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  1. J.D. Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Exactly who’s the best arms in that division - o wait that’s right Sale, Price all owned by Boston and factor NYY Servino is 1 pitch away from TJS ... 48+ bombs no ?
  2. Luis Robert - OF - CHW

  3. Nick Castellanos 2018 Outlook

    He’s playing with little help offensively speaking - VMart n Miggy can’t run ... Tigers are a mess no thank you (and I’m a Detroit resident - Suburbs) 📉📉📉
  4. Beltre, Castellanos or keep Minor league WHIR

    Exactly why I’m nervous keeping nick - kids got muscle but come on who’s he going to b driving in (Cabrera can’t score from first let alone second on a Cast double - V marts even worse)....which leds me to keep Mr prospect (Tucker in Houston line up 🤤) and hope Gallo, Lamb, or Turner is there - maybe Kyle Seager
  5. I’m In win now mode but My OF could use youth (Kyle Tucker) — thinking about tossing both Nick and Beltre back in the draft pool ... (draft a 3B first pick which begins at round 19 - Turner, Gallo, Shaw, or Moran could b there) bat stats = HR, RUNs, RBIs, OBP, SLG plus steals ... any thoughts are appreciated (it’s a dynasty league FYI) Contreras Votto Murphy Andrus 3–empty Cano (utility spot) OF - Cruz, Upton, and JD
  6. Beltre, Castellanos or keep Minor league WHIR

    H2H each week RUNs, RBIs, HR, SB, OBP, SLG.....I do have the best pitching so that’s a non issue ~ my gut says Turner will be kept so 3B might b real thin in this 12 team dynasty league ... we draft at round 19 (we keep 9 bats 9 arms) there’s 2 NA slots for prospects
  7. Strasburg or Severino Keeper? WHIR

    Gimme Straw’s He’s proven
  8. Too much for Betts ?

    Not sure the other GM would accept but that’s a haul for Mookie imo
  9. Mario Hezonja 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Issac won’t get any run on that squad - he’s almost as fragile as Gordon - my bet AG gets hurt again 1st game back
  10. Dejounte or G Hill ROS? Whir

    Pretty obvious there going to baby Aaron Gordon - he’s a FA after the year so “they” I’m assuming wanna get a real good look at Mario vs AG... jus my 2 cents (and hell AG is proven fragility)
  11. Dejounte or G Hill ROS? Whir

    Mario was a top 5 pick two years ago... never got consistent playing time — well would you look now 🤔 Top 25 in H2H last 3 weeks .... gordon getting shut down or decreased roll #just saying
  12. Mario Hezonja 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Honestly I think AG and Vooch gets shut down early especially if they consider there the future....Mario balls out ROS 💰 It
  13. Dejounte or G Hill ROS? Whir

    Neither- grab Mario
  14. Marquese Chriss 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Kids useless ~ there’s his upside ... sitting on Chriss probably missed out on some gems #Mario
  15. Should I Do This Deal - 100% WHIR

    I’d do that considering you need PF — pretty equal value but way less stock stats from Toby
  16. Drop who for Powell

    Full line up is Simmons PG, Jrue SG, Parker SF, Turner PF, Embiid C, IT, Ty Evans and DSJ all utility spots - it’s H2H 8 cat league TO’s don’t count ... kyle Anderson, Mario H, John Collins, Murray bench - IR Aaron Gordon
  17. Drop who for Powell

    Teams sitting first in my division - PG depth is Ben Simmons, Jrue Holiday, Isash Thomas, Tyreke — should I drop Dejuante Murray or Kyle Anderson for Powell ?? Thanks or should I hold .... ?? Roster includes Embiid, Turner, Collins, DSJ, Parker
  18. Waiver Wire Touts - Week 18

    Super Mario with Gordon and Vuc parked until after gonna have value regardless
  19. Marquese Chriss 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Shoot I feel for you guys - haven’t slept better in weeks since dropping this hot mess ... add booker coming back, EP trade and Bender playing well ... Chriss = ⚰️📦
  20. Marquese Chriss 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    How the Fuc* this kid still have people posting on him????
  21. It’s a dynasty league Max 200$ per team.... got Sims for 26$ - any value accepting this sent offer ? H2H 8 cat 12 team league thanks
  22. My Ben Sims 4 Warren, Barns, Fox WHIR

    Ty Evans, VanFleet and Dejuante Murray bench guys - Chriss to but he’s getting cut Monday
  23. My Ben Sims 4 Warren, Barns, Fox WHIR

    My other keepers include Embiid 20$, Turner 20$, JParker 7$, Jrue 17$, JCollins 10$, IT 16$ — (Aaron Gordon and DSJ both at 16$ — not sure I’m keeping these 2) salary goes up 5$ each year
  24. Isaiah Thomas 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    F*c^ LBJ — dudes old and a hog ... ITs definitely happening in LA
  25. Dunn or vanvleet?whir

    Mr Fleet has as much upside as Dunn but his defensive stocks make him a tad superior but is id still go with the Canadian