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  1. Orleans Darkwa 2017 Season Outlook

    for some reason i been running mck over him. done doing that.
  2. not sure what his value is. In 20 team h2h keeper league(keep 4 ) was offered 2nd round pick for him+ 3rd rounder. Kind high on him but don't want to over inflate his value lol so asking here. appreciate any suggestions.
  3. Which OF's to roster ? WHIR

    Brantley and avisail.
  4. selling... what pick for EE

    depends how many teams in your league and how many keepers.
  5. 2018 Keeper: Josh Bell, Hoskins, or Dahl?

    wait and see how Hoskins does (should be up tommorow0 but if he isn't impressive keep bell. Dahl is to much of a risk. help with mine?
  6. Dynasty Trade (WHIR)

    get max and moose and don't even look back. help with mine?
  7. Huge dynasty league trade, playoff push? WHIR!

    losing Ramirez will hurt but I would do it. severino is young player with ace potential. and lamb is really good too. help with mine?
  8. Brad Miller or Kolten Wong ROS

    neither really . isn't there anyone else available?
  9. Samardzija for Cole Hamels

    since you would keep hamels go for it. help with mine?
  10. One last counter. WHIR

    pass on both/ help with mine?
  11. Trade JD Martinez?

    if you can get a good deal go for it. if not just stay put. help with mine?
  12. Trade help

    do the trade. polanco is a headache to own. help with mine?