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  1. I drafted him as my #1 - boy am I in for a long season ... honestly I think the cubs catcher has a LOT to do with it (Arrieta, Lester, Hendricks) all went down hill after Contreras took over
  2. Ya I dumping Archer n Cain for SHOtani n Cespedes... Altuve = Ozzy in my book ... thanks for the insight ??
  3. I have dreadful archer , Cain and Altuve (really pissed I picked him 3rd)
  4. Same view ... hate Trading top pics but value constantly changes, pre season rankings mean very very little to me (alla Judge last year ✅)
  5. Appreciate the view...preseason value I agree however we’re 3 weeks in and Ozzy ain’t no slouch but I hear ya
  6. Thinking you could get a better arm for that Cardinal ... kid went 5th round in my 250Pro yahoo league... just saying GL
  7. My team lacks power and is in shambles, any thoughts would b appreciated ... my view is Ohtani+Cespedes > Archer+Cain and Altuve > or = to Albies (poor man Altuve more power) ... thanks
  8. Cecil sported in walking boot - open roster spot for Flair ?? After that AAA gem, think the front office rethinks using Hicks - and to AA and give flair the gig... just my two cents ??
  9. Kid sat out last 2 AAA games (start of the season which adds to my view) I’m expecting a call up today/tomorrow - no injury to speak of and McMahon is trash just like Parra...get that stock before it breaks
  10. hags but Didi stock is going to win some titles this year
  11. Not a redraft ... 1 year league PRO250$ yahoo...does this change your mind ?
  12. Team 1 I’d stay put.....Team 2 my side is Option B ship Segura