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  1. I'm hoping that Michel falls in the draft and fantasy drafts. I think he is my #3 behind Barkley and Guice. He is the one that reminds me of Kamara. Why is Love down on lists? I thought he was widely considered #2 behind Barkley at the beginning of the year? Other than going to Tennessee I never really even heard of John Kelly until this post.
  2. I ended up trading Evans and Will Fuller for Gordon and Drake. I feel pretty good about it because I still have Hilton, Jordy, Edelman, Robert Woods, and Corey Davis at WR. Little old but still enough points to get by.
  3. Melvin Gordon seems like a very vanilla back but yet I see everyone still ranking him as a top 10 RB and a top 20 player. Seems like the volume and offence is there but he is not real talented. If you are in a dynasty league and you need a RB and have a lot at WR would you consider trading a talent like Mike Evans for him??
  4. My biggest problem with McCaffery is he is the type of RB that I try to get as a sleeper but he is going to get drafted as a top RB. He is a better receiver than he is a RB which to me put him in the same league as other 3rd down backs like Duke Johnson, Chris Thompson, and Danny Woodhead back in his prime. But to get McCaffrey you have to draft him too early.
  5. I really appreciate everyone putting so much good information here! Its all truly great input and for some reason I love seeing numbered rankings to try to start getting things straight and organized in my head. It took me a while to read through it all because I have not been on this forum in months. Just quickly I want to start with a few lessons I learned from last year. Some are obvious so I'm sorry for that. #1.) I put way to much stock in WRs over RBs. I was a guy that has the top 3 RBs of DJ, Zeke, and Bell and then the rest of my top 15 to 20 were all WRs. #2.) I'm still drafting my QB too high. I ended up with Drew Brees & Matt Ryan in a bunch of leagues because they are great and I could get them as the 4th or 5 QB off the board. In some of my leagues Alex Smith was the top scoring QB. #3.) I have to somehow stop falling in love with specific players. Everyone gets injured, the older the more likely to get injured. Just set up tiers of players and stick with it and do not overdraft a player and end up with a hunch player like Amari Cooper on multiple teams. Still don't drop Cooper a tier in 2018 because I'm mad at him. #4.) Put muck less stock in rookie WRs, rookie, 2nd, and 3rd year TEs who have not proved themselves yet, and lower NFL drafted rookie RBs in good situations (say round 4 and later). Corey Davis, Mike Williams, John Ross didn't do anything. Jeremy McNichols & Joe Williams didn't even make the team & after a fast start Tarik Cohen mostly disappeared, except for Evan Engram I cannot think of another young TE that had any consistency. That's including you Hunter Henry. #5.) Fade older players. Yes Larry Fitzgerald, LeSean McCoy, and Tom Brady have remained at the top of their positions but think of all of the other old players that busted. Let some one else draft these guys (unless they drop in the draft and become a value) so that you do not end up with this year's version of Jordy Nelson/Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray/Adrian Peterson, and Drew Brees/Carson Palmer. #6.) Anyone can get hurt and anyone can come back from an injury. They just can't be predicted so I'm going to stop putting players like Keenan Allen on my due not draft list. If someone proves they can be a start player then baring a devastating injury or an older age player, they should be able to be a star player again. So there are a whole bunch of player coming back from injuries: Desean Watson, Carson Wentz, Aaron Rodgers (which should help Jordy Nelson), Andrew Luck? (which should help TY Hilton), David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, Ty Montgomery, Chris