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  1. Giancarlo Stanton 2018 Outlook

    I don't believe you will find a single person who actually drafted Stanton this season with a .250/35 expectation. They passed on the top-10 price tag. With that said.. Stanton can hit 50 easily in NY. Just needs to stay healthy.
  2. Buy Low on Blackmon? WHIR

    Your team is stacked. Don't need Blackmon. But yes, that's good value. Would be better if you could replace Kemp w/ a CL. But I'm sure the other owner is trying to sell high there (just as you might be doing w/ Brantley).
  3. I would do it. (assuming redraft) Blackmon's been alright this year so far, but has the absolute potential to blow up and carry your team in ways few others can. You're CL is thin. Full weight falls on Allen. You'll need help. But Viz is far from irreplaceable. Just need to be on the look out for post deadline moves in different CL roles.
  4. Goldy Or Kris Bryant ROS?

    Any other thoughts on the trade: Albies/Jansen for KB? Thks!!!
  5. Nola/Gallo for Segura

    You're trying to trade for Segura at peak value now. If you're truly targeting Segura, I would wait for him to cool off a bit first. He's good, but not .340 good.
  6. Goldy Or Kris Bryant ROS?

    I think Albies is better than Odor, who had some more obvious holes. But yes, the upside of KB is easily overlooked. Another factor. Schoops (2B) is a FA.
  7. Goldy Or Kris Bryant ROS?

    Somewhat big turn of events. Final deal went as follows: I Give: Albies, K. Jansen I Get: Kris Bryant A lot to give up, but I think I like the deal valuewise. I'm lower on albies than most. Jansen could be a beast, but as of now, still just a CL. let me know what you think. Thks!!
  8. Kris Bryant 2018 Outlook

    KB's injury happened at the end of April. He hit 6 of his Hr's (8 total) in the first 2 weeks of May. Don't think Concussion is causing this. If anything, this doesn't go back to the injury, it goes back to 2016, which was the last time he was performing to expectation. At this point, we're just trying to figure out who KB actually is. Is he more 2016 or 2017? Unfortunately, looking like 2016 is the outlier now.
  9. Kris Bryant 2018 Outlook

    Hasn't hit a HR in a month (May 14). Is he going to crack 20 this year? What's going on?
  10. Goldy Or Kris Bryant ROS?

    Does position factor in at all? Might just be my situation, but 1B seems harder to fill than 3B this season. I have Donaldson on DL (as well as Beltre and M. Carpenter on roster). The only 1B option would be: M. Carpenter (don't trust) and I. Desmond (FA).
  11. Goldy Or Kris Bryant ROS?

    Hey All, Who would you rather have ROS: Goldy or Kris Bryant? (Standard 5X5) Been holding onto Goldy all season (and suffering through it). With his recent surge at Coors, is now the time to cash in? Trade possibility for KB, but who's stats look more and more unspectacular. But it seems at least we know what to expect w/ KB (and potentially more).. Thanks!
  12. Trade for Archer? WHIR

    I'm holding Archer in both my leagues: 1) Hoping for a good 2nd half. 2) Hoping for a trade (LA?). 3) SP's w/ Archer's potential seriously short supply
  13. Mike Trout 2018 Outlook

    Bro, it's time for you to just give it up. To say Trout is the best player in baseball is an insult. You must not even cast doubt upon Trout being some ultra deified status on this roto board or recieve laughs and headshakes by the masses. But as we know at this point, majority does not always mean accuracy. Look a few pages back, this is a board that is somehow convinced that Trout's equal value is a fair comparison to Bryce Harper AND Manny Machado.. Yes, a 2-for-1, and which I tried to qualify, a Redraft! To me and my sorry opinions, that seems like sheer blind assumption. Again, the reason why I won my league last year by trading away Trout (2-for-1) and lost points in another league by trading for Trout (1-for-3), is what I suspect due to the same kind of attitudes we see on this board: a sheer overrating of Trout
  14. Goldy a buy low candidate?? whir

    Goldy is a tough call at this point. He was considered a top-5 hitter pre-humidor, and not b/c of sheer hitting, but power/speed combo. Right now, he's doing neither. It was already presumptuous to except high steal totals when it's been a steady drop w/ age (2016: 32, 2017: 18, 2018: 2). To bank on anything over 15 seems unsafe to me. If the Humidor does drop Goldy below 30 HR's (which is looking likely), you're looking at something much pedestrian than draft day value (.280-290, 25, 15). For example, a few weeks ago, I posted a potential trade of Goldy for Pham. It was laughed at. But to me, it seemed sheer simplistic, ADP over-dependency to consider Goldy worlds apart from Pham, when everything that has happened since confirmed everything I believed about the deal then. If anything, whoever has Goldy might be looking to cash in now, knowing that his value is dropping by the day. So if I was trading for Goldy, I would trade for him as 3-4th rounder value in mind, no longer 1st (hence, true buy-low offers).
  15. Correa/Cespedes or Bregman/Stanton

    Great points. I think Stanton has been the better player, but that's only because we haven't seen what Correa can fully do just yet. Stanton is nowhere near as bad as he is now, but it was probably too quick to assume that 2017 Stanton would automatically transfer right over to Yankee stadium. With that said, the thing about players underperforming in NY is a real thing, though much of that is the Yankees' own doing in handing out so many retirement contracts in the past.