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  1. 14 team league weekly, H2H points


    Current lineup:

    Catcher: Molina

    1B: Hosmer

    2B: Mondesi

    SS: Rosario

    3B: Chapman

    OF: Betts

    OF: Merrifeld

    OF: Mazara

    DH: Garcia

    SP: Grienke

    SP: Kershaw

    SP: Boyd

    SP: Minor

    SP: Pineda

    RP: Hader

    RP: Holland

    RP: Leclerc

    BENCH: Cabrera, Vogeltech, Aguilar, Skaggs, Jeffress, Robles (rp)

    IR: Gennett, Ohani, Meadows, Ohani


    Plan would be to move Merrifield to 2b and have meadows in at OF when he's back or move ohani to DH and garcia to OF whichever comes first.


  2. I have all 3 denver wrs (sutton, hamilton, patrick) on my dynasty team. I don't think it's a bad strategy to hold onto them and see what happens in the season. Flacco may not be the most exciting qb but it's better than keenum and no1 really throws the ball more than him historically. I'm just hoping they don't all turn out to be low wr3's.

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  3. if the draft was today, .5PPR redraft:


    1.) SB - the entire offense

    2.) Gurley - insane last 2 years, i'm not worried about cj beyond the rest of the post season

    3.) Zeke - best averages, still gets the ball a ton

    4.) CMC - insane last year, we'll see with newton

    5.) Kamara - if ingram leaves i switch him with CMC


    then the quality changes significantly:


    6.) DJ

    7.) Chubb

    8.) Gordon

    9.) Mixon

    10.) Fournette



    11.) KCRB1

    12.) Cook

    13.) Henry

    14.) Jones

    15.) Mack


    16.) Guice

    17.) Carson

    18.) Michel

    19.) D. Freeman

    20.) McKinnon


    21.) Lindsey

    22.) Ingram (if on NO)

    23.) Houston RB1

    24.) Cohen

    25.) Coleman




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  4. On 1/7/2019 at 3:24 PM, Gohawks said:

    That's walking a tight rope. If he does something truly detrimental sure but if they find a way to not pay him for acting out no one on earth will ever want to sign with the Steelers again. 

    There is absolutely no way he has done anything seriously detrimental to the team. He will be a Steeler in 2019. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, FollowTheLeader said:

    WR Justin Watson

    Career Stats:

    '14-'15 - 42/497/2

    '15-'16 - 74/1082/9

    '16-'17 - 78/1009/8

    '17-'18 - 81/1083/14

    6'3" 225lbs...40 time = 4.41...Vertical = 40"...225lbs bench press = 20 reps





    Literally just picked him up in 2 dynasty leagues earlier this morning. 

  6. I'm considering starting Nick Mullens at home against Seahawks over Cam. I see most of the TDS coming from mccaffrey again and cam is clearly hurt (his throws are always off but were way off the deviation this last week). If saints run away with it, they might even pull cam. 

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  7. 1 minute ago, Jaw1 said:


    Yeah I'm not sure about Kamara. Ingram could leave in free agency and Kamara proved in the first 4 weeks he isn't some 5ft 180lb scatback like people thought he was just cause he is super quick and catches a lot of passes (he's 5ft 10 214 and has a higher BMI than many of the "workhorse" backs like Bell, Gurley, Gordon, Mixon, and even Elliot). 

    If Ingram were to leave that would change my outlook completely. 

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  8. 5 minutes ago, CooL said:

    Oh for sure.  I think even if the guy was on my "DND ever list", I'd be a fool not to take Fournette or David Johnson in the eighth round.  But the obviously realistic scenario is that they would never make it that far.  So whether or not you call the list DND at ADP or DND ever, it works itself out because there surely will be some leaguemate who will value that guy and make the subtle distinction between the two lists nothing to worry about.  I don't expect Jordan Reed to be on my entire league's DND list, because if that's the case, then somebody will get him in the 15th round.


    Kamara?  I think he's going to be top 5 next year for sure, but I wouldn't take him over Gurley, Barkley, Zeke, or CMC.  He hasn't been the league winner like he was last year, but he's still plenty productive.  Late first for me.


    Agree with all your others, some because of injury concerns and some just because I don't like their situation (Howard).

    I LOVE Kamara (drafted him in half my leagues this year), however I do not think he is worth his projected ADP next year with Ingram still in the mix and the way the saints are currently running their offense. I would love to take Kamara as a early-mid round 2 pick but I am a big fan of bell-cow backs over someone like Kamara.