Carson, Odell Beckham (pretty serious injury), Allen Robinson, Julian Edelman, Jordan Reed, Eifert. Is there anyone that should be downgraded do their the severity of their injury (looking at you Andrew Luck). I think this is an extremely deep rookie RB draft year. I have seen Shaquan Barkley mentioned in these ratings, however what about Love, Guice, Jones III, Chubb, Harris, & Michel. Its getting to the point where I can't count the number of rookie draft second round picks that are making rookie impacts (Kamara, Michael Thomas, Howard, JuJu, Dede, Cooper Kupp, GB rookie RBs). I'd like to see rookies incorporated into rankings as much as possible to help confirm draft position. I'd really like to draft the next Alvin Kamara) Tier #1 in no order LeVeon Bell, David Johnson, Todd Gurley, Ezekial Elliott, Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt, Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr. & DeAndre Hopkins. Tier #2 Leonard Fournette, Shaquon Barkley, Mark Ingram, Delvin Cook, Melvin Gordon, Mike Evans, Julio Jones, AJ Green, Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen, Tyreek Hill, and Rob Gronkowski Tier #3 Aaron Rodgers, Desean Watson, LeSean McCoy, Devanta Freeman, Jordan Howard, Joe Mixon, Derrick Henry, TY Hilton, Devante Adams, Amari Cooper, Brandin Cooks, Jarvis Landry, Josh Gordon, Alshon Jeffrey, JuJu Smith Schuster, Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz, Evan Ingram. Tier #4 Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz, Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey, Kenyon Drake, Jay Ajayi, Lamar Miller, Bryce Love, Derrius Guice, Ronald Jones III, Doug Baldwin, Stefon Diggs, Larry Fitzgerald, Jordy Nelson, Allen Robinson, Will Fuller, Robert Woods, Devin Funchess, Martavis Bryant, Julian Edleman, Corey Davis, Golden Tate, & no TEs (Olsen, Walker and Graham are too old, Reed is too hurt, and OJ Howard, Hunter Henry, and David Njoku are too young -- either get a top 4 TE or wait and take a player TE that falls). Too much Hype Already! Desean Watson (unfortunately) Jimmy Garrapollo Alvin Kamara (unfortunately) Devin Cook (unfortunately) Derrick Henry Christian McCaffery Devante Adams Sleepers! Dak Prescott should be cheap, rested, and will Zeke back all year. Derek Carr - the Gruden situation concerns me but he was really good before the injury in 2016. Chris Carson - he got hurt fast but was he as good as he flashed? Alex Collins - Very solid when he won the job. D'Onte Freeman - He should have a good opportunity in '18 Tion Green - Lions will probably draft a RB and he won't get his chance. Chris Thompson / Duke Johnson - in PPR Sammy Watkins - Goof at QB turned out to be an upgrade. Kenny Golladay - Flashed incredible talent Quincy Enunwa was the Jets best WR before he got hurt Will Fuller - 7 TDs in 5 games with Watson Donte Moncrief - free agent - with injuries to him and Luck the talent I think he has disappeared. Hopefully it was not for good. Mack Hollins/Josh Reynolds/ArDarius Stewart - I think they just need playing time. Tyler Kroft - Eifert is a free agent Rico Gathers (Cowboys TE) - flashed in preseason but never got over a concussion.
  6. & DeAndre Hopkins was terrible the year before. Point is the talent is there for Mike Evans.
  7. I like Cooks and Cooper better than Diggs and Tate. I think Hunt and Freeman are going to be more of a push by the end of the year. I like Dalvin Cook better than Martin. after the trade your starting line up would be: McCoy and Freeman Cooks, Cooper, and Dez with a deep bench of Mixon, Cohen, and Martin at RB, I think it really improves your starting line up at WR. It's always hard to give up the current best player in fantasy football though!!
  8. I should have also said BUY LOW Martavis Bryant - If his owner has any doubts about him, now is the time to pounce. John Ross - After Thursday night he should be free. I still think he will have some huge games at the end of the year.
