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  1. trade butler and ibaka. like the return you getting
  2. given the stats you punting keep rando a bit.
  3. Julius Randle for Zach LaVine

    Randal safer player because of his contract he wont rest.
  4. Pick up Millsap? WHIR

    I have a feeling he is just injury prone. the dude just cant get healthy. but worth an add to see if maybe this time around he can stay healthy
  5. Good lord, is Millsap my drop?

    millsap health is brutal but you held him on so long keep him for bit longer. out of the ones you listed Kleber is the safer drop.
  6. Zubac or M.Robinson ROS?

    prob zub but its close. got to remember clippers have bunch new pieces. Usually takes doc a while to figure things out..
  7. saric helps you with 3s. zub will take bit for doc to figure out his rotations.
  8. only concern I would have if this is a keeper league... and giving up simmons. other wise you win this easy.
  9. Marvin or Dinwiddie? WHIR 100

    hmm prob close but I like dinwiddle more even with the amount of people to feed on this team with Levery back.
  10. Terrence Ross or Gary Harris

    if there is any indication harris will stay healthy go with him. ross is headache to own. one night he looks like an all start next night a bench scrub.....
  11. Enes Kanter

    keep zubac pick up kanter
  12. 9 cat H2H dynasty trade help

    hmm might be the exception but prob klove. Assuming he is coming back which the reports state means he is healthy(no reason to risk him in a loss season)
  13. Trade Levert for Nance?

    I wouldn't. Klove back soon would eat his production.
  14. Who Do I Play Tonight? Need FT% and 3PM

    if you need 3s go middleton ariza . but honest you really cant bench Giannis. your strongest bet is Giannis and middleton.
  15. injuries pick up for playoffs?

    I would keep rozier for now Kyrie just injury prone. out of your list dinwiddle when back should be great. Was kinda high on dragic if he ever comes back healthy(report was toward end of this month so not sure)