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  1. I'm hoping that Michel falls in the draft and fantasy drafts. I think he is my #3 behind Barkley and Guice. He is the one that reminds me of Kamara. Why is Love down on lists? I thought he was widely considered #2 behind Barkley at the beginning of the year? Other than going to Tennessee I never really even heard of John Kelly until this post.
  2. So I think it is getting pretty safe to say that QB play is going to hurt A-Rob's fantasy value again this year. That preseason game was just like 2016. 4 catches on 8 targets with 2 uncatchable targets and then the drop on Henne's TD. Same script as last year. Team gets behind, A-Rob is showing frustration and bad body language, and then he makes a big mistake of his own. The verbal stuff from A-Rob about Bortles is concerning. Until something changes he will be a WR#2 at best. Hopefully Henne takes the job and somehow saves the situation. There is going to be some pretty bad QB play for multiple teams this year. Bortles/Henne, Tom Savage, Jets QB, Hoyer/Barkley, Osweiller, Scott Tolzien, Seiman/Lynch, and Jared Goff. & then you also have Cutler coming out of retirement, Tyrod Taylor has not looked good so far and has a weak group of WRs, Joe Flacco is currently hurt, and I am unsure what to expect from Mike Glennon. That is 12 teams out of 32 where the QB could suck fantasy value out of their teams.