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  1. I'd play it safe with Rivers. Allen is 1 play away from being knocked out of a game.
  2. 6 points per TD Roethlisberger home vs Seahawks Rivers at Lions ....freaking Andrew Luck...
  3. David Carr, the analyst and brother of Oakland's QB, just said on NFL Network that the Raiders are preparing today as if he is not playing.
  4. Delanie Walker is healthy and may be a Top 10 TE you can grab in double digit rounds. He seems healthy now...of course that's always a risk.
  5. Agree with above answers. If anything, maybe Jones over White & hope for a TD. Thanks for replying to mine.
  6. Which one bounces back in a big way? If both, which one blows up? Goff home vs Eagles Cousins home vs Dolphins
  7. Kenneth Dixon is prime time pickup and play if injury bug has got your backfield thin.
  8. Own both Ito & Coleman. Was hoping Tevin would run wild weeks ago then just wanted to have one of the two be head and shoulders above the other by the playoffs. The worst case has happened as it's an even split with a total coin flip deciding who is the better play Week 15 on a struggling offense.
  9. Possibly, but it's not like Lockett can't beat him deep once. Plus return yards are counted. One can hope.
  10. I need Tyler Lockett to get loose tonight. Itd be a good night for him to score twice. With Baldwin questionable, hopefully the run game will be effective, leaving Lockett open deep on a few playaction passes.