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  1. really need him to carry me. few sbs and hrs over the weekend would be amazing
  2. so it has to be kela not rodriguez right?
  3. at least most of the runs by young werent earned.
  4. that what the other team would plan for. so nagy has to counter. he will throw 40 times this game
  5. playoff started so of course going to get injuries. people done for season : yellich/tatis/ramirez(also god kluber and chavis on my team) people questionable missing time : marte/turner (at least bryant and cruz finally came back) eh hopefully other step up so i can make it to semi final then lose to #2 seed(i am #3 seed now)
  6. h8 to waste pats week 2 but just go vs mia every week?
  7. why should they? he isnt a distraction and they have his rights and he has to report. No need to sell cheap
  8. Ideal if the keepers or team is good or new league. IF you got a league like this with team available let me know. Thanks
  9. he said he wont be back till whatever is bugging him with his back is better. Hopefully soon. Lost him and cruz this week fun😥
  10. make sense guess didnt think of it that way. side question. would something like ramirez and mcutchen(or mouse) for story be to much?
  11. kingery kendrick is hot now but will cool off. he seems to do this every year have few weeks of fire then back down to earth.
  12. rodgers will fill in for now dont force it.
  13. even if you desperate i wouldnt touch him. had him on my team before he just annoying. sure he got the speed but even for that you still need to get on base ....
  14. eloy.he is a better prospect.
  15. the pitching upgrade makes it worth for u. correa just injury prone at this point.
  16. honest just stay put. ramirez even at his worse still gives sb and i really have hard time believing his power was just a fluke.
  17. acuna is better but is the gap that big?