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  1. Adrian Peterson 2018 Outlook

    Does Washington’s system play to AD’s strengths?
  2. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    There’s no debating. This guy is a nutcase and a cancer to the locker room. But I don’t think he has lost his skill. I think he just needs a very specific type of QB, and when Romo went down, he was completely exposed. I think he can still make contested catches and be a physical TD monster. Unfortunately I don’t think Tyrod is the QB he needs to look like the Dez of old. Mayfield just might be though.
  3. Saquon Barkley 2018 Outlook

    I was all over Barkley before. Hammy injuries terrify me though. Seems so easy to suffer a setback or tweak it once you think it’s fully healed. Too many other good options going in his range to take a chance on him if he’s not 100% healthy come draft day
  4. Chris Carson 2018 Outlook

    Rashaad Penny Broken finger?! FIRE UP THE CARSON TRAIN FELLAS. Destination? High end RB2-ville
  5. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Yeah but I have much more faith in the new system
  6. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    You take Henry and you have a valuable piece week to week that is likely to provide a solid return on his ADP. Injury prone Lewis goes down? You have an elite upside, high floor RB. Little risk, immense potential reward.
  7. Joe Mixon 2018 Outlook

    I felt this post on a very personal level
  8. Kenyan Drake 2018 Outlook

    I wouldn’t read too much into gore being listed as co-starter. Gase is a “you gotta earn it” type of coach. Gesicki was listed as the fifth tight end on the depth chart. Everybody knows that is BS. Yea, Drake should’ve earned that right by his performance last year, but Gase is an idiot. I still believe that Gase understands that Drake is the most talented RB in this backfield
  9. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    - Can overpower defenders at the goal line If I’m paying up for Henry on draft day, it’s because of his TD upside. I feel confident that Henry is going to lead this backfield in TDs.
  10. This guy has been one of the Titans’ most reliable weapons over the past few years. Now the offense is set up to take a step forward this year. Anyone have any insight on how the new offense will impact his production?
  11. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Anyone concerned that maybe.. possibly.. perhaps.. DJs usage isn’t like recent years without Bruce Arians?
  12. Andrew Luck 2018 Outlook

    Even if we assume that Luck is 100% healthy, this WR group leaves a lot to be desired. The addition of Ebron helps but I’m not sold on Luck having a monster year with the talent he is working with. Anyone feel otherwise? At least he will be operating behind what should be a reasonable Oline this season.
  13. Lamar Miller 2018 Outlook

    When are we expecting Foreman to return? Anyone have any articles or insight on that? I recall at times last year thinking that Foreman looked better than Miller. If he returns for the start of the season I don’t think Miller is nearly as attractive as this thread is making him sound, but I could definitely be missing something. Seems like everyone is assuming Foreman will be out?
  14. Cam Newton 2018 Outlook

    I love his weapons this year. Two backs with great receiving chops. He has two big targets in Olsen and Funchess. Samuel can really take the top off of a defense. And Moore looks very promising with his skills after the catch. Looks like Cam is fully back to his old running ways. He will win you some weeks, but you just have to accept that he is going to be a little inconsistent.