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  1. This guy still getting so much disrespect. Pretty low projections on ESPN. He’s ridiculously cheap on FanDuel. Am I missing something?! Is this matchup vs. the Packers harder than I think it is?? I think if anything Jaire Alexander would shadow Sutton, right?
  2. Full reddit thread on this tweet already. Most people saying that this guy just throws guesses out left and right, deleting the incorrect guesses. Apparently he said Thielen would be banned for PEDs and Gordon was going to the eagles within the past couple weeks.
  3. The trade for Fitzpatrick gives me hope. To me, it means this team wants to be competitive and try to win now. Hopefully the offense transitions to running the football more and relying on the defense. Still a great Oline and Rudolph at the very least should be able to keep the chains moving.
  4. I just think defenses are likely to sell out to stop McCaffrey now. Cam was playing extremely well most of last year (both running and passing), which obviously helped McCaffrey a lot. Even if the backups are better than Cam, defenses have to be saying, “stop McCaffrey at all costs. If Kyle Allen beats us through the air, so be it.” The Bucs dared Cam to beat them through the air and we saw that he couldn’t do that. Until someone proves they can, McCaffrey might struggle (similar to David Johnson last year)
  5. How we feeling about Cam potentially being out? Obviously Cam has been terrible, but defenses still had to account for him as a threat, which always helps McCaffrey. With Cam’s play, and backups potentially starting in the foreseeable future, feels like defenses can really employ a “stop McCaffrey at all costs” game plan this year and probably find some success.
  6. Positives: Rodgers looks like Rodgers to me. Arm strength looks great. Run game should be strong this year. Packers are winning, which should help prevent any drama. It’s great for the Packers that the defense is looking solid, but not so much for Rodgers’ fantasy owners. Through two weeks, this team has gotten a lead and not needed Rodgers’ arm to win games. He has done everything he needed to do to get wins against two great defenses. Better days ahead forsure.
  7. I didn’t watch the game. So he was in the game and got pulled once they got to the 1 yard line in favor of Ito?
  8. Shame that Foles got hurt. Really felt like Fournette had a shot to be an RB1 this year and prove the world wrong. Now everybody gets to say, “yep he is what he is. Knew it.” Very unlucky for drafters. Hopefully he can stay healthy so we can at least get a taste of his potential late season when Foles returns.
  9. 15 touches week 1 and 17 touches week two. Pretty solid usage IMO.
  10. Trying to determine if he is a buy low or just pure garbage. He’s got the talent and the volume is there. I haven’t watched any Bengals games but it looks like it’s just poor OL play? He hasn’t had much of an Oline for his whole career but he has found success in the past. Any reason for optimism moving forward?
  11. Rolling him out there over Golladay. Obviously risky but sometimes you just gotta trust your gut
  12. I’m not dropping Hill for someone else that will just be riding my bench regardless. There’s nobody on the wire that I will pick up and immediately insert into my lineup. Hill is one injury away from getting consistent volume. Once his opportunities increase, he will produce. Too much talent not too. Icing on the cake that Lamar seems to have taken the next step and this could actually be a very strong offense.
  13. Big rebound game for the Steelers incoming, and Conner will be a big part of it. 22/106/1 and 4/45
  14. Hey! Get that logic, level-headedness, and optimism out of here! Can’t you see we’re grieving?!
  15. Possibly no Haden and a banged up Lockett or no Lockett at all?? Game script that should force the Seahawks to pass more?? We might be looking at the perfect storm for a breakout game 😎