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  1. Just picked him up - Matz has looked in control this season and appears to have improved against righties. I love buying low on former top prospects early in seasons, I confident the talent is there with Matz. He just needs to stay healthy.
  2. Sherlock? lol Did I suggest adding him anywhere in my comment based on being a 2nd half player? lol nice deduction,Watson. As for examples: I think this argument more so applies to SPs vs everyday players as I feel some players are simply not built to withstand a full season of work. Chris Sale - Stronger 1st half player then 2nd half player. Long season, high inning use has consistently drained this guy by the end of the season consistently throughout his career. Justin Verlander - Stronger 2nd half player than 1st half player (Yes, I know JV came out firing on all cylinders HOU last season but feel like he had something to prove after being traded the year before). Cold weather in Detroit in April/May played a factor as well as JV/Detroit's goal was always about winning the postseason rather than the first month of baseball; but for years in Detroit JV would start sluggish in first month or two of baseball vs how he would finish. Heck when Detroit traded him, many experts had him begged as being over the hill and yet he went on to contend for the AL Cy Young. He is one of the few SPs Fantasy owners (over the past decade) have been able to take to the bank for being consistent in June - July. David Ortiz - Ortiz was always a very solid player year around, but the guy seemed to always be at his best at the end of the season chasing a pennant. Here is a link for more examples - http://www.espn.com/fantasy/baseball/flb/story?page=mlbdk2k10halfallstars
  3. Live in Michigan & have watched many Detroit games. Stewart had a great first game then got lost at the plate a tad. Ton of power potential - He has looked great the past two games. Top half of Detroits lineup is starting to gel. Just picked him up in my league.
  4. True lol But look at how Minnesota continues to throw out ole boy wonder Byron Buxton. Minnesota will find a way to get Sano ABs, its their MO.
  5. Twins have invested too much time into him to not see what he has in a contract year. The power is there, +25 HRs in less than 115 games in both '16 & '17. I do agree that there is reasonable pause for concern, regarding the current competition for PT. The Twins will find time for him once he returns.
  6. Background on my opinion: I've owned Dozier in an Auction Keeper league for 5yrs now (Im not a Dozier fan boy/expert but I have been committed to him for the long haul) 1. Dozier truly is a 2nd half player. I know you disagree with the theory of 1st half vs 2nd half players, but I would argue that it is very prevalent throughout baseball & Dozier is one of them. Dozier has always started slow and finished strong (except 2018) 2. Injuries - Dozier has played in +150 games each season for the past 5 seasons. Injuries have never been an issue. 3. Value - He has always been a solid source of Runs batting atop the Twins lineup. Last season they shifted him into the 2/3 spots in the lineup, which caused a dip in his run production. The dip in HRs last year was not as concerning as his significant drop off in AVG. **In Sum - Dozier looks lost at the plate, as I mentioned above, Dozier is a 2nd half player & feel that it is far to early to give up on him in April. I am confident that the power is still there, but for the first time since I've owned him in 5yrs I am starting to prepare my Plan B for 2B.
  7. I'm I too have been second guessing my roster & would agree that its wayyyyyy to early to freak out/overreact. Your Roster will be solid over the long haul! Keep your eye on the WW for another SP. Hang tight!
  8. If you are in 1st place then I would hold on Schoop despite how frustrating he has been.
  9. ReDraft or Keeper? I have more faith in Harper than I do Gary, with that said I would definitely try to counter. Possibly offer up Aguilar & Hicks instead. Choo could take over for Hicks in your OF. Leaving you with Devers for UTL. In a 10 team league you should be able to sift through the WW for quality bench.
  10. Purely based on HRs Muncy (Soto is very very close) Mazara
  11. Currently holding him in an 10 team Auction Keeper league & having a very hard time justifying his roster spot with multiple players about to come off the DL. Unable to watch most Cubs games and relegated to watching game casts - How does he look? Is there any sign of life at the plate?