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  1. Severino has allowed 30 ER in the last 36 IP. Degrom has allowed 31 ER in 2018. Aces don't put up these bad of numbers. In a game of "what have you done for me lately" Severino has been worse than an SP4 since the ASB.
  2. Look at his numbers! He's worse than an SP4. Never get too attached to players even if they are a supposed ace. Know when to hold em know when to fold em. Either there's an injury that we don't know about or he's been figured out. If it's the latter these types of performances could be the norm until the end of the season. This is something that can be fully fixed in the offseason.
  3. 0/4, 2K, No walks. Back to being garbage!
  4. Anyone see regression from this guy? 16 BB so far this year makes me uneasy.
  5. Do we still think Bryant is a top 10 keeper? I know everyone's value tends to go down quite a bit when injured, but KBs injury doesn't seem to be that serious and should be back this season. MRI has shown no damage and the injury should explain the struggles in the 1st half. This is a player who is 26 years old and has had an average of .930 OPS and 35 hrs the last 2 seasons. I believe his value has definitely gone down, but now would be a great time to buy low on a potential top 10 player
  6. It's not just the stats he brings to the table. It's also the mayhem he causes when he's on base. It literally throws off the whole opposing team. He gets in the pitchers mind, causes defenses to alter their timing and position, and causes opposing manager to make decisions on the fly. All of this leads to the Nats lineup playing better. I would guess Trea remains in the 2 hole while this team is healthy and I don't see why he can't reach 20 hrs and 45-50 SBs with a .285 AVG. These numbers were out of the question just a few weeks ago. With a healthy Nats lineup consisting of Eaton, Harper, Rendon, Soto, Murphy, Zimmerman, Weiters. My money is on Trea reaching 1st round status by year's end.
  7. I honestly think this was all to give Altuve extra rest. He has played a ton of baseball the past 2 years. Hopefully he can get back to stealing again when he comes back. The bat was always there but the Sbs have not been enough to be worthy of that early 1st round pick.
  8. Trea has not been in the league long enough to have any consistency. This is pretty much his first full season if he stays healthy. I think the fact that Nolan barely runs even though he will hit 40 Hrs and 120 RBIs would be my pick to get bumped off the top 5 if Trea reaches 20/50. Trout, Mookie, and Jram all seem like 40/30 candidates yearly. Lindor making a legit case to be a 40/20 player. The next elite player with power and speed combo is trea with a 20/50 potential.
  9. Just goes to show the appeal Trea has. I think theres a good chance he gets 20/40 this year and that should be enough to get him drafted in the 1st round. What about if Trea somehow goes on a rampage and ends the season with 25/50 does that bump any of Mookie, JRam, Lindor?
  10. Just turned 27 and on pace to surpass last years numbers. Could we be seeing his peak, or is he capable of improving next year? I believe he can! From what he has shown last year and the improvement this year leads me to believe this guy has top 20-30 upside. Maybe even sniff 1st round value if he ups his SBs, thats a big IF. This young Reds lineup will continue to get better and I can see Eugenio being a huge part in that. .305/22/76 in just 321 ABs We could be seeing the start of something special.
  11. This guy is unreal right now! But we could also be looking at his peak value.
  12. How far has Rizzo's value fallen in keeper leagues? I know he's turning 29 in August and by no means is that old, and nothing in his batter profile suggest he is declining. Rizzo has been one of the most consistent elite bats the past 4 years, do we stay patient and expect to see top 20 player production by the last 1/3 of the season or by next season, or do we try and wait for a streak and sell?
  13. How does the ROS look for Polanco? Value goes up if traded to a contender but what if he's not traded? What's the value in dynasty/Keeper leagues now?