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  1. my team consists of CLE+NYM (25-man roster)(14-team league) already have a strong rotation with Klubot, Carrasco, DeGrom, Thor, Bauer etc. I Give: Carrasco, Jose Ramirez, Allen(or Ramos) I Get: Trea Turner, Anthony Rendon another offer I Give: Klubot, Jose Ramirez I Get: Trea Turner, Anthony Rendon. seems balanced to me, but want some additional input
  2. 20-cat custom 'FRANCHISE LEAGUE'. picked CLE+NYM as my team I Get: Harper+@(a roster filler maybe) I Give: Kluber+Cody Allen Already have a strong rotation with Kluber/Carrasco/DeGrom/Syndergaard/Bauer/Salazar etc.. Infield is strong but need some work on the outfield. good trade for me?
  3. Braun <> Realmuto. Do it? WHIR

    Not a keeper league. managed to get Gattis+McCann as my catchers. used Braun and made a 2:1 deal for Luis Castillo(Cueto) + Iglesias. the other guy is contemplating right now but anyways I'm getting one of Castillo or Cueto. thanks for your replies
  4. Seager <> DeGrom+Archer who wins?

    hello rush, long time no see.
  5. Darvish dynasty deal

    love the Darvish side... not sure with either Myers or Salazar... Bour seems to be a solid 1B for years to come if he can avoid injuries...
  6. Seager <> DeGrom+Archer who wins?

    Bump was able to pull off Seager + Bruce <> DeGrom + Greinke. SP Rotation looks like this: Strasburg+DeGrom+Greinke+Jon Gray+Trevor Williams+Patrick Corbin Lineup looks like this C Gattis 1B Hanley Ramirez 2B Merrifield 3B Bregman SS Endrus INF Odor OF Stanton OF Khris Davis OF Braun CF Eaton UTIL Gardner UTIL Polanco UTIL Rosario BENCH Kiermaier BENCH Castro how does this team look like? punting SV. going for HLD's through streaming. most definitely going to trade for a good INF. any advice for who I should be trading for?
  7. Linder vs Xander Keeper Trade

    Lindor/Conforto definitely. personally think a 'healthy' Conforto is almost equal to C.Mart help?
  8. 14-team H2H league with custom 24 cats Batters: R, H, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, AVG, OBP, SLG, OPS, XBH Pitchers: IP, W, L, SV, HR, BB, K, HLD, QS, ERA, WHIP, RAPP(Relief Appearances) I Get: DeGrom + Archer(Greinke) I Give: Corey Seager + Jay Bruce. I already have Endrus at SS, Stanton-K.Davis-Polanco-Braun-Eaton on OF. The other guy wants to turn it into a DeGrom+Paxton <> Seager+Bruce deal.. but I'm not so tempted on Paxton. how does this deal look like?
  9. Rougned Odor 2018 Outlook

    this guy was on my 'do not draft' list this year. apparently most of the owners in my 14-teamer also put him on that category but seriously, not until the 16th round? just too much for me. picked up this guy at the 223th pick. '223th pick' the hate is real on this guy. THE HATE IS REAL.
  10. Getting KAT!! WHIR

    don't agree on Booker being shut down, but still I like this trade. actually not Veto-worthy imo but it is still you get the better deal on this one
  11. 14-team H2H league with custom 24 cats Batters: R, H, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, AVG, OBP, SLG, OPS, XBH Pitchers: IP, W, L, SV, HR, BB, K, HLD, QS, ERA, WHIP, RAPP(Relief Appearances) I Get: Ryan Braun I Give: J.T Realmuto already have Molina on C. but also have Stanton, Khris Davis, Bruce, Polanco on OF. (we have 3 UTIL slots so a little 'extra' OF's doesn't matter) pure value-wise, I'm leaning towards Braun. The other owner desperately wants a catcher and offered this deal. should I do it?
  12. 12 team 12cat (standard 9cat + 3P%, DD, TO) PG: Paul, Mitchell, Murray, Fox SG: irving, Bledsoe, KCP SF: Covington, Beasley, Ingles PF: T.Young, Myles, Draymond C: Horford, Embiid, Jokic DL: Gordon, Fultz, Kawhi I got: Marc Gasol, McCollum, Booker I give: Horford, Irving, KCP KCP is a non-factor right now. and doesn't have a good ROS outlook. so I see this deal as a 2-for-3 kinda trade. Booker is struggling with some injuries. but he has a good PO schedule and is bound to return maybe next week? Boston has a horrible PO schedule... how does this deal look like?
  13. Trade veto help

    while I still believe that the deal is actually a tad slanted towards your side... still don't think it is veto-worthy in any kind of way.
  14. who to drop for Beasley?? WHIR

    then maybe dropping Leonard for Beasley makes more sense IMO. would still think about it a little more. but we don't have that much time since everybody will go for Beasley I guess?...
  15. who to drop for Beasley?? WHIR

    hmmm. tough one but in this case I think I would stay put. If you REALLY want Beasley then I think you should drop Leonard... but if you already clinched a PO spot, I'm not so fond of that idea. help?