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    I'm basing this on redraft, no keepers. Obviously alot changes for dynasty and deep keeper leagues.

    Buy low:

    WR: Thielen, Diggs, Gordon, Washington, Dorsett

    RB: Duke, Royce, Ito, Mostert

    TE: Burton

    Sell High:

    WR: AB, Watkins, Chark

    RB: Ingram, Freeman, Mixon, 

    TE: Hockensen

  2. 4 minutes ago, SenatorSpaceman said:

    Interesting trade.

    A. What QBs do you have right now?

    B. Are you leaning more towards making a legit run this season or building for the future? 


    We have a pretty deep bench... this is my lineup currently


    QB: Ben, Darnold, Brissett (because I lost luck)

    RB: Gurley, Carson, Singletary, Malcolm Brown, Dion Lewis, Darwin Thompson, Jaylen Samuels (we only start 1 rb)

    WR: Edelman, Boyd, Watkins, Anderson, Samuel, Sutton, Fitzgerald

    TE: Walker, Njoku, Graham, Ian Thomas

    lineups are (.5 ppr):

    1 QB

    1 RB

    2 WR

    1 WR/RB

    1 WR/TE

    1 WR/TE/RB

    no K... IDPS. 15 bench.

    I think I can still compete with the right changes. There is one team that made a lot of moves that has the clear advantage for a long time- but I still think I can compete for the title.


  3. I think people are jumping the gun way too quickly and dropping Darwin. Nothing major has happened: Darwin was never taking the RB1 position away from Damien in the beginning. Darwin is a long term hold for the best offense in football. There is a reason mccoy only got a one year deal- Reid doesn’t see long term value in him. The second reason is Reid is not sold on Damien being a bellcow clearly.m- however he is not going to let a rookie step in a week or two before the season and take on that role.

    I will not be surprised if Darwin becomes a huge asset for the team by the end of the season; however if you are not in a dynasty nor keeper league, you were only drafting Darwin as a simple handcuff- which he still is because he will get the split if one of the two in front of him gets injured. 

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  4. If Damien is a bust, there is absolutely NO way Darrell Williams will be the next guy up as a 3 down back. Best case for Darrel (whihc would be worst for Darwin) is a committe, and Darrel becomes a Blount type, goal line vulturke 

    On the flip side Darwin has the upside of a three-down back. I don't think it will happen all the way, therefore I feel like Darwin is a must-own stash in all dynasty leagues. But he is totally worth his upside at round 9-8 if you draft the right way to afford him. I have drafted darwin in 7 of my 9 leagues (and those two haven't drafted yet). 

  5. 7 hours ago, kball09 said:


    I think pretty much anywhere after pick 100 is reasonable. At that point you're pretty much taking sleepers, QBs,  or lower tier starters anyway. 

    just took him 7.09. But it was a 3 keeper, 12 team league. I couldn't risk him going. All in on this guy this year- have him in every league.

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  6. 22 hours ago, nine9s said:


    There is no way to know that.  Darrell Williams could be the next in line. 

    I wouldn't say necessarily next in line, but a possible fill in if anything were to happen to Damien. I think you have to be patient with Darwin. He could potentially be almost nothing this year- but the keeper of the season next year. 

  7. I'm conservative with my expectations here. As a slot-receiver on a team with a very good "slot-friendly" offensive scheme, it makes sense crowder could get an unbelievable amount of targets in theory- but I don't think the target-share will be there. Bell will take up plenty of short-route targets; Herndon when he returns should receive short passes, RZ targets, etc. Anderson will be the x receiver. Enunwa could receive plenty of targets as well. I did pick up crowder off the F.A. but he's sitting on my bench for quite a while. 

    Am I missing something?

  8. On 8/15/2019 at 8:56 PM, Bronco Billy said:

    Love this kind of stuff.  You want deep?  Here’s deep, both currently with Green Bay


    Darrius Shepherd, rookie UDFA WR. With a roster loaded with tall athletic WRs, this guy is an unathletic slot WR out of North Dakota St.  5’-11” 186 lbs and his analytic scores are downright atrocious.  So why is he here?  This guy was PFF’s 2nd ranked WR in the 2019 draft behind only Isabella.  He lead the nation in yards per snap out of the slot.  More importantly, he has shined big time in camp and regularly beats the top DBs to the point where he’s gotten first team work.  All he does it get open - all the time.  Route running is pristine and his cuts are very sudden.  This kid is just a flat out football player.  He gets it.  Rodgers absolutely raves about him.  Plus he returns punts.  He’s probably at least a year away if he makes it at all, but given the reports to date he ought to be someone that you have on a watch list, because he’s really the only natural slot receiver on a roster loaded with young athletic outside WRs.


    The other one is TE Bobby Tonyan, and he also has been getting a ton of positive reviews.  This is a serious break out candidate that has much shorter odds than Shepherd of being an impact guy.  He was picked up as a 6’-5” 230 lb UDFA WR that GB  picked up with the intent of making him a TE.  He actually made the roster last year.  Also unlike Shepherd, this guy is a great athlete but had to add weight and learn how to play TE.  So he spent the offseason working out with and learning from Kittle and added 20 lbs of muscle.  So far this year in camp he’s been making numerous highlight reel catches while playing a move TE.  Like Shepherd, Rodgers can’t stop gushing about him and has him pegged as a future star, maybe as early as this year.  He’s easily GB’s most athletic TE and a great receiver at the spot, but he’s also turned himself into the 2nd best blocking TE behind Marcedes Lewis.  If you had any thoughts about Sternberger as a flyer - including in dynasty - then you ought to forget about Sternberger and add Tonyan instead.  Tonyan is a better athlete and receiver than Sternberger and blocks a whole lot better.  This kid could very well lead GB TEs in receiving this year, and has become a favorite target for Rodgers.  He could have a Shannon Sharpe kind of career trajectory, who also was a converted WR.


    Both these guys are worth doing some research on, being on a roster that has a lot of unanswered questions at receiver beyond Adams and has Rodgers throwing the ball.  Especially since both guys have caught Rodgers’ eye and trust and have worked their way into first teams reps.

    We don't talk about tonyan!!!