  9. Buy Low Matt Ryan - Last chance before people realize last year was not a fluke Derrick Carr - Probably too late already Andrew Luck - Lottery ticket? Chris Carson - Get him before he becomes their #1 RB Joe Mixon - You can see how much talent is there. That awful OL could really help you get a star if your in a keeper league and can hold on to him. DeVante Parker - If you liked him its your last chance to trade for him before he gets to show if he has flipped the switch. Terrell Pryor - He may not show well again this week but at some point Cousins and Pryor will get on the same page. All of the top TEs did horrible -- may be your chance to buy anyone you want. Sell High Carson Palmer - This matchup vs. the Colts may be your last chance to get rid of this guy. Russell Wilson - Did Green Bay's secondary really improve that much? Todd Gurley - Still looks like he has problems Melvin Gordon - May be at his peak value LeSean McCoy - Only because I think he will be used too much this year and be hurt by the playoffs. AJ Green - Looks like the offence will be soooo bad that he may have a Hopkins A-Rob year. Ty Hill - I love Ty Hill but Alex Smith isn't going to do that every game. Vikings WRs - Bradford already has a knee problem Jesse James - had a great week - get what you can for him Coby Fleener - not a good TE but is getting volume due to Snead suspension & Cooks leaving I THINK THESE GUYS ARE THE REAL DEAL SO I WOULD NOT SELL HIGH ON Carson Wentz Kareem Hunt Ty Montgomerly Tarik Cohen Kenny Golladay Amari Cooper Cooper Kupp Zach Ertz
  10. I completely agree with this and to add to it with a slightly different take, if Gordon was drafted around RB 20 to 25 which other young RB going in that range would you think could put up the year that Gordon did last year? I think Ameer is a great call because he is young/elusive/talented, the Lions offense needs an offensive weapon to compliment Tate, and he doesn't have the injury history that I thought he did. The only thing that I see stopping Abdullah from getting 250+ carries this year is Abdullah (fumbles, another injury which would only be his second, or missed assignments).
  11. Bump Looking for some updated WR rankings since after preseason and injuries to Edelman & Meridith. Looking to see where Hogan and Amendola should go. Does White rise or should Kendall Wright make the list? Also interested in some of the guys that really had a nice preseason. Does Kenny Golliday now make the list? How about Cooper Kupp, ArDarius Stewart, Mack Hollins, and Marquise Goodwin? Does the decision to start Blake Bortles move Arob down further and cut Marqise Lee off the list? How about how bad other QB situations are like Tolzien starting week 1? How about injuries to OBJ or DT? Please let me see your full rankings up to the point where you don't think a WR is worth rostering. Here is my rough update. Help me move up the right WRs. My draft is Thursday. I am much more concerned about having WRs in the correct Tier than in the correct numerical order! TIER 1 1. Brown 2. ODB 3. Jones 4. Evans TIER 2 5. Green 6. Nelson 7. Dez 8. M. Thomas TIER 3 9. Cooper 10. Baldwin 11. Cooks TIER 4 12. Hilton 13. D. Thomas 14. Hopkins 15. Pryor 16. Robinson TIER 5 17. Allen 18. Adams 19. Alshon 20. Watkins 21. M. Bryant 22. Crabtree 23. Hill TIER 6 24. Diggs 25. Parker 26. Benjamin 27. Fitz 28. Landry 29. Crowder TIER 7 30. Sanders 31. Garcon 32. Jackson 33. Marshall 34. Tate TIER 8 35. Snead 36. Moncrief 37. Maclin 38. Decker 39. Cobb TIER 9 40. T. Williams 41. Shepard 42. Davis 43. Coleman 44. Kenny Golladay 45. J. Matthews 46. Chris Hogan 47. Britt 48. Thielen 49. Ginn 50. White 51. Ross 52. Wallace 53. Smokey Brown TIER 10 54. Zay Jones 55. Marvin Jones 56. R. Matthews TIER 11 57. Anderson 58. Perriman 59. Doctson 60. Devin Funchess 61. Amendola 62. Goodwin 63. Kupp 64. ArDarius Stewart 65. Kendall Wright 66. Mack Hollins 67. Malcolm Mitchell 68. Lockett
  12. What if Hunt pulls a Booker and cannot handle the lead role as a rookie? I understand that Hunt is not a fumbler so he has that going for him but if he is not ready West already knows the scheme and NFL speed. If your league is shallow there is no reason to handcuff but in deeper leagues I'd cuff Hunt with West just in case.
  13. You could be right that Hogan takes those additional targets but so far Hogan has been featured as a deep threat - 2 to 3 catches & a long TD. Edelman's role has been that of a chains mover 10 catches for 90 yards. I have not seen Hogan play that role before but maybe your explaining that is what he did last night.