getting young bats. For SP's I mostly waited for seasoned vets til' the middle rounds and grabbed some rebound candidates (Darvish, Nelson, Maeda) Good enough?
  3. Keep on balling, Mr. All-Star. 27 pts 11 assists 6 rebounds, carried the team to a W against Denver. legit breakout, still 22.
  4. Kristaps Porzingis 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Holding Porzingis in 2 keepers. I was jumping in joy after I heard this trade. Dallas is a way better landing spot for the unicorn. he has Doncic + Carlisle + and the Dallas medical staff to back him up. That's 3 yeses for me.
  5. Just looking at the deal itself, I'll take it. I personally don't think LaVIne is a good player IRL and in fantasy... Porter should be a big loss.. but the existence of Ariza surely is eating up some of his value. Harrell and Nurkic are two solid top 50 ROS bigs, and I think they should be a more intriguing trade chip when you would like to resell them at any given time. But as HotSauce said, I think I would like a nice guard instead of Harrell OR even Nurkic seeing your team
  6. I have to take this deal right?

    I'll personally take it, not because I like Trae that much, but because I believe in Warren and hate LNJ+Slomo ROS.
  7. Should I Do This Deal - 100% WHIR

    Dipo's gone. Collison is already producing Top-30 in the last two weeks (9-cat) I'll stay with Collison 10 out of 10
  8. I think I'll stay with LeVert here.. He has the highest potential of all, and you are going to make the playoffs whatsoever. Mirotic looks like a fool's gold to me tbh. scoring, rebound and that's almost everything and he already got injured too much this season. No thank you.
  9. LeBron or Kawhi WHIR

    LeBron. Lakers will be in the playoff hunt, Kawhi won't get completely shutdown.. but I think he will deal with his injury woes now and then.

    whoa... lets break it down, shall we PG > Mitchell (Top 10 vs Top 20~30, def PG) THJ << JRich (NO, I don't believe in THJ. JRICH all the way) Harris < Sabonis (I loved Harris, but no, I don't think so this year. Sabonis is a monster) Aminu < JJJ (JJJ is more of a keeper darling, but I think he still has some potential to produce some nice numbers ROS) I would personally take it If I was the PG owner... but if it is a 12-teamer or below, I'll hold onto PG If it is a 14-teamer or above, I'll go for the depth.
  11. Keeper 2v2 trade, doable? 100% WHIR

    Final Bump, I guess...?
  12. Too much for Kawhi?

    I'd say too much; All 3 are definitely inside Top 50 (if AD leaves NO, Randle is def a top 50), with a promising future. Don't fully trust the health of Kawhi. won't do it ,
  13. 16-team, keep 6 forever. 16 cat custom H2H league (FGM, FT%, 3PT%, OREB, A/T, PF, DD added) PG Curry, Conley, Teague SG D'Lo, Jamal SF Ariza, Covington, RHJ PF Adebayo, Draymond, Griffin C Porzingis, BLopez, Whiteside, Zizic I give: Jamal Murray, Bam Adebayo I Get: Jaren Jackson Jr, Justise Winslow Curry, Porzingis, D'Lo, Griffin, JJJ, Dray, Covington, Conley, Winslow will be the keeper candidates (who would you keep?) anyways, do the trade?
  14. Successful Trades 2018-2019

    16-teamer keeper. 6 keep forever VanVleet + Mack + 1st round pick <> Conley + Ariza (Received) --> Really early in the season. the Conley+Ariza owner wasn't convinced that Conley can stay healthy for the rest of the season. Ariza was a last-second throw-in PG13 <> Griffin + Murray + 1st round pick (Received) --> Hated to trade PG13, but I believe I got decent value here Danny Green + Valanciunas (before INJ) <> Covington + Justin Holiday (Received) Justin Holiday <> Whiteside (Received) --> Whiteside still gives me the DD's, blocks. and RoCo is a fantasy monster. Just come back healthy plz... Wall <> D'Lo + Brook Lopez + 1st round pick + 3rd round pick (Received) --> everybody thought I was trippin' when I did this trade back then. Some cried veto. Well, I guess this would be a veto right now... in a different way XD I have Curry, D'Lo, Murray, Conley, Porzingis, Draymond, Griffin, Covington, Whiteside (probably not...) as candidates for a keeper next year. along with 2 1st round picks currently at 2nd by a large margin with the 3rd place. both 1st round picks seem to be inside the top 5 since the two guys who gave me the pick is currently ranked #11, #15. at least it was a near-perfect season for me this year.