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  1. Paxton has been atrocious in the first inning this year
  2. Huge night tonight! 4 hits including a bomb and a double
  3. Yulis been hot since his little bro Lourdes Gurriel Jr was recalled and he’s been scorching for weeks now.
  4. 2 bombs tonight. 2 consecutive walk offs for Cody. The MVP chants grow louder...
  5. My Gleyber for Eloy in a keep forever league. It's a head to head points league. I kind of want to pull the trigger!
  6. Just homered this is the hottest start of any season he's had in the bigs
  7. I'm sure he'll be back to hitting dingers tomorrow. It's just juan day off for the youngster..
  8. Glasnow interviewed about his work in the offseason, pitching with confidence and control, and the use of his "unique" cutter/fastball.
  9. 16 team 10player keeper My other starters are glasnow marquez ray Tailion
  10. Who do I pick up? I’m in a points H2H wins +20 quality start +18 k+1 bb-1 IP+1 HR-2 Mikes been hot but my minds telling me stick with Eduardo.
  11. You weren't lying. Kevin Cron (ARI 3B AAA) is on fire... 5 HR in last 3 games. 9 HR in last 11 games. 77AB .377/.467/.896 7 2B 11HR 12BB 15K
  12. No, according to Dave Roberts the best player should bat sixth, and sometimes fourth, and other days 5th, and randomly second and hmm why not third? 2: 2 times 3: 3 times 4: 10 times 5: 3 times 6: 5 times 7: 1 time Keep him firmly at the 4 spot, is it so much to ask? 🤦‍♂️
  13. Less speed more pop! Home runs will slow but he could eclipse 30 this year, though I'd be wary. HR/FB is more than 2 times higher than its ever been and launch angle is up to 14 degrees (career 10 degrees). Contact rates are lower than usual and I think that's because his approach is geared more towards hitting the ball harder this year. I'm interested to see if this is a small sample size situation or if this is a new Altuve we're all witnessing. I wouldn't mind seeing .300+ 28-32HR 16-23SB from my second baseman though. Please stay HEALTHY!
  14. I've had him in a keep forever league since his AAA days and I can honestly say I would not be surprised AT ALL if he finishes with .285 35HR 10SB. He's only 29 and for me, it's all about health!