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  1. 32 points, 10 assists. broke his 3-4 game slump in nice fashion To be honest, I think this was his best game of the season. He played like an established superstar with his passing and court vision. The scoring just followed naturally. He had some trouble with his shot recently, but when you look at his game closely, he actually did well in terms of defense and passing. Tonight, he was more active all around the court and went for more dribbles to make space for himself, which was not seen that many times even during his hot streak. It looks like he might be introducing a new aspect to his game, and if he can stick with it and this becomes a norm... I might be overreacting but I think we could be seeing the start of a surge from a borderline all-star to a legit superstar candidate. However, we must wait for a few more games and see how his game develops. Anyways, tonight's game was an incredibly encouraging sight.
  2. Rondo or Batum. Personally prefer dropping Rondo.
  3. probably will go with Lowry. But I think it depends on your team's composition.
  4. I like both but Lillard still has a good 3-4 years in his prime considering his play style. I won't do this.
  5. 6-teamer, keep 6. 15-cat custom league with (3P%, OREB, FTA, DD, A/T) Currently 4th. going to the playoffs but not expecting to win this season. PG Curry, Teague, SG D'Lo, Bogdanovic, Ariza, SF Hayward, Ross PF Adebayo, Draymond, Zeller, JJJ C Porzingis, BLopez, Whiteside, Allen I give: Porzingis I get: Myles Turner + 1st round pick (9th pick) + 3rd round pick (34th pick) 6 keepers should be: Curry, D'Lo, Turner, JJJ, Allen, Draymond (Hayward, Bog, Whiteside also considerable) currently have the 12, 13, 18, 22, 29th pick (2 1st round picks, 3 2nd round picks) (somehow was able to get the 1st rounders early in the season.) If I do this deal, I should be able to get the 9, 12, 13, 18, 22, 29, 34th pick in the draft (7 picks within the #35 range) So I can go for proven vets in the next year's draft.
  6. Facts are facts. So I also have no problem with anybody criticizing his current fantasy value. It is true that he is producing duds after all. Numbers are everything in fantasy, so I completely understand where some beef comes from. But since he is one of my boys from Brooklyn, I had to defend him in a certain way. Anyways, I too think this year is almost over for this kid. Time to move on for next year, which I am almost certain he will improve vastly. But it's time we look for a replacement, this year. Can't argue with that.
  7. 16-teamer, keep 6. 15-cat custom league with (3P%, OREB, FTA, DD, A/T) Currently 4th. going to the playoffs but not expecting to win this season. PG Curry, Teague, DSJ SG D'Lo, Bogdanovic, Ariza SF Hayward, Covington PF Adebayo, Draymond, Zeller, C Porzingis, BLopez, Whiteside, Allen I give: DSJ, Covington I get: JJJ, Ross 6 keepers should be: Curry, D'Lo, Porzingis, JJJ, Allen, Draymond (Hayward, Bog, Whiteside also considerable) currently have the 9, 12, 13, 18, 22, 29th pick (3 1st round picks, 3 2nd round picks) (somehow was able to get the 1st rounders early in the season.) So I can go for proven vets in the next year's draft.
  8. Fantasy-wise, yes he's having a hard time, recently. I'm a Nets fan but even I was quite confused with this ADP of 50-60 at the start of the season. If you really expected that kind of numbers then I must call you naive. HOWEVER, This WAS the breakout year, maybe a mini-breakout to be fair. Secondary stats back up his performance and he actually had a quite nice run where he went Top 40 for a certain time span in the midst of the season. And he's freakin' 20 years old in a rebuilding team which is focusing on developing talent. And he actually posted Top 70-80 numbers this season while only playing 26mins. per game. And some of you call him 'average to no upside.' Is this supposed to be a joke? I'm not sure. It's not about Atkinson, it's called 'development.' I firmly believe that there wouldn't be a coach in the modern NBA who plays their near 7-foot 20-year-old center who has a lot to learn 32-36 minutes every game. Sheesh. I can agree with someone if they are saying that he might be useless ROS for THIS season. But as long as someone used the word 'upside,' I had to write this down. I know this is a 'fantasy' forum so the focus of the debate should be based on 'fantasy production,' but I believe some people overlook that this is also a 'basketball' forum. Keep it real for at least some degree, please. Allen is one of the best, proven prospects in the league, period.
  9. 16-teamer, keep 6 forever, 15-cat custom PG: Curry, Conley, Teague SG: Russell, Harris, Bogdan SF: Covington, Ariza PF: Draymond, Porzingis, Allen C: Zeller, Lopez, Noel, Whiteside currently 3rd in league.. going for a championship run have 3 1st round picks (likely to be 7th, 11th, and 14th (my own pick)) I think Curry, Russell, Porzingis, Allen is a sure keep. but still contemplating for the other 2 candidates are Covington, Draymond, Whiteside, Conley, Harris, Bogdan. who should I keep?
  10. yep that was my concept to be honest. better wait for a few guys to blossom and gonna use them to get pitching. obviously a rebuilding team rather then a win now.. anyways thx for your opinion
  11. 16-teamer keep 15 every year. custom 16-cat 1R Manny Machado 2R Jose Altuve 3R Corey Kluber 4R Eloy Jimenez 5R Michael Conforto 6R Rafael Devers 7R Nick Senzel 8R AJ Pollock 9R Sean Newcomb 10R Nomar Mazara 11R Yu Darvish 12R Kyle Schwarber 13R Jonathan Villar 14R Jimmy Nelson 15R Kenta Maeda 16R Corbin Burnes 17R Christin Stewart 18R Jon Lester 19R Lance McCullers Jr 20R Ryan O'Hearn 21R Matt Strahm 22R Elvis Andrus 23R Jorge Alfaro 24R Matthew Boyd 25R Caleb Smith then traded Kluber for Fernando Tatis Jr + Folty
  12. EDIT. Sorry about the post. I swapped the football and baseball post, and put the baseball post in here. anyways, here is the question standard scoring, can keep a player for 3 years I get: Kelce, Conner I give: Kamara (already kept him for 1 year)
  13. Just my 2 cents here. these are the guys I was targeting in later rounds. Peter Alonso, Byron Buxton, Peter O'Brien, Lewis Brinson, Matt Boyd, Matt Strahm, Merril Kelly, Jonathan Loaisiga, Sandy Alcantara Vince Velasquez, Jackie Bradley Jr., Yoan Moncada, Ryan O'Hearn, Christin Stewart, Corbin Burnes, Caleb Smith, Jorge Alfaro, Fransisco Mejia Franmil Reyes. Currently in 5 leagues. and these are the guys I am at least owning in 2 or more leagues, using my later picks Would like to add a reason for each and every one of them... But it took to much time, so I'd rather just name the players
  14. thread has become a laughing matter, just like some predicted a few months ago. But to be honest, I don't care anymore, as a Nets fan I'm enjoying the happiest days of my life in about 4-5 years. Keep on ballin' D'lo, and always keep those ice in your veins. It took you 4 years to find it, and I'm pretty sure now that the ice is here to stay
  15. 16-teamer. so imo the 1st round pick is not that big of a deal. But the idea of having Senzel, Eloy, Tatis Jr, Conforto, Devers at the same time is so intriguing.. and I still kinda like the rotation of Folty, Darvish, Newcomb, Nelson, Lester, Maeda... really torn here..
  16. Whoa... I'm a kind of a risk-taker in any given circumstances, and I think it's worth a gamble. IF you are in the top spot or within 3rd on the standings, I would just stay put. If you are grinding for a playoff spot, I'll do it. nothing to lose imo.
  17. TBH I've already traded Laureano for a 1st round pick, so I have an empty roster space right now. Don't need to drop anybody.
  18. Although I think D'lo is the best player in this deal, I still think you are getting enough value in this one. But.. I'm not quite sure if this is a 'big' win for you like others are saying. To be honest, I think Dunn or Sabonis has quite a chance to have more value than Cousins ROS. Think about it a bit more, not sure if this is a surefire trade.
  19. 8-teamer, 13-man roster. talents like Nance and Isaac are easily replaceable in those kinds of leagues. If you want to stash Valan until you see how it goes, that would be the ideal situation imo, too. But in my experience, stashing in shallow leagues often isn't worth it. It just hinders your chance of getting stats from daily streams, etc.
  20. Isaac or Nance is the drop here. I would personally drop Isaac here
  21. Bump! the other side told me that he wants to add Adebayo so the final offer sheet is I give: Adebayo, Murray I get: Bogdan, Harris, 1st round, 3rd round AND... he even gave me this other offer I give: Murray, Conley I get: JJJ, Bogdan, 1st round. can I get an opinion on both trades??
  22. Rendon without even thinking. stats at C doesn't give you a bonus or something. Rendon is simply the better player here.