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  1. 2018 MFL Draft

    12.12 - Josh Rosen (ARI) by Saginaw Sting 13.01 - John Ross (CIN) by Saginaw Sting
  2. 2018 MFL Draft

    As someone who almost never logs onto Facebook, I would suggest that the Yahoo Messenger system that is already built into our fantasy football league might be a better option. We know everyone in the league uses Yahoo and has access to the Messenger, after all, and anyone who is using the Yahoo Fantasy phone app will get messages sent right to their phone.
  3. 2018 MFL Draft

    10.12 - Sam Darnold (NYJ) by Saginaw Sting 11.01 - Tremaine Edmunds (BUF) by Saginaw Sting
  4. 2018 MFL Draft

    The biggest problem is that we are not on pace to complete the draft before the football season begins. If you are able to check the draft more often, please do.
  5. 2018 MFL Draft

    8.12 - DeVante Parker (MIA) by Saginaw Sting 9.01 - O.J. Howard (TB) by Saginaw Sting
  6. 2018 MFL Draft

    6.12 - Nick Chubb (CLE) by Saginaw Sting 7.01 - Sammy Watkins (KC) by Saginaw Sting
  7. 2018 MFL Draft

    4.12 - Corey Davis (TEN) by Saginaw Sting 5.01 - Patrick Mahomes (KC) by Saginaw Sting
  8. 2018 MFL Draft

    2.12 - Amari Cooper (OAK) by Saginaw Sting 3.01 - Derrius Guice (WAS) by Saginaw Sting
  9. 2018 MFL Draft

    He asked, and we did give him permission to make the change, so long as the next pick was not made yet.
  10. 2018 MFL Draft

    1.01 - Saquon Barkley (NYG) by Saginaw Sting