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  1. He’s in a desperate push to make the playoffs, while I’ve basically clinched a 1st round bye. So I’d be getting 2 or 3 starts max from Thor that matter in a sense. I’ve already got 4 top 12 starters without Thor, and I think Flaherty can be at worst 80% of Noah when I need him, and at best 100% better if he’s playing and Thor has a better than zero chance of perhaps missing time. The 3 years of last round keeper that Flaherty has is the real value to me though. He’s already a top 30 starter with potential in those 3 years to become...i’d Say top 12 is his ceiling. Finally, I could use Mous’s power honestly.
  2. Yeah I’d do that. Odor’s an upgrade over Schoop, and once Devers comes back there’s even more flexibility if Gennet is Outfield eligible in your league.
  3. The deal is fair on its own, but you said you need pitching; archer is not pitching. You can get a much better option(s) for Stanton if you’re going for it this year. That said Rosario is probly 67-80% of Stanton, Hiura is one of the top prospects and could make you forget about Giancarlo in 2-3 years, Ruiz could be a .300 hitter with 20 homer peak potential at the weakest position in fantasy. However, Archer’s almost getting to be useless; he’s nothing close to a few years ago and seems to regress more and more. So if you really could use pitching, I’d def look elsewhere.
  4. I wouldn’t do either of these. I’d go hard after Carrasco personally. Maybe offer Acuna straight up to start and see his counter; then offer Devers and Acuna.
  5. I’d slightly lean Dallas but it’s close for sure.
  6. Would u deal Syndergaard for Flaherty and Moustakous? Thor can’t be kept anymore and Flaherty is a 25th round keeper for 3 more years. I probly wouldn’t keep Mous but he’ll be vital for the stretch run as I need power. I don’t want to lose Thor for nothing at season end, and am worried he could get shut down during the playoffs, get hurt again, or just be innefective compared to reputation cuz it’s the Mets. Thanks and link yours and will gladly help
  7. I’m also interested in a slow draft auction league. If something’s getting started I’m in for 100 to 500 is probly my max.
  8. So the first 2 deals have been accepted, and I now have Davis and Bryce. I don’t think the third will go thru as the owner just left for a European trip. So I’m discussing with another owner my first for his 7th for Edwin Diaz and Tanaka. So lesser starter but way better reliever. Thoughts on the new potential deal?
  9. Agreed with Sagan. However I would make a gesture to offer something else in an expanded trade, even if he rejects it, it’s appreciated and will lead to easier trades with this manager in the future. Like add on a 15th round pick for his 16th, or see if he’s interested in a player you’re gonna drop anyway, etc.
  10. Altuve side and Bum/Adell side.
  11. Yeah I’d do it. Travis can probly cancel out Alonso(Damn Mets), so a top 10 pitching prospect and two 1sts for the #2 pitcher is worth it to me. Let’s say 1 becomes a stud, 1 a bust and 1 a solid major leaguer for the picks and prospects given up(I’d say that’s about accurate in today’s game). I’d give that up for a chance to win in a second. My only tweak would be if you could stagger the picks more. Can u give ‘19 first rounder or an ‘21 instead of both your ‘20’s?
  12. Lindor, Yu, and Rondon for Kluber and Tanaka both I’d offer. I dont think you’d be bad off platooning Torres and Profar at SS. Your outfield(which produces similar stats to Lindor), Catcher, first are all strengths. You’d weaken your infield to have the best pitching out there. I’m guessing Price is RP eligible in your league though?
  13. Keep Pax for sure. I’m not willing to say Odor is even better than Escobar, and Lowrie and Diet are fine options at 2nd or third over losing a potential top 15 starter. Cano’s Coming back too. Who are u dropping in the JD trade? I’d look to move mccutchen first and foremost as he’ll probly ride your bench and has value still.
  14. What about Carrasco and Hoskins for Abreu and Mikolas? Abreu’s not that far down fro Rhys and he’s willing to give up a better than good starter for Abreu. You want a better firstbaseman(but outfielder for your team), so add on Mikolas who’s probably viewed as a slight upgrade to carrasco(although not in my mind).