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  1. Pick A Side. H2H Dynasty League Trade Offer.

    really selling low on Hosmer and Hendricks imo. they are definitely better than this. don't do it.
  2. Danny Duffy 2018 Outlook

    his BB/9 is definitely an issue. but his K/9 makes up for that. his stuff is definitely back, even better than 2015/2016 tbh. I still stand with my previous opinion, he is a SP 20-25 ROS. yeah he will be the kind of pitcher who gets slammed once in a while, but still, when he's good he will be a game changer. 7 quality starts in his last 10 games. in all 7 QS' he gave up less than 1 run. his 7 QS' came against CHW, MIL, HOU, OAK, MIN(twice), TEX. can't say he was just good against bad lineups. he faced his share of hard opponents. with today's start, buy low window is officially closed imo, but if it still is open(which means that his owner is not so bright), then go grab him while you can. there is a possibility that he might melt down in the 2nd half, just like he did early in the season. But there is also a larger chance that he might be your season-changer in a good way.
  3. Jake Bauers 2018 Outlook

    seriously, I see this guy becoming a speedier version of Belt, which is incredibly valuable in any given league. watching each plate appearance even impresses me more. plate discipline and eye is fantastic, has enough pop to finish with a slugging percantage around late .400's, overall his approach at the plate is not that of a rookie, he kinda slumped 2 weeks ago but he got out of it fast. only owned in 8% of the league right now. one of the most overlooked players in fantasy right now. IF he is available in your redraft league, go pick him up right now. IF he is available in your keeper league, what in the hell are you doing here, run as fast as you can.
  4. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    this is not a 'feels good' thread but... I somehow own this guy in all of the 3 keeper leagues I participate in. since June, the offers I get for him are getting ridiculous. entering Trout-esque levels.
  5. Carlos Rodon 2018 Outlook

    watched the game from the start today, looked sharp except for the 8th inning where he got pulled out of the game. the velocity was there, his breaking balls looked filthy, looked like a solid #2 on a good team. not gonna call him an ace since even in this game he had some trouble with his command now and then, especially when he was behind or even on the count. in a keeper, I say that he is one of the most intriguing pitching assets along with ERod, both guys seems to be just a few steps away from acquiring that 'fantasy ace' status.
  6. Jurickson Profar 2018 Outlook

    any experienced/competitive fantasy owner will know that this is a good sign XD.
  7. Jurickson Profar 2018 Outlook

    okay, don't want to be too optimistic here... but can we expect a 20/20 .800 season? picked him up at the WW in April when absolutely no one was interested in a 16-team keeper league(12 keepers), now I'm seriously considering him as a keeper for next year. showing some nice power/speed combo, also has been unexpectedly consistent throughout the season.
  8. Dallas Keuchel 2018 Outlook

    4 QS's in his last 5 starts. a solid SP2 - strong SP3 ROS in 12~14 teamers.
  9. also interested. loseyourself916@gmail.com
  10. Max for 2 of his SP? whir

    IF he intends to let you put Sale in the package. Then go for Sale+Folty(or Clevinger or McCullers). IF he intends to exclude Sale from the package, then go with Nola+MadBum. help?
  11. Drop Marwin for Camargo? whir

    yup, why not? help?
  12. no need for more batters. I would go for a Sp/Rp combo here. value-wise, I'll go for a combo like Jansen+Snell, Morrow+Bumgarner, Boxberger+Carrasco etc. 1st tier RP+1.5~2nd tier RP or 2nd tier RP+1~1.5 tier SP. help?
  13. Which catcher ROS, WHIR

  14. Tanaka or Morrow/Ottavino? WHIR

    you should surely need a solid RP right now.. and when Carrasco returns, your rotation is solid with Carrasco-McCullers as the anchor and Flaherty Richards Wood as a backup. Hill will always be productive when he is not hurt. I think I'll do it. also, Iglesias might get traded before the deadline so Morrow can be a backup plan. help?
  15. Choose 4 closers **WHIR**

    Treinen, Vizcaino, Seranthony, Iglesias. yeah, I know that Iglesias might get traded. but Iglesias simply is the better pitcher imo. help?