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  1. QUIT Hh2 this s--- to stress full. you can have the best draft best pickups. Dominate the league. Come playoffs 1/2 your team will be resting cause they got playoff locks and other 1/2 will be "injured " because their team is out of playoffs. ROTO is the way to go. eliminates a lot of randomness and luck that comes l8 in the season.
  2. really good team and mix. good offense and solid pitching
  3. stay with beib. he is a beast.
  4. his injury wont keep him out for long and he great pitcher in good team when back.
  5. good roster. you might need bit help pitching wise through.
  6. goldy for bogs might work. dont think he will give up robles
  7. voit. but might be biased. last year he solo carried my opponent in the playoffs....
  8. trea ram jd lindor bregman yelich
  9. thor . if both healthy would be close but severino injury makes this easy
  10. wait for lindor to come back. he shouldnt be out for to long.
  11. really good team. winker at $1 is a steal
  12. kinda think your pitching works given your offense. do have bit issues with your ss and catcher (but that given i was forced to pick mine low too)