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  1. Anybody watch this awesome game? How many targets did Walker get from Tannehill?
  2. What is a reasonable expectation for Bell vs Patriots? Over/Under on: 1) 100 yards 2) TD
  3. What’s the Gore/Singletary split gonna be week 7?
  4. What’s the Gore/Singletary split gonna be week 7?
  5. What can you really get for him at this point?
  6. Adrian Peterson rushes for 118 today against Miami. Gore up week7!
  7. Gallup without a catch in the first half is very concerning
  8. With this week, Diggs should be a top 15 WR for his season total
  9. I’m in Bernie Sanders’ league. All 12 make playoffs too Last year he took Christian McCaffrey from me before the playoffs began (1st seed) and gave me Jordan Howard in return from the 12th seeded team.
  10. Just stop clicking on the thread. kickers are part of fantasy and there should be a way to use them wisely. If everyone is just taking a crapshoot then there must be an optimization
  11. One thing to note though, Kraftwerk, if you tried to pick up the Sunday night or Monday night kicker against me...I’d be picking them up and dropping them so you a sh** out of luck
  12. That’s actually an interesting strategy. I don’t think it’s THAT crazy picking up a handcuff - then dropping him for a kicker for the 1pm+ games IF there are good later matchup kickers out on the wire. For example, picking up L Murray for the early game...then finding out Kamara is done for the year. In this case you’d keep Murray and drop someone else for a kicker
  13. How do you make the playoffs when you’re giving up 4-14 points each week?
  14. Now that we are at week 6, it seems there is enough data around kicker points. What are everyone’s thoughts about playing a an average kicker vs a team that gives up a lot of kicker points or a top kicker vs a team that doesn’t give up a lot of points. in other words, should kickers be treated like defenses (streaming